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Everything You Need to Know About Big 3 in Astrology

Astrology is an ancient practice, and people now seem to take a deep interest in how it can help them. Astrology is not only gaining popularity but is also going through a profound transformation. It isn't an outdated science anymore but a tool that can help us make apt decisions and take the right precautions. In the language of Astrology, the Big 3 is also known as the 'Primal Triad'. The star lingo is as mysterious as decoding the map of unchartered territory. But with the help of the Big 3, we can crack your astrological map and understand its subtleties. Know your Big 3-Sun, Moon and Rising Sign using our birth chart calculator for free.

So what is this 'Big 3 all about and what does it include?'
In an astrological map, the 'Big 3' is a cluster of three crucial elements. It consists of:
1) Sun Sign
2) Moon Sign
3) The Ascendant or the Rising Sign
The Big 3 gives us a quick insight into the overall personality. It's like; these three elements can unfold all the ingredients that you're made of! It can reveal all of your spice and sugar and truly unlock your mystery. The Primal Triad forms the skeleton of your chart and tremendously influences your personality. Along with other planets, these three elements rule over certain aspects of your persona and truly make you unique from others.
Let's see what each of these crucial elements can reveal about your personality:

Sun Sign A

The Sun sign is the position where the Sun was when you were born. The sign is the first position, the original home in which the Sun galloped while you were born! Of the twelve signs, the Sun thus chooses to occupy any one sign at the time of your birth that consists of your sun sign.
So, while the Sun has its individual qualities, like a sponge, it also absorbs the characteristics of the sign it occupies. The combined qualities make up for an interesting combination, of which you are a product! For instance, in your astrological chart, if the Sun occupies Leo, then you are adventurous, peppy, and love attention. But what if your Sun lies in the sign of Scorpio? The Scorpio Sun will make you smoking hot, mysterious, passionate, and fond of power.
Sun sign thus highlights your talents, skills, and key strengths and weaknesses. It reveals where your focus is and how you charge up. This sign rules over your innermost yearnings—the innermost desires that are yet to manifest.
Sun is the masculine principle—the Yang of your existence—and emphasizes your ego principle. Thus, the Sun is your identity. Your sun sign primarily influences your expression, passions, and how deeply you connect with your inner self.

Moon Sign B

The way the Sun represents the masculine principle, the Moon is the feminine element—the 'Yin' of your constitution. If the Sun sign reflects your outer self, then the Moon sign reflects your inner self. We all may strongly express ourselves before people, but deep down, we all nurture unsaid feelings, unexpressed emotions, and a personality that is too dark for others to intrude into. Your Moon signs heavily influence your interpersonal skills and the way you make or break your relationships.
At the time of your birth, like the Sun, the Moon too galloped to a sign and that position froze as your Moon sign. The Moon has its own natural qualities, but again, like a sponge, it sucks in the qualities of the sign that it occupies (at the time of your birth). It's these peculiar qualities that set you apart from the others and rule over your inner, unchartered world. For instance, in your astrological chart, if the Moon occupies Gemini, then you're intelligent, charming, curious, and can verbalize easily. In case your Moon lies in Pisces, then you have a romantic streak, are creative, and could be a daydreamer.
The Moon sign thus can help comprehend your emotions, the triggers that work behind your (and others) emotional outbursts, and how you can help yourself and others channel these flickering emotions into productive reactions.
Moon signs represent your subconscious and the parts of yourself that you've kept hidden from others. Decoding the Moon sign can thus help you unwind your emotional self and handle your vulnerability in a constructive way.

Ascendant or the Rising Sign Asc

The Ascendant is the first sign that appears on the eastern horizon where the Sun rises. Since it is a sign on the rising- the Ascendant is also called the Rising Sign. Of the twelve houses, the Rising sign always takes up the first house (since the signs ascend in succession but houses never move). The first house rules over the head and face. Thus, the rising sign in the first house is connected with the workings of the brain and determines our natural tendencies, self-interest, and worldly outlook.
If the Sun signs reveal outer expression and the moon signs speak of the inner bearings, the Ascendant rules over the way people see you. The first house is the house of self-identity and personality, and thus, the rising sign is associated with your external being. The rising sign gives a quick peek into your personality than the Sun or the Moon sign. The Rising sign and its ruling planet become crucial when it comes down to comprehending your personality. Let's say, for instance, Gemini is the sign in the first house in your astrological chart. Gemini is ruled by Mercury, and Mercury is a planet that has a domain over the nervous system. So, with Gemini in your ascendant, Mercury becomes a crucial planet of influence that will unusually charge up your nervous system. Your brain will be constantly active, and there will be this adrenaline rush that you'll experience all the time! You'll have a quick wit, be charming, and have an exceptional gift for words. You'll have long arms and legs, bright eyes, crave mental stimulation, be restless, dig deep into subjects, and want to know the 'why' of everything.
The Big 3 thus affect the character principally. Usually, the Sun, Moon, and rising signs are different (for any given individual). But, in double placements, the Sun and Moon signs happen to be the same for the given individual. In rare cases, the entire Primal Triad may just take up one sign, constituting the triple placement. For instance, Aries may take up the Sun sign, which happens to be the Moon sign, and might occupy the ascendant or the first house at the same time. If this happens, then it's like a drug effect that has been multiplied three times!
You can determine your Big 3. All you need are the following things:
1) Your time of birth
2) Place of birth
3) As well as your birth date
On your astrological map, locate the signs where the Sun, Moon, and Ascendant lie. You'll thus have three different placements and a corresponding sign for each. Your birth chart has the answers to your questions.
If you locate your Big 3, then your chart will start communicating with you. It will give you insight into your strengths and areas where you need correction, highlight your weaknesses, indicate your strengths, and decode your personality. This aspect of Astrology will not only help you up your game but also enable you to understand the Spirit, your Inner Light, in a rich and joyous way.

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