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What is a Transit Chart?

A Transit Chart analysis involves a method of interpreting the current movement of the planets as they transit the zodiac signs. Usually, a transit chart is a natal chart that views planets and planetary transitions with regards to the placement of the Moon in your birth chart. A Free Transit Chart by Upastrology gives you a preview of the effects of long-term Transits and Short term Transits of the planet.

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Every planet transits from one zodiac sign to another, and this has a massive influence on every individual. The timeframe of the transitioning period can be beneficial or malefic with regards to the moon in your birth chart. With our free Transit Chart Report you can avail:

  • A detailed account of the transit time of your planet
  • Accurate aspects and their effects on life
  • Insight into the auspicious and inauspicious timings
  • Placements and the geometric aspects of planets
  • Benefic and malefic effect of planets after and during the transit
  • Convenience to get guidance and analysis from the expert astrologer with our Free Transit calculator
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