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Created by experts, Up Astrology app gives your daily horoscope, love compatibility report, numerology, solar return report and natal charts. It’s calculated to perfection. Download now.

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The most important Astrology report is your Birth or your Natal chart. Know your character traits, motivations, life goals and more. The Solar Return report is about the near-future i.e. 12 months from one birthday to another. Keep them handy and work towards success.

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Won’t it be awesome to look at the daily horoscope in your phone notification before you kick-start your day? Our app is a hyper personalized app which gives the most accurate one based on the personal profile you create.

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Know the love quotient between you and your special someone. The app gives you what works great between the two of you and what can be worked upon. Put your best foot forward and make it a successful relationship.

Personalized Content

Break through the clutter. Get a clean astrology app that gives exactly what you need, in the detail and with best accuracy. Create a profile just once and see an extremely personalized report every day. It is so much better than the generic sun sign reports in dailies.


Beautiful Report

Astrology may be complex but it does not have to be for you. Our app presents all the data in a beautiful way with clear interpretations.

Astrology has never been so simplified. It is backed by precise calculations and every report presents itself in a jiffy.


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