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Jupiter’s Taurus Tango: It’s Retrograde Motion and the Stimulation of Your Instincts

Upastrology | Jupiter Retrograde in Taurus 2023 Will Affect You
When - September 4th, 2023, to December 30th, 2023
What to Expect - Inner evolution, self-reflection, a spur in creativity, and a need to cultivate meaningful relationships
What to be cautious about - issues with trust; you might take a little longer to open up and struggle with lone time vs. relationship time.

Jupiter Retrograde in Taurus Will Nudge You to Disengage From the Outer World 🐂

Call it a shell, a tough exterior, or a lingering need for lone time, this Jupiter retrograde in Taurus will push you to find that safe haven within yourself. Your greatest solace will be nights spent thinking alone under those clusters of stars and not among the faces you've known for years.
Jupiter is popularly known as the planet of expansion and good luck. Wherever it sits in your natal chart or makes its transit through whichever house, it amplifies the aspects related to that house. Jupiter is a buoyant planet and markedly ignites your resilience towards setbacks in life. When it is direct, it is like a high-spirited tot wanting more of life.
A direct Jupiter actually makes you crave liveliness. Fun nights, bright sunny days, junk parties, work mania, an insatiable appetite for success, and networking—all of these are a small part of the great benefic Jupiter.
But when spinning backwards, a totally flip side of Jupiter surfaces.
Each year, Jupiter spends about four months in retrograde. During this retrograde period, Jupiter will efficiently disengage your senses from all that’s external. You’ll question the soirees you previously loved, try to get away from group work and push a wedding invitation under the carpet.
The hollowness of the world around you will force you to question your own existence. You’ll try to locate your real place in this humdrum of mundane life and daily drama.
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No FOMOs Anymore With Jupiter Sliding Retrograde in Taurus 🚫😬

Adventure is synonymous with Jupiter. But not really with the retrograde Jupiter, and that too in the sign of the bull!
We certainly don’t mean that Taurus is a boring sign. It's the bull, so he’s got to be brash and determined. Bulls fight for dominance. But here, the fight is for a different purpose. The fight is not petty or merely to defeat an opponent. The fight is more internal—over what’s right and wrong, over what to hold on to and what to let go of.
It's all about seeing the bigger picture!
And till you don’t figure out this ‘bigger picture’, the retrograde Jupiter in Taurus will rarely allow you to give up.
You’ll be able to delve deeper into yourself, and in this process, you’ll stumble over your dormant creativity and needs that you’ve been long ignoring, question the usefulness of your accomplishments, and look for relationships that have deeper meanings.
Your reasoning ability will sharpen during this retrograde, so anything that’s superficial in your life won’t miss your eye. Fomos will be left far behind as you subtly but surely embark on the journey of self-discovery.
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The Hibernating Jupiter: How Will the Combined Energies of Taurus and Retrograde Jupiter Affect You During These Four Months? 🐂💤

Taurus is the earth sign and a fixed modality. Otherwise sapped of its usual buoyant energies, Jupiter, for a period of four months, will enter a period of hibernation.
Hibernation is an act of shutting down to external reality. It's time to focus on internal realities and weed out all that's rudimentary—something that we don’t need anymore.
For instance, if you’ve been a total workaholic and are ignoring your health, the retrograde will force you to re-think your working patterns and ask if it is really worth risking your health.
Be prepared to face and answer such deeper questions in this period!
It's a period of slowing down and deep ponderance. The questions that arise here, during the Jupiter retrograde in Taurus, will be crucial, as they could drastically change your approach to life in totality.
If a raging bull is lethal, then the sleeping bull is best left undisturbed! The hibernating Jupiter will awaken your strengths and give you the guts to take a break from your crazy schedules.
Taurus, as a sign, has more to do with money and relationships. During the Jupiter torpor, you’ll think deeply about these matters and how they’ve affected your life’s trajectory until now. These four months will be a period of ‘spiritual hibernation’ for you. If anybody intrudes into your cubicle, you’d be a pure rebel.
You’ll cut the drama and get straight to the point.
Disengaging yourself from the external world isn’t an act of selfishness. People might view your spiritual hibernation as a threat. But it offers you that beautiful time to gain access to the hidden aspects of your inner self.
You’ll be able to recognize messages that come from within and prefer self-care over attending glitzy parties. Take it as a time of self-transformation, and by the end of the four months, you’ll witness a completely new you.

