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Break Through Your Limitations: The Personal Growth Benefits of Saturn in Pisces


Saturn is snorkelling into the Piscean seas, and this will rip us all apart – especially emotionally. Saturn is a planet, and Pisces is an astrological sign, of course, you know it. But the planet and the sign in question are poles apart.
Saturn is harsh, while Pisces is dulcet. Saturn is a pure disciplinarian, while Pisces could get excessively mushy. If we are about to make these simplistic contrasts, the list is never-ending.
So, we could say that March 7, 2023, is the meeting point of two deadly opposites, for Saturn jumps into Pisces on this date. The cold Saturn will swim in the flamboyant Pisces till 2026.

But why is the Saturn’s Expedition into Pisces so Crucial?

Naturally, our tangible world is the product of our inner constitution. They say it’s all in thoughts! And we surely agree. Our emotions, imaginations and cognisance profoundly influence our behavioural patterns. And these behavioural patterns, in turn, influence our give and take with the world.
With the two opposites coming together on March 7, 2023, tremendous mental churning will begin in all of us. Extremes will take place. We might get at loggerheads with our own realities or flow into the process of immense emotional purgation.
Ultimately, Saturn in Pisces will be the purveyor of all the confusion and also offer us release from our powerful captivity. To understand how Saturn's expedition into Pisces will specifically affect you, go ahead and check your sun sign to gain deeper insights into this celestial event.

Which Sign are You?

Aries (a): Re-evaluate Passions and Discover Inner Peace with Saturn in Pisces

You’re left on the loose at all times! You know why we say this because you belong to a species that love to follow its passions. Saturn is a binding planet, and now floating in the watery Pisces could put on edge, and also push you off the cliff.
Re-evaluate your passions, dear Aries! This could be the best time to purge and clear your pent-up emotions. You could rush into things, but be careful when you pry into your emotional realms.
This Saturn transit may prove to be the right time to re-discover your true potential and inner peace. Hang on, stay there and watch yourself closely.
Journal your thoughts if need be. As far as material progress is concerned, good career prospects are coming your way. Juicy financial profits are around, but again don’t rush in the process of making it big.

Taurus ( b ) : Cultivate Healthy Connections and Positive Energy with Saturn in Pisces

Taurus natives are known to be a very understanding breed. So, with Saturn swimming in the water sign of Pisces, it’s time to use your head and dissect your own emotions.
Peep a bit closer, dear Taurus and check the kind of people you hang out with. Get rid of toxic people and start cultivating healthy friendships.
You’ll get various chances to meet people. Feeling good and positive will be crucial for you during this transit. So, meet new people and see how they make you feel. Express and don’t hide yourself in the cans.
You have the right talent to approach and communicate with people. So be sporty, plan meetings, and express yourself eloquently. This transit could push you into isolation, so be watchful and avoid staying alone for longer periods.
Disconnecting from people may harm your mental and emotional health. So, mingle with people who match your vibe.

Gemini ( c ): Embrace Accountability and Find Stability with Saturn in Pisces

Accountability is what this transit will teach you. You’re a word player, and you know it. But in this transit, your wordplay can fire back. Take responsibility for your actions and rectify your mistakes. Adaptability is one of your key traits. But Saturn in Pisces could spin this trait around for you.
You may become a bit stubborn and a tough cookie to crack. But just hang on when you see things going wrong around you. Accept your feelings the way they are rather than manipulating them.
You will be pushed into the public eye, so it’s time you work harder. Vacillating moods and emotions will top your list, so no binge eating, and don’t forget to breathe in and out.
Meditation will help you deal with the opinions (both good and bad) that others will develop for you in due course of time.

Cancer ( d ): Revamp and Empower Yourself with Saturn in Pisces

You’ll be able to crystallise your ideas during this transit. So, finish all that you’ve left undone in the past. Be it a project, course or charity; there’s something that you have always wanted to do. And this is just the right time! Revamp yourself and get ready to uncover the mystical force that empowers you to change your (and other's) lives.
Besides philosophical thinking, this transit shall also bring in a good dose of rationality for you. So, you have gotta balance, and this you may fund challenging. While you juggle between philosophy and reason, don’t lose your temper. This transit could inspire wanderlust in you.
You’ll dream about distant places, think of meeting new people and will be inspired for cross-cultural exchange. By its end, this transit will give you a pure and balanced mind.

Leo ( e ): Embrace Challenges and Cultivate Intuition with Saturn in Pisces

You will be the right concoction of honesty, humility and wisdom this transit. The Piscean Saturn just seems to know the substance you’re made of, and so there’s no escape, darling. This transit will weave a mesh of mood swings and upheavals sprinkled with some serious challenge.
So while you may perfect the art of ‘getting on’ and ‘letting- go’, reality checks aren’t too far. You’ll have to crack your emotions and cultivate that intuition to get things in their right order.
Your generosity could just get you overboard and land you in some soup. But you have the mettle to tackle it all and set an example for others. This transit will see you become stronger in mind and heart.
If you’re pursuing higher studies or trying to clear a competitive exam, then you’ll surely be able to crack it up. Keep your romantic fantasies in control.

Virgo ( f ): Take Solid Action amidst Mental Fatigue with Saturn in Pisces

Saturn swimming in Pisces could sweep off the otherwise anchored Virgo native. You have such an enormous mental energy, but it may be sapped this transit as your illusions could be overwhelming. You’ve always believed in taking solid and serious actions. And this transit, you gotta to do the same.
Act – take constructive, solid action to overcome the mental fatigue this transit will bring upon you. Be it your personal relationships or business alliances, acting in the right direction will help you weed out all that you no longer need.
Recognise your feelings and fight back (not literally, of course) if you disagree. You are a methodical worker and don’t get puzzled if you feel a bit chaotic. Take a breather, slow down, and relax. The Piscean Saturn will challenge you to maintain your routine, so you must not flinch. Make it a point to stick to your routine while you juggle challenges.

