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Know the Astrological Flower Essence for Your Zodiac Sign


The Flower Essence Society has done striking work and is instrumental in healing minds through fragile flowers. The flower essences were first developed by the English physician Dr Edward Bach in the 1930s. Further research and development are being carried out in this sector, and are now gradually gaining public acceptance.
Invisible forces work through the plant world. This healing modality (through the flower essences) consists of crystallising these invisible forces that deeply affect the psycho-physical workings in us. They are concoctions primarily prepared to align you with the rhythm and power of the Universe.
Flowers represent the highest possibility and encompass a wide range of human qualities. Flower essences are the elixirs prepared from these divine blooms that have an obscure alignment with the astrological patterns in the skies.

How do these flowers reflect the innate characteristics of the zodiac signs 🌸🔮?

The cosmic engineering seemingly interconnects the kingdom of flowers with that of the celestial bodies.
Birth Chart ☀️

Check out your sign and the respective flower essence that works towards dissolving the challenging aspects of your sign, further promoting your growth, healing and evolution.

Aries Astrological Flower Essence🐏

Ruling planet - Mars
Ruling element - Fire
Aries is the sign depicting courage and ingenuity. If you’re born under this zodiac sign, you rush into things headlong. You have the power to catalyze things and get them going.
Honesty, confidence, and enthusiasm are your primary traits. But not to forget, impatience constitutes a large part of your personality.
Flower Essence for Aries - Impatiens glandulifera
Impatiens is also called the Himalayan Balsam. The essence of this flower has the power to ease your mind and instill a sense of calm. Using the essence of Impatiens, you can also ease out your mental tensions and desperation. This flower essence could effectively prevent you from rushing towards an activity without aforethought.

Taurus Astrological Flower Essence🐂

Ruling planet - Venus
Ruling element - Earth
Taurus is a grounded sign. Ruled by the planet Venus, Taurus natives are often attracted to all that’s beautiful and symmetrical. However, if you’re born to this sign, you belong to the element Earth.
While the earth element is great when it comes to rooting you in place, this element could restrict your imagination. Too much of earth in your constitution could also make you dull and heavy.
Flower Essence for Taurus - Hound’s tongue
The essence of Hound’s tongue will enable you to break the monotony. It will help you crack your shell and establish a dynamic relationship with your artistic impulses. You might have the habit of sticking too much to your routines. This flower essence will ignite your imagination and sharpen your intuition.

Gemini Astrological Flower Essence🦋

Ruling planet - Mercury
Ruling element - Air
Gemini is primarily an air sign. The fusion of mercurial traits and the element air catalyses your nervous system and gives you a discordant thought pattern. While you’re brilliant at communicating, you might find it troublesome to crystallize your ideas. You are quick to react to any kind of mental stimulus which makes you antsy.
Flower Essence for Gemini - Madia elegans
Madia elegans has a distinct trait to relax your racing nerves. This flower is also known to concentrate the solar warmth into its seed center. Its usage will pull the energy from the periphery towards the center, increasing your concentration. This ‘centralizing movement’ of the madia flower essence will effectively enable you to translate your ideas into action.

Cancer Astrological Flower Essence🦀

Ruling planet - Moon
Ruling element - Water
The subtle lunar vibrations make you an emotional sign. Your ruling element is water. With the primary dominance of water, you are highly receptive to people’s feelings. This is why you have a keen nurturing side to your personality. While your instincts are strong, you could easily get obstructed by barriers that come your way. Sloppiness is something that needs serious correction.
Flower Essence for Cancer - Mariposa lily
Mariposa lily primarily depicts your maternal instincts. You show unflinching care for others, even in harsh circumstances. When not cared for in return, your excessive care for others could produce miasmic effects and leave destructive impressions on your mind. Using this flower essence will enable you to control your emotions, keep them in balance, and embrace forgiveness.