The Three Best Things to Do During the Jupiter Retrograde in Taurus 2023🌟

Self-Care during Jupiter Retrograde in Taurus: Nurture Yourself️ 💆‍♀
Indulging in self-care does not essentially mean being a self-narcissist. Let your intuition carry you forward. Navigating through self-care means navigating through various sectors that will nurture your mental and physical health.
Meditate, make an effort to sleep a little earlier than you usually do, take spiritual baths, write affirmations, do oil or resin burning, chant mantras, dance, and listen to music (not hard music). Get some physical and mental rest. Uff! There’s so much you can do when Jupiter shuts you off to external realities.
Self-care does not have to be a complicated routine. Focus on anything that is simple and makes you happy.
Thoughtful Decision-Making during Jupiter Retrograde: Take Your Time 🤔
Don’t rush. Take your own time while you make decisions.
Jupiter retrograde in Taurus will challenge your thinking patterns. So align with your inner voice and analyze deeply before you take the plunge. View the situation and your subsequent decision from all angles.
Jupiter retrograde could confuse you during this time, so focus on possible risks and long-term consequences while you make your decisions during this time.
Accepting Shortcomings during Jupiter Retrograde in Taurus 🙏
Identify your potential and work accordingly. Overstretching works best after you’ve known your limitations. Know yourself without being brutal towards your shortcomings.
Most of the time, we know our weaknesses but ignore them. This phase is wonderful, not just because it pushes you to explore your inner world. What makes this period even more enchanting is that it gives you the courage to accept your weaknesses and work on them.

It’s the Hotchpotch of Two Retrograde Planets, but They Are Here to Benefit You in Amazing Ways ✨

Uranus Retrograde: 27th August to 29th January 🌀⏳
Taurus will be the axis of two planets in retrograde - Jupiter and Uranus. If retrograde Jupiter causes an intense change in your inner world, then Uranus in retrograde can cause a high-voltage change huge enough to cause significant damage.
Taurus is already the sign of introverts. With both of these planets jumping in retrograde in this sign, there are high chances that you may totally withdraw from the outer world and dig up for subtle realities.
Your resolve will get stronger this time, and you could brutally cut out everything that makes no more sense to you, including people. So it's essential to remain a little flexible with people around you and with yourself, too. Anything that’s superficial or ordinary will ignite fierce reactions in you. But control your impulsivity.
Instead of resisting and changing people, go with the flow. Accept things the way they are and align your energies with your purpose. And the combined energies of Uranus and Jupiter will support you in this.
Taurus, besides being the sign of introverts, is also the sign of wages and finances. With Taurus being the centre of activity, your finances will be significantly affected.
During this time, you could get help from your friends, expect a change in job or business, or enjoy sudden gain or crisis. It could be anything! It's as random as you can imagine. Both the planets in retrograde and in the same sign will restructure your outlook towards the money you spend and earn.
It's not only about finances. Your relationships, too, could undergo a seismic shift during the fusion of these two retrograde planets. While you do the inner work, your lover or spouse could find you distant and aloof. Prioritisation and balance will become the key points here to get you through this volatile blend of retrogrades.
Uranus is a planet of extremes. You’ll feel rebellious during this period. I personally feel rebellion is great, and you don’t have to uproot it. But channelise, you must.
Retrograde Jupiter and Uranus can broach up storms, but if you learn to channel the energies of both these retrogrades, you can eventually nurture these storms and use them to benefit yourself and others.

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