Libra ( g ): Find Balance in Food with Saturn in Pisces

You are known for your knack of balancing, but being a Libran baby, you do have an inherent trait of indulgence. In fact, over-indulgence. Saturn will now be bathing in Pisces, and this could actually ignite your love for unusual foods.
The uncommon Saturnian energies mixed with the crazy vibe of Pisces may toss you off your good health. You could go bananas over that piece of cake or overstuff yourself with a pack of your fav cookies. Remember, controlling your food temptations isn’t as easy as pie.
Pisces will emotionally connect you with food, while Saturn will push you away from your guilty pleasures. So, be disciplined but with the right balance. Eat the greens in plenty, but do hesitate to cheat once in a while.
Your health will determine your performance for the coming 2-3 years. So, watch out, prioritise, take breaks, hydrate, exercise, and do things (especially in business) that interest you.

Scorpio ( h ): Mysterious yearnings and creative energy with Saturn in Pisces

You are already mysterious and can only get more puzzling this transit. You live a secret life, and the Piscean Saturn will only magnify your realm of dreams and illusions, only to crash it later.
When Saturn plunges into Pisces, you can experience an uprush of electric energy that will push you towards some serious romantic yearnings. The key is to express it, and very importantly, in the right way! Be it love, career or relationships – your creative energies will spill all around.
Betrayals could also come your way, and you may effectively manage to hide your pain behind a smile. But this transit will teach you to forgive and let go. And don’t you dare hold on – for this will plunge you deeper into carrying karmic baggage.
You may find comfort in the dark, but this transit is the best time to divert your energies towards all that is brighter and worthwhile.

Sagittarius ( i ): Family First with Saturn in Pisces

Your family structure will tremendously affect your mental and emotional makeup for the coming few years. Work is surely a very important slice, but as Saturn takes a dip in Pisces, you’ll gradually be able to realise the place of family and friends in your life.
Your emotional connections will grow stronger, and you’ll feel the need to be around your family more than ever.
Get rid of the emotional debris that you had been storing in your mind. Your empty mind will become more receptive to people’s feelings, and you’ll smoothly be able to level out the differences with others (if you have any).
The Piscean Saturn will ring in the ‘Wabi Sabi’ for you, where you realise that life is constantly changing, and you’ll fall in love with the imperfections of life. Eat with friends and family, take care of your eyes and work to your full potential is what we’d suggest to you for this transit.

Capricorn ( j ): Speak Less, Mean More with Saturn in Pisces

You could feel tongue-tied as Saturn starts bathing in the rambling Pisces. Words and expressions are joined by the hip – way too close to be separated. So, while you may be feeling short of words, you could also be suffering from the zero-expression syndrome.
Well, this does not mean that you’ll display a poker face. But talking less and pondering deeply over the meaning of your spoken words will toss your life for the coming few years – and for the better!
You’ll be able to sharply dissect your emotions and speak exactly what’s needed. You had been more of a rebel, but not for this transit. The fishy Saturn will make you a ‘stick-to-the-point’ person.
You’ll be more controlled in your emotions, but make sure that you don’t come aloof to other people. You may slaughter your communication, but don’t cut on the need to express yourself.

Aquarius ( k ): Re-evaluating Goals with Saturn in Pisces

You are smart, and Saturn in Aquarius makes you smarter! You have always been an out-of-the-box thinker and could turn a bit reckless in your endeavours. But not any longer.
While you retain your originality, the Saturn transit in Pisces is making you cautious. It’s time you re-evaluate your choices and identify the changes you want to make in your life.
For the coming few years, your emotional realms could go up and down. But don’t practice self-restraint too harshly. Give your emotions a perfect and suitable outlet and vent it all out. Practice mindfulness, as that will give your impulsivity an alternative release mechanism.
In the process of dipping into your fantasies, don’t forget to pay attention to the real things like finance, health and your relationships. Setting smart and workable goals will make you more realistic and action-oriented. Save more, take good care of your health and don’t skip spending some time with your family this transit.

Pisces ( l ): Tough Love Ahead with Saturn in Pisces

It’s time for some reality check, dear Pisces! Saturn is entering your own sign, and things aren’t going to be easy, and we’re sorry for that. Actually, we aren’t. Do you know why? This process of getting in touch with reality will make you tough and persistent.
Your mushiness, fantasies and lethargy are all about to come to an end within the coming few years. Though you’ll retain your compassion, art, empathy and intuition, the harsh Saturn in creative Pisces will give you the courage to ponder over your flaws.
Dealing with your feelings in a superficial manner will not work any more. You’ll have to dig in deep. The Piscean Saturn will teach you to weigh the situation, analyse your mood, identify your thoughts and avoid knee-jerk reactions.
Be prepared to deal with your discomfort and accept it completely. We agree it's easier said than done. But this cognitive restructuring is essential and ripens your maturity.

The Parthian Shot

The Saturn transit in Pisces will make you a dreamcatcher, not an ordinary one! You’ll develop a vision and stockpile colossal ability to crystallise your dreams. In the process of activating your coping mechanisms, you’ll accidentally stumble upon your hidden potential.
There’s a deep connection between your psychic powers and creative pursuits. This nexus can exercise a healing effect on your existence in its entirety. While it does revivify you, this connection will also amplify your spiritual beauty.
Neptune, the natural ruler of Pisces, symbolises inspiration, while Saturn will enable your inspiration to take form. So, as Saturn plunges into the sodden Pisces, be ready for some cerebral reshuffle, poignancy, karmic undoing and the falling apart of your beliefs and rebuilding them.

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