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Ever Wondered If There Is Any Connection Between Astrology and Law of Attraction?

Stars speak a language of their own but do they hear us? 'Astrology is a language. If you understand this language, the sky speaks to you', said the French author Dane Rudhyar. We, as humans, are replete with emotions and feelings. No matter how fleeting these thoughts may be, they make our lives and determine the quality of our conduct, behaviour and way of living.

Every thought that crosses our mind has the potential to manifest itself. However, its manifestation depends on how strongly we conceive that thought. Let's get it like this- our mind has deep grooves- deeper than what we think of. These grooves are a kind of container for our thoughts. Any concept or impression that we strongly believe in is stored in these grooves.
Every time we think about the concept or impression that we truly believe in, it just gets stronger, nudging the Universe to convert it into a tangible reality. Universe has nothing to do with our likes and dislikes (and ouch, that hurts!). But that is the way it is. Your thought may be good or bad- each time you set the thought in motion, the Universe starts acting on it without really differentiating between good and bad.
The universe is receptive. Just like wet earth is receptive to all kinds of seeds (be that of mango or melon), Universe is receptive to the energy that we are sending out. They say stars weave magic. Don't they? They do - but the real source of the culmination of the magic is you! Stars are just aligning their energies as per your thought patterns.
When we speak of thoughts and their manifestation, we essentially mean 'energy'. Energy vibrates with its own frequency. In science, energy is the 'ability to do work' - it's a force that can cause the displacement of an object. Simply put- here, the 'object' is your thought and energy will set the thought in motion (literally displace it) and send its vibrations out into the Universe. Karma essentially is based on this design- Universe will puke out what you've fed it with. It's the Law of Attraction- you get what you give.
The Law of Attraction and Astrology have a profound connection. Man is born under any of the twelve Sun Signs. Whichever sign he is born under, he carries the impression of that sign. And that's why the ferocious Leos are so much different than the mushy Pisceans! These Sun Signs determine our vibrations and govern our thoughts and feelings.
In her book, Rhonda Byrne says, 'You get to choose what you want, but you must get clear about what you want. This is your work'. Sun signs can help us understand what we truly want- at least, they hint at what affirmations we can work on!

Aries: Harnessing the Power of the Law of Attraction a

Dear Aries, you are the first sign of the zodiac. You represent the head and signify the beginning of everything.
You are the 'pioneer' and display a fierce penchant for creation.
Your affirmations
I am courageous, I am driven, I am generous.

Taurus: Manifesting Abundance with the Law of Attraction b

Dear Taurus, you rule the neck, and this is the beginning of a movement. You don't shy away from hard work, and your mental tenacity is truly a source of inspiration for those around you.
Your affirmations
I am honest, I am ambitious, I am content.

Gemini: Unlocking Your Potential with the Law of Attraction c

The Twin of the zodiac, you, dear Gemini, are truly witty and can tickle people's bones. You rule the lungs and breathe. No matter how dead a thing may appear (we don't mean a person here), you can breathe life into it.
Your affirmations
I have excellent communication skills, I am energetic, I am smart.

Cancer: Creating a Positive Mindset with the Law of Attraction d

Dear Cancer, you rule the breasts and thus are pounding with highly charged emotions.
Your affirmations
I am intuitive, I am compassionate, I am self-reliant.

Leo: Achieving Success with the Law of Attraction e

Dear Lion, you rule the heart, and that's where all your power lies.
Your affirmations
I am charismatic, I am strong-willed, I am fearless.

Virgo: Cultivating Self-Belief with the Law of Attraction f

Dear Virgo, who isn't aware of your super finicky nature and needs to keep things organised. You rule the digestive system; thus, it seems you can never stop ruminating over things. It's time to revamp your other qualities.
Your affirmations
I am artistic, I am hardworking, I am kind.

Libra: Manifesting Your Dreams with the Law of Attraction g

Dear Libra, you always seem to balance out things. Ruling the kidneys and the endocrine, you just know how to spill the equilibrium.
Your affirmations
I am charming, I am determined, I am expressive.

Scorpio: Unleashing Your Inner Strength with the Law of Attraction h

You, dear Scorpio, are the dark sign and can cause people to flummox. You rule the genitals and never miss an opportunity to breed a mystery.
Your affirmations
I am disciplined, I am dedicated, and I am passionate.

Sagittarius: Attracting Positive Energy with the Law of Attraction i

Dear Sagi, you rule legs and are evidently the traveller of the zodiac. Besides being philosophical and a scholar.
Your affirmations
I am a problem-solver, I am sensitive, I am kind.

Capricorn: Releasing Limiting Beliefs with the Law of Attraction j

The workaholic is around! Dear Capricorn, you rule the skeletal system and the knee joints. Just like the immoveable bones, you too are stubborn - but let's check out what more you can be.
Your affirmations
I am business-oriented, I am practical, I am methodical.

Aquarius: Focusing on Gratitude with the Law of Attraction k

Dear water bearer, you are the out-of-box thinker of the zodiac. You rule the circulatory system, and your brain is your major vitamin.
Your affirmations
I am creative; I am witty, I am intuitive.

Pisces: Transforming Your Life with the Law of Attraction l

You, dear Pisces, belong to a compassionate species. You rule the hand and feet, and that's why motion (change of environments) is essential for your well-being. Intuition is your strongest point, and all know about it.
Your affirmations
I am an explorer, I am wise, I am capable of hard-work.

Conclusion #

Constant regurgitation of the affirmations given above (we've just given three for each sign- you have a lot more to your personality and can work out your own affirmations) will replenish you with these traits.

You'll be able to attract the qualities that you constantly think of and can apply them accordingly to attract the kind of success you want.

Having said a whole lot about what Universe can do and how it can help you, there is one crucial point that we need to understand. There is a difference between 'saying' and 'feeling'. If you say that you want to become rich, but deep down you feel that you aren't sure- then the Universe is going to act on the feeling- your subconscious thought and not on the mere 'word' that you are saying (even though you might be saying at all times).

The mind can unravel miracles only if your heart believes in it. These affirmations are mere thoughts- but to crystallise them, you need to constantly work on them, and the Universe will accordingly convert these thoughts into a sure reality.

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