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A solar return chart is an astrology report that predicts the next 12 months of your life based on your birth date, birth time, birth location, and current location.

What is the Solar return Chart?

It is also known as the birthday forecast that calculates the return of the sun to the natal or birth position. It is a yearly prediction from your current birthday to next year's birthday calculated using birth date, time, place and your current location. Solar Return Report predicts future based on these 3 Aspects:

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They depict the cosmic energies or forces that drive you to actions


They represent the different spheres of life in your natal chart


It refers to the action and reaction of planetary forces in your birth chart


Read about your coming year with Upastrology's Solar chart

Solar return can impact your major life events for a year. We know the importance of it; hence, we bring you the solar return chart that offers:

  • An accurate view of the yearly insights and theme
  • Convenience to read your predictions and charts on your screen
  • A detailed birthday forecast that's simple and easy to understand
  • A complete view about your planetary aspects, impact each of the houses, and overall impact on your life
Download Free Solar Return Report
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