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Check for the Fire Effects in Your Life When Venus Transits in Aries

Venus, the goddess of love and camaraderie, enters the fiery sign of Aries. Venus describes in what way you perceive your relationships and how you value you loved ones. Ruled by fire, Aries is a passionate sign. Now it’s Venus, the planet of eroticism entering the sign that’s bold, brash and daring! Both Aries and Venus are dynamic and the blend of their energies can only result in detonation, crash and thunder.

On 20th February, Venus enters Aries at 2.55 am.
From this time onwards, Venus will push and inspire you towards speaking out your love, expressing your secret desires and pondering within. Venus in Aries is all about your relationships and how the miscellaneous chunks of your life affect your personal associations.
As per you sun sign, check the twists and turns in your love life here!

Venus transit in Aries for Aries a

Dear Aries, Venus is transiting through your 1st House. Venus journeying through your ascendant will add charm to your personality. During this time, you will fascinate people and develop profound connections!
This is the best time to network with people. Besides personal connections, groom yourself for online presence as well. However, when you’re on a networking spree, we suggest you stay sincere and honest in your interactions.
You may also have a lot of mood swings during this transit. So, pursue hobbies that you like, adjust your diet, drink more water and meditate as much as possible. During this transit, you may feel quite adventurous and crave diversity. So, whether it’s a new relationship, job or project, channelize your excitement and think twice before you implement your decisions.

Venus transit in Aries for Taurus b

Venus is transiting through your 12th house. This could be the time to develop platonic relationships dear Taurus! Venus wedged in your 12th house will make you profound in love. So, if you’re married or dating someone, your love may enhance during this time.
You might also become a little more sensitive than usual, so be careful and avoid being mushy. So, this could also be the time of self-reflections. Be it art or relationships, anything that’s superficial is surely not going to impress you. Your otherwise boisterous personality (if at all you are) may go for a toss this time.
This is the time you’ll prefer to eat silent dinners with your loved ones over noisy parties. Your analytical skills will also enhance during this time. You’ll frequently come across people’s weaknesses, but don’t get too criticizing. Just let go and make it a point to appreciate their strengths.

Venus transit in Aries for Gemini c

Dear Gemini, Venus is journeying through your 11th house. It’s the right time for some team-playing! Look for opportunities to collaborate and try to get everyone on the same page. Isolating yourself or others can damage your personal growth during this time.
You have the art of words and probably are a master of it. So, use your communication skills to enhance your relationships both in your personal and professional segments. You may also take up group activities. This will help you share your interests, tackle complex problems, apply your wits, delegate responsibilities and spill your charming Venusian energies!
This transit, you have the right channels, all you need to do is identify and work on them. The feeling of camaraderie will be very strong during this transit, but this may also lead to superficiality in your relationships.

Venus transit in Aries for Cancer d

It’s time to groom your artistic talents dear Cancer! Venus is transiting through your 10th house. During this time, there are good chances that your hobby may turn into your profession. Your intuitions in love and friendships will grow sharper and you’ll be able to read people better.
Groom yourself well as this transit is around to give you a better social standing. Your reputation will affect your personal sphere, but will also significantly influence your professional sphere. Gather information well and do not trust your friends/colleagues blindly.
1-1 conversations will be great during this time, but you need to be in control at all times. Don’t let your thoughts or feelings wash over the other person or this is likely to affect your deal/business transaction with him. Though this space of Venus will give a boost to your career and family life, practice self-awareness.

Venus transit in Aries for Leo e

The audacious Leo is turning a bit more philosophical this time! You may find love in distant lands and cross-cultural connections might appeal to you more than ever. You may get good chances to travel during this time. Just grab these opportunities! The explorer side of you will come to the surface during this time.
The richness of diverse culture and ethnicity will attract you. Travelling places will not only spruce up your personality, but also sharpen your confidence. You’ll be meeting new people during this time, so watch your reactions and keep your impulsivity in check. Art, music, poetry, occult, philosophy and religion will be the key themes of your interest.
Be it wines or places, with your senses refined this transit, you will love all that’s exotic and sophisticated. You already are wildly attractive, and now, it’s time to cultivate your exotic appeal.

Venus transit in Aries for Virgo f

Dear Virgo, Venus will be cruising through your 8th house. Maturity and empathy will heighten in your relationship during this transit. It’s through this transit, you’ll realize that giving love is as satisfying as receiving love.
If love happens during this time, then we are sure it will bring about emotional cleansing for you. The crux of it is that your relationships could carry a healing power this transit. If you remain receptive and work on it, your associations can help you overcome your pride and apathy.
Positive emotion will flow through, but you need to tackle your tendency to criticize. Also, avoid being hard on yourself. That’s what this position signifies. It’s okay to make mistakes. In fact, mistakes are great provided we learn from them. Everything will intensify during this transit, so be it your finance, career or love, keep your possessiveness in check.