Leo Astrological Flower Essence🦁

Ruling planet - Sun
Ruling element - Fire
Leo is a fire sign. Being born under this sign, you aptly prefer living life king-size. Absolutely nothing can compare with your generous heart. But once hurt, you could go to extremes seeking revenge. You love to bask in glamour and have an overbearing ego (thanks to this sign). While all are great with this sign, you could go to extremes with self-narcissistic tendencies.
Flower Essence for Leo - Sunflower
Sunflower essence enables you to enjoy your vibrant nature. The subtle vibrations of this flower give you the power to overcome constant comparison and establish your self-worth. You may have the tendency to seek validation from the outer world. Using this essence will empower you to believe in your abilities, get rid of superficiality, overcome an overbearing ego, and truly embrace unconditional love.

Virgo Astrological Flower Essence🐦

Ruling planet - Mercury
Ruling element - Earth
You are highly rooted in your ideas. As a perfectionist, you may have a tendency to criticize not only others but also yourself. Self-criticism could create a dent in your empathy for others (and yourself). Mercury rules over the mind, while the earth is a fixed element. The integration of these two factors gives you a deep sense of purpose but also gives a rigid mindset making you averse to changes.
Flower essence for Virgo - Pine
The Pine essence enables you to embrace your weaknesses and hone your strengths. Using pine essence will make you pliable and welcome changes more readily. Empathy is the prime trait, and this essence will enhance your sensitivity towards others' feelings. Besides inducing mental flexibility, pine flower essence removes the fear of being judged and gives you the ability to accept your faults.

Libra Astrological Flower Essence🦄

Ruling planet - Venus
Ruling element - Air
You have sharp senses and are inclined towards establishing equilibrium. The need to seek peace and establish harmony could make you an escapist. You have the knack for balancing situations but do have a tendency to turn away from confrontations even when necessary. You are well-equipped with intelligence but usually turn fragile while making significant decisions.
Flower essence for Libra - Scleranthus annuus
Scleranthus flower essence enables you to make the right choices, especially when encountering challenging situations. Scleranthus essence has the power to alter your fluctuating mindset and impart stability. Using this flower essence will enhance your capacity to analyze situations, trust your intuition, and improve your decision-making ability.

Scorpio Astrological Flower Essence🦂

Ruling planet - Mars
Ruling element - Water
The fusion of Martian energy with water elements makes for a lethal combination. Mars is an aggressive planet while water silently cuts through the stone. This sign invests you with special powers to manifest your secret desires. Primarily seen as an erotic sign, you may have issues relating to your sexual energies. The imbalance in these raw energies also leads to excessive passion, ambition, and jealousy.
Flower Essence for Scorpio - Sticky monkeyflower
The sticky monkeyflower essence uproots your darkest fears. Your emotions of jealousy and vengeance spring up from your past issues seated deep within your subconscious. The sticky monkeyflower essence enables you to deal with these issues and uproot your darkest fears. This flower essence effectively helps you balance your energies and bring sexual integration.

Sagittarius Astrological Flower Essence🏇

Ruling planet - Jupiter
Ruling element - Fire
Expansion and exploration are your key traits. With the integration of Jupiterian forces and fire elements, you are too curious. As a Sag, you know the techniques of pushing your limits but may get too optimistic in the process of doing so. Over-zealous in nature, you may sometimes completely lose connection with your life purpose.
Flower Essence for Sagittarius - Vervain
Vervain essence makes you aware of your limits without hampering your levity. Its usage emphasizes the key need to reconnect your heart with your life purpose. You have tremendous enthusiasm, and the essence of this flower will ground your enthusiasm. Vervain will reinstall the practice of moderation and enable you to find the middle way to optimize your productivity. It gives you an awareness of your true energy levels without really afflicting your natural leadership qualities.

