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Get Your Natal Chart with Personality Profile

Your birth chart is a mirror of your life’s journey. It gives an insight into your subconscious mind, reveals your life’s purpose, highlights the positive and negative aspects of your personality, and provides a glimpse of the impact your behavior, decisions, and choices may have on your life.


Let’s Decode the Universe’s Plan for You!

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A Personalized Comprehensive Report

Along with a detailed natal chart, this beautifully designed 50+ page report also includes an aspect chart, aspect table, planetary positions, sun profile, moon profile, and other planetary profiles. This report will help you understand your approach towards life and highlight the general path your life may take.


Easy to Understand Charts and Reports

We keep the magic alive and eliminate the confusion in astrology. Your report is written in lucid and easy to understand language. So even if you are new to astrology or are not aware of the technical terms, you will not face any difficulty in understanding your Natal Chart report.


What Do You Get in Your Personalized Natal Report


A detailed natal chart

A critical element of astrology, the natal chart is used for understanding the reason for present circumstances and gaining insight into what the future may hold. You can use this natal chart as a ready reference whenever you want.


Complete aspect chart and aspect table

This can help you understand the relationship between planets and the influence it may have on your life.


An introduction to your Ascendent

The ascendent shows how the world perceives you and gives you an insight into your talents and the path you may choose in life.


Strengths and weaknesses

Sometimes we are unable to recognize our hidden strengths and behaviors that may be pulling us down. If you know them, you can master your strengths and overcome your weaknesses early in life.


Planetary Profiles

Understand how each planet impacts your personality and your life with the detailed planetary profiles.

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Order Your Natal Chart Report for only $25 $12

You save $13

1657 People bought this report