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Attention: The Conjunction of Saturn and Mercury Can Turn You Into a Walking Paradox

Mercury and Saturn - and their transit into Pisces in March 2023. Mercury, the planet of communication, is fast-moving and adaptable planet that can affect our nervous system and mental balance. On the other hand, Saturn is seen as a challenging planet that can bring discipline and spiritual evolution.
The combination of these planets with the watery sign of Pisces is said to bring interesting and potentially transformative energy.

Mercury - The Open Communicator

Mercury, the winged messenger, can make you loquacious, act impulsively and propel you into giving knee-jerk reactions. It’s a superfast planet and can change its nature in a wink.
This flying planet jumps the sign quickly, almost every 21-23 days. With its chameleon-like properties, Mercury, like a sponge absorbs the qualities of the sign it dwells in, at least for that particular time.
Biologically, Mercury rules our nervous system, and its element is air.
Now, let’s connect the two – air and the nervous system. Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and most neurodevelopmental disorders are linked with air pollution. Air is the fastest-acting element, and when it exercises its savage control over your nervous system (via Mercury), it could make you go gaga or even go bananas.
Mercury chiefly rules your ability to talk and helps you display sound mental balance – at least for those around you. It’s an opportunistic planet. So, we can imagine what it would be like when it dons the layers of different astrological signs.
The witty and playful planet takes a dip in the watery Pisces on March 2nd, 2023.

Saturn - The Cosmic Prosecutor

Saturn is the purveyor of troubles. We aren’t being cynical, but who would deny this reality. Much like a vigilant schoolmaster, this planet spies into the thick jungles of our karma to cultivate discipline and proficiently applies the theory of a carrot and a stick.
Saturn is one planet that can effectively turn your otherwise smooth life into bizarre summersaults. In us humans, this ringed planet can make you aloof, solidly kick you into some serious spiritual evolution and make you a fine master of your emotions.
Saturn is intense, while Pisces is all about candy and cloying. On March 7, 2023, the biting Saturn swims into the sugary Pisces. The aftermath is going to be a thing worth waiting for.

But why are we chatting over Saturn and Mercury, their original nature and their arrival in Pisces?
Saturn Mercury Conjunction in Pisces
Mercury, the brain of the solar system, will already be swimming into the Pisces when the deadly Saturn will scream its arrival here on March 7. Saturn and Mercury as planets are already poles apart, and their conjunction in Pisces will bring about seismic changes in our lives, even if it is for a few weeks.
Joined by the hip, the 2-3 weeks from Saturn Mercury conjunction (in Pisces) will toss our lives, tie our tongues, and play devil’s advocate. So, it’s going to be tough for all of us to be in that much-desired state of equanimity. You bet! What else can you expect from this conjunction in the water sign.

Read on the Three Most Crucial Segments That Saturn-Mercury Conjunction in Pisces Behold for Us
You'll Have to Re-Learn to Talk and Make Your Point Clear
Well, you don’t have to make your point by screaming, of course. What we mean is that you’ll surely be unclear of your thoughts. Let alone others! Mercury will propel you into speaking, while Saturn will force you into holding back your garrulous character.
So, the mix of the two (speaking and holding back) would either result in you speaking less or not talking at all.
So again, Saturn Mercury conjunct is about keeping that equilibrium and weighing your words before you shoot them at others. And for how long will you suffer from the ‘shut-my-mouth’ syndrome?
This conjunction will put our ‘self-censoring’ mode on so we goof up a little less than we’d been doing in the past.

Turn Your Feelings into Art or Write Them Down on Paper

Are any poets here? If not, then you’re wrong. You are a poet/artist in the making. At least during this conjunction. Saturn conjoint Mercury will surely be heavy on your head. This heaviness and a tendency to vent out without harming others can lead us into writing and expressing profusely.
And don’t worry much about your grammar and style. This conjunction will enable you to master it, but how long will it last (with you) after this conjunction slips away, we know not.
After all, this conjunction is happening in Pisces. And Pisces, besides being known for its mushiness, is, by all means, a sign of artists.
Engaging in art and writing could get the cat out of the bag, be it your most bizarre fantasies, raging passions or offbeat delusions.
You’ll be able to retain secrets easily during this conjunction. So, you may feel choked in your head and heart. Art and writing is the best outlet to allow this bulkiness into the ocean of ethereality.

Self-Criticality and the Spiritual Elevation

Saturn stores our karmic residues, and Mercury fuels our abilities of discrimination. And Pisces is already a sign of spiritual elevation. When Saturn and Mercury mingle in the Piscean waters, the spiritual energies are sure to effervesce.
The triad of Mercury, Saturn and Pisces will corrode your superficial layers and force you to delve deeper into the mystical realms. Needless to say, your psychic powers will strengthen, and you’ll be able to look at things in a different light.
With less talking and more of thinking, your critical nature will come up, resigning you into the deep thought about universe, it’s blocked mysteries and the ultimate release from suffering.
Your excessive thought could get you into pessimism or isolation. But it’s all worth it, especially when you are about to discover your true self in this conjunction.

The restrictive Saturn and speedy Mercury will take us for a choppy ride for the next 2-3 weeks. But the point is, how do we take this ride. You’ll drain yourself if you get too hard on your emotions during this conjunction. Besides these (above) three major things, plenty of things can unroll and roil up your peaceful life.
Saturn conjunct Mercury is the perfect instance of the jack hiding in the box. You just wouldn’t know what to expect. If you come across a friend or kith of yours behaving at his/her oddest, then readily blame this conjunction, darling.
You too could be at the oddballs till the time this conjunction lasts in Pisces. To make the most of it, meditate, sharpen your intuition and get to doing what you like (and there’s no way you’re going to harm others in the process, for Saturn is keeping a close eye over Mercury all the time).
Astrologically and also logically, we can never equate Mercury with Saturn. Releasing your energies is important and also healing in nature. But the abrupt release of your stored energies could lead to untimely detonations.
With this conjunct in Pisces, your fizzy energies will find release in the right way. So, the time forth, March 7, is going to be super fun. Be ready to open up that can of worms and crack it in the end.

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