Venus transit in Aries for Libra g

Plan secret dates with your loved ones dear Libra. This is the best time to set your plans rolling with your partner. Venus is cruising through your 7th house and this placement, will fuel 1-1 conversations with other people, especially opposite sex.
If you are already married or dating someone, then there are chances of some misunderstanding creeping through. But it’s totally up to you to level out the differences between you and your partner. Fancy office events and parties might keep you engaged during this time. So, groom yourself up and whet your communication skills.
Feasible partnerships, be it in your love life or professional sphere, could spring forth. Don’t get into isolation more than needed, as you may be missing on some crucial networking. Your colleagues and seniors will notice you, so there are good chances of promotions and potential deals coming your way.

Venus transit in Aries for Scorpio h

Watch what you eat dear Scorpio. Venus will be wedging itself in your 6th house. Binge eating could be something that you may be indulging in. Watch out is what we are seriously saying. Besides junk and processed foods, keep an eye on the alcohol amounts that you consume. Chuck out carbs and intoxication from your lifestyle, at least till the time Venus is parked in your 6th house.
Venus will try to engage your senses in greasy foods, but you gotta choose fruit and vegetables above your temptations. Keep active and toss in some fun exercises in your schedule. Venus will be bringing the otherwise insulated Scorpio out into the limelight. So, communicate with your colleagues while you are working at the same desk as them.
On the personal front, some trouble might ensue in your relationships. But keep your sting covered! Reacting impulsively could seriously work against you.

Venus transit in Aries for Sagittarius i

Dear Sagittarius, Venus will be journeying through your 5th house. Now, this is a brilliant position for Venus to float in! There are juicy chances that love could be blooming during this transit.
Seductive, charming and attractive – that’s what you’re going to be through the entire Venusian season. It’s no doubt you’ll attract people and feel emotionally charged up. Your style of interaction, mutuality and energy will impress those who come across you.
If you’re single, then your flirtatious nature will effectively attract the opposite sex! Your perkiness and exuberance will increase through the Venus season, and much to your children’s delight. This is the best time to bond with them over food and stories. And as far as spouse is concerned, they shall definitely be bowled over by your heightened playfulness. Get down to doing fun recreational activities this transit, and bask in the joyous place you are in.

Venus transit in Aries for Capricorn j

It’s family time for you dear Cap! You are known to be an insulated individual, and this transit further flings you comfortably in your own nest. So, this is the best time to plan dinners, short trips and fun outings with your loved ones.
Though Venus floating in this house could give you a sense that all’s rosy, be careful as some turbulence might be creeping in hindsight. But you’ll be able to crack all the problems, provided you become adaptable to the change Venus is flinging in.
Chuck your otherwise rigid nature and become malleable, this is the hint the 4th house Venus is dropping for you. Since Venus is crusading through your maternal house, it’s time to pamper your mother! Cook her favorite dishes, buy her those comfy silk slippers and take her out to her best-loved restaurants. In case if there’s a trouble brewing between you and her, avoid confrontations. You’ll savor simple life and home-cooked meals during this time.

Venus transit in Aries for Aquarius k

Dear Aquarius, Venus is transiting through your 3rd house. This is the right time to apply your wit, skills and logic during this time. People know you as a pure humanitarian, and this placement of Venus will enhance your connection with the society in general.
You are an exceptional thinker, and like to work for people. More hands at work never spoil the broth when it comes to working for humanitarian causes. You have the skill to unite people for the common cause. Venus in the 3rd house will give you plenty of opportunities to unite people and direct their energies towards the larger good.
An over-spilling compassion could result when Venus parks itself in the 3rd house. But we suggest that you avoid going over-board in the process of helping people as it could land you in some serious trouble. You may get ample chances to travel, exchange ideas and build close relationships that could last you a lifetime.

Venus transit in Aries for Pisces l

Dear Pisces, Venus is transiting through your 2nd house. Unseen and hidden emotions will come at the forefront when Venus is parks itself in this house. Write your feelings down, as this is the time for your emotional cleansing and healing.
Unusual feelings will rock your world, so instead of deeply involving with your thoughts, just watch them fly through your mental screen. And you’ll be surprised how this transit flushes out toxins from your system.
Watch your finances during this period. You get onto a spending spree, but control your impulsive spending. Balancing your work and life could be a bit challenging. But things will star falling in place if you keep your expectations real. This is also the best time to invest in your relationships. You’ll feel comfortable more than ever with your closed ones. Try not to keep any kind of secrets from your partner regarding your finances. Your partner deserves to know it all.

Venus in Aries will propel you into going back to your roots – the root where love begins. For the whole month, your energies will be different, sometimes hitting low and sometimes super excited. Venus in Aries will sooth your senses, drive you towards some strong sexual cravings and ultimately uncovering the spiritual connections in love.
Be it puppy love or platonic relationships, the transition in your life will be major – in fact extreme till the time Venus is parked in the daring Aries.
While Venus will stimulate your senses and Aries further fueling passions, this deadly combination will test your ability to control your temptations and altruismc in relationships.

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