Capricorn Astrological Flower Essence🐐

Ruling planet - Saturn
Ruling element - Earth
Saturnian forces combined with the Earth element will nudge you to push your limits. This could give you satisfaction but could unreasonably add to your stress levels. Being born under this sign, you are self-sufficient, but this could set you aloof from others. This sign gives you an exceptional quality of being conscientious, but going to extreme degrees (which you will, owing to the integration of Saturn and Earth) can lead to a dip in your potential.
Flower Essence for Capricorn - Oak
Admit your limitations! We know it's tough, but using oak flower essence will enable you to acknowledge your limits and work accordingly. This essence will help you grow better and make you reachable to other people. You must allow yourself to rest - and this is exactly what the oak flower essence does for you. You might be hedged in by your own rules- and this essence is sure to set you free.

Aquarius Astrological Flower Essence🦉

Ruling planet - Saturn
Ruling element - Air
You are a curious species wanting to explore not just the shallow but the deeper subjects of life as well. Your power-point is your need to build an ideal society. There are never times that you run out of ideas yet struggle to acknowledge your personal identity. Your dynamic shifts when you work in groups as compared to working in isolation. Owing to your excessively developed analytical skills, you could be lost in contemplation.
Flower Essence for Aquarius - Quaking grass
Quaker grass helps you manage your cerebral faculties and keep them in balance. In the process of developing unconventional ideas, you may ignore your need to feel grounded. Quaker grass enables you to develop (rather than be receptive) to diverse experiences without really losing yourself in the process. This essence also balances your ‘harmonious community consciousness’, enabling you to focus on your personal needs as well.

Pisces Astrological Flower Essence🐟

Ruling planet - Jupiter
Ruling element - Water
You overflow with emotions, creativity, and vigor for life. Jupiterian forces combined with the water element give you the power to tap into others' emotions. Being receptive to these undercurrents of people around you is great, but it could affect your emotional health. Because your emotional structure is so well developed, it makes you highly sensitive (though not negative, it could lead you to depression).
Flower Essence for Pisces - Pink yarrow
The pink yarrow flower essence works best for you because of its soothing nature. Here we aren’t talking about your physical injuries. We are addressing your emotional wounds. Pink yarrow contains the power to heal you emotionally. This essence allows you to have an open heart while simultaneously protecting you. It helps clear out ‘stagnant’ emotions, cleanses your aura, and gives you fresh energy to move ahead.

How to Use Flower Essences 🌼

There are various methods of using flower essences. Here we mention a few -
1. Using directly from the stock 🌱💧
Flower essences can be directly taken from the stock bottle (the form in which they are sold). Place four drops of the essence under your tongue or with a little water. It can be done four times a day.
2. Use in baths 🛁🌸
Add about 20 drops of the essence to the water (warm water) in your bathtub. Stir the water in a figure eight motion for at least a minute. Soak in this solution for approximately 20 minutes.
3. Topical use 🌺🖐️
Add 6-10 drops of the essence to 30 gms of your cream, oil, or lotion. Use this on a daily basis or exclusively.
4. Use a glass spray bottle 🌿🍶
Prepare as if you would a dosage bottle. Spray the mixture around the body and in the environment.

Flower Essence - Powerful Holistic Healing 🌸🌿

Flower essences are used to address both our life lessons and life purpose. Using their subtle energies can help us uproot issues deeply seated in our subconscious.
Besides individual essences, combinations of essences can also be used. These essences do not directly target the illness itself but work towards programming us to face the challenges hidden in those illnesses.
The simple homecare method of using flower essences can help us master our life lessons and eventually lead us to realize our highest purpose. Helping others, facing deep hidden wretchedness, uprooting insecurities, and cultivating compassion are a few crucial aspects that the usage of flower essences highlights.
The flower essence formula can work wonders with our system by removing the negativity and dross (diseases are a byproduct of which) deeply embedded in our system. Using the essences as per your zodiac sign cleanses your system and makes you receptive to the powerful vibrations that the particular group of stars is directing towards you.

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