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Understand Your Love Better with a Free Synastry Chart

Our Free Synastry Chart compares your birth charts to reveal your unique relationship dynamics. Find out if the two of you are in sync and meant to journey through life together!

Synastry Chart Calculator

What is Synastry?


Want to know what really makes your relationship work (or not)? That's where synastry comes in. It's like astrology, but for couples. Synastry looks at the "space" between your birth chart and your partner's, showing where you click and where you clash.

By analyzing these aspects, synastry gives you the inside scoop on your relationship's strengths, challenges, and potential. Basically, it's your personal guide to understanding and navigating the wild ride of love and connection. It's not about blaming Mercury retrograde for your fights (well, maybe a little πŸ˜‰), it's about understanding your core compatibility.

Does Creating Your Synastry Chart Matter?

You bet it does! A synastry reading is like a fingerprint of your relationship - totally unique to you and your partner. It goes way beyond just knowing their sun sign. As you learn about the planets, houses, and aspects, you'll get a deeper understanding of your partner and see where your relationship shines and where it might need some work.

Our Synastry Chart gives you a detailed look at the energy patterns in your relationship. It sheds light on the gray areas and helps you understand the strength of your bond with your partner - all from the comfort of your own home. No confusing astro-jargon, it helps you understand if the two of you are in sync and meant to journey through life together!

Hear From Couples Who Found Clarity Using our Synastry

Sylvyn D’souza

"I learned SO much about myself and my boo from the synastry chart… It showed me strengths I hadn't noticed...and it explained why certain things kept driving us crazy...I highly recommend this love report. It's like having a relationship cheat code! πŸ₯°"


"This report was a game-changer for our relationship... learned so much about ourselves and each other. Have got their other reports too...ridiculously accurate!! A must-have for any couple! ❀️"

James M

"Me and my girl were always missing each other's point πŸ™„ This report basically gave us a translator πŸ˜‚ If you want less bickering and more understanding, this is for you!"


β€œLisa and I have always been solid, but sometimes...you know...you second-guess yourself. 'Am I being too extra?' kinda thing. This report was a total eye-opener!! a little real talk goes a LONG way πŸ˜‰ Get it, you won't be sorry!”

What Can You See in Your Synastry Chart?

Our synastry report highlights the beautiful ways your energies intertwine. Celebrate the special qualities that make your love story extraordinary.

Your Communication Styles in Love πŸ’¬

Mercury, the planet of communication, shapes how you think and speak. Its placement in the elements (Fire, Earth, Air, Water) influences your communication style. Fire brings passion, Earth keeps it real, Air likes to analyze, and Water goes deep. Our Synastry Chart shows how you connect mentally and share ideas.
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How You Both Express Desire and Action ❀️πŸ”₯

Mars fuels your drive and how you go after what you want. The elements of your Mars signs influence how you express desires. 🌢️ Fiery Mars is passionate, Earthy Mars is practical, Airy Mars is mental, and Watery Mars is emotionally driven. Our chart reveals how you pursue goals and handle conflict as a couple. Do you balance or clash? πŸ€”
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What Makes You Feel Safe and Loved πŸ€—

Your Moon sign shows your emotional needs and how you want to be nurtured in a relationship. Our compatibility report looks at your Moon signs to show how you both need to feel supported and how you instinctively respond to each other's feels. πŸŒ™ We examine your Moon signs to reveal what makes you feel secure.
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Know Your Secret Desires and Intense Attractions πŸ”₯

The Vertex represents hidden wants and crazy-strong attraction. It shows where intense emotions might blow up in the relationship, pointing to deep, almost destined connections. πŸ’₯ Our Synastry Chart looks at your Vertex connections to show these secret desires and powerful emotional forces. This helps you deal with the strong, subconscious needs that shape your bond. 😲
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How You Light Up Each Other's Lives! πŸ’‘

Birth charts are divided into 12 houses representing all areas of life. In synastry, when a planet from your chart lands in your partner's house, it activates and influences that part of their life. 🏠

So what does this mean for you two? In a word - impact! πŸ’₯ House overlays show where you energetically jazz up specific parts of each other's worlds and experiences. It's like having your own personal cheerleader (or irritant!) in different areas. πŸ“£

Get ready to see your relationship in a whole new light! πŸ’‘

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Still on the Fence? πŸ€”

We get it, relationships are complex and astrology can seem a bit "out there". But here's the thing - our Free Synastry Chart isn't about predicting your future, it's about understanding your present. It's a tool for growth, compassion, and deep connection. πŸ’ž

So whether you're coupled up, crushing hard, or just curious, our Free Synastry Chart is your personal guide to the wild, beautiful, sometimes bumpy ride of love. πŸŽ’πŸ’•

Let your Synastry Report empower you to build a bond that stands the test of time. 🌟

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FAQs on Synastry Report

What is a Synastry Report and how is it different from just reading my birth chart?

A Synastry Report analyzes the astrological compatibility between two individual birth charts. It tells how your planets interact with your partner's, highlighting strengths, potential challenges, and the unique dynamics that shape your bond. This goes beyond individual birth chart interpretations, offering a roadmap for deeper relationship understanding.

How can a Synastry Report help me improve my relationship?

A Synastry Report provides insights into your communication styles, emotional needs, love languages, and areas where potential conflicts might arise. This awareness empowers you to approach differences with compassion, nurture strengths, and consciously work on areas for growth, ultimately creating a stronger, more fulfilling relationship.

What kind of information will I find in my Synastry Report?

Your Synastry Report will include in-depth analysis of your Big 3 compatibility (Sun, Moon, Rising), communication styles, emotional needs, love languages, potential challenges, and much more. Our comprehensive report offers 17+ insightful sections to help you understand your relationship dynamics like never before.

Is a Synastry Report only for romantic relationships?

While Synastry Reports are incredibly valuable for romantic partnerships, they can offer insights into any close relationship. Understanding the astrological dynamics with friends, family members, or business partners can improve communication, collaboration, and mutual understanding.

Do I need exact birth times for a Synastry Report?

While having exact birth times provides the most accurate analysis, a Synastry Report can still offer valuable insights even if you only know birth dates. Accurate birth times are especially important for understanding Moon and Rising sign placements.

How long does it take to receive my Synastry Report?

You will receive your personalized Synastry Report within 24hrs hours of placing your order. Our system generates your report quickly, allowing you to dive into the insights as soon as possible.