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Love Compatibility: Know The Yin to Your Yang

love compatibility
Have you ever wondered why one sign is compatible with some signs and not with others? Do you know what makes them a good match or what makes them unsuitable for each other?
There are many factors that contribute to making two sun signs compatible. One of them is the element that the sign belongs to. Each of the twelve sun signs belongs to an element - Fire, Earth, Air, and Water. Thus, each element governs three signs. The grouping is as follows:
Fire: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius
Earth: Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn
Water: Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces
Air: Gemini, Libra, Aquarius
Generally, signs belonging to the same element tend to get along. But since both people have the same temperament, behavioral traits, and thought processes, this kind of relationship does not offer much room for mental or spiritual growth. And, in the case of a disagreement or a stand-off, it may be difficult to resolve the argument.
On the other hand, signs with different elements can teach each other different things, expand worldview, introduce the other to a different way of life, and encourage a parallel thought process. This said, not all elements will match well with each other. Some will just not get along and the relationship may end even before it begins.

Fire Element

People belonging to the fire element are passionate, impulsive, warm, large-hearted, adventurous, independent, fun-loving, egoistic, extroverts, short-tempered, and love to live life king-size. They may not be quick to commit, but once they do, they commit with all their heart and soul.

Earth Element

Like their element, the earth people are the doers of the zodiac. They are practical (sometimes too practical for their own good!), hardworking, sensible, sexy, well-settled, and mostly wealthy. These people are extremely loyal to their people, so they make for good partners. And they can’t stand wishy-washy and indecisive people. Do earth people have no shortcomings? Of course, they do! They’re a little boring and quite serious.

Water Element

This element belongs to the dreamers and the emotional people of the Zodiac. They are old souls, intuitive, intelligent, emotional, and nurturing and they are the great lovers of the Zodiac. But they are also slightly slower and may not be able to cope with tough times or handle high-pressure situations.

Air Element

The thinkers and the communicators of the Zodiac. These folks generally get along with everyone (they aim to please), they love to learn new things, have great conversations, indulge in finer things, are sensual in nature, and love to have a good time. But they are notorious for being slow decision-makers, can be flighty, and can’t cope with boredom.

Now that we know what each of the elements are like, let’s find out how they get along with each other. Do they make a pairing that’s for keeps or can’t wait to get away from each other?

Fire - Fire: This union is fiery and full of passion, just as the combination suggests. They get along tremendously with each other. Love to go on adventures, host parties for their many friends, and live a good life. But when differences crop up in the relationship, it may be difficult for them to sustain their passion for each other. Since both are fire signs, they would find it difficult to put aside their egos and take the first step to apologize or find an amicable solution. But if they want to be a couple, then they need to make a conscious effort to listen to their partner’s point of view and not let their ego come in between their relationship. If the fire signs can do this, then this pairing can be a match made in heaven, with a few hiccups now and then! We would give them a compatibility rating of 8/10.

Fire - Water: This is a case of extreme opposites! The fire is fast and loud. And the water is calm and loves to flow gently along in life. For them to stay together, each would need to make huge changes to their basic personalities, this may annoy the fire sign and exhaust the water sign. We would give this coupling a 4/10.

Fire - Earth: Fire is spontaneous and loves adventures and parties. The earth is reserved, and practical and on most nights would love to stay in with a good book and a glass of wine or a cup of coffee. But if they can manage to make it work, the fire sign’s enthusiasm will bring much needed excitement into the earth person’s life, and the earth’s practical nature can add some stability to the always on the go fire sign’s life. We would give this relationship a 6/10.

Fire - Air: They are generally considered to be compatible. Both are social, intelligent, love to have deep conversations, and banter, and are fond of traveling and discovering new things. They can keep the other one on their toes or wear their partner out. And that’s what the fate of this relationship depends on. If both can channel their energies (and there’s lots of it) constructively and make decisions and stick to it, this pairing has a long life! The air should aim to fuel the fire enough to keep it going and the fire should ensure that it creates warmth in the relationship and not burns it down. We would give the relationship an 8/10.

Water - Water: Since water signs are caring and sensitive to others’ needs, they can make a loving and cozy couple. But if the relationship hits a rough patch or life becomes tough, neither of them is equipped to take on the difficulties and steer them back to calmer waters. This is why this may not be the best pairing. We would give these lovebirds a 4/10.

Water - Earth: These two are complementary signs. The strong, practical, and steady earth is exactly what the dreamy and emotional water sign needs. Earth signs are the providers and the decision-makers, the water signs the caregivers and emotional anchors. Just like the water nurtures the earth and keeps it soft and the earth provides a stable resting place for the water when the going gets tough or there is a storm, these two people can support each other. Together they can make a loving and beautiful relationship. We give this pairing an 8/10.

Water - Air: They are two opposite personalities. Water signs are generally introverts, they have a close set of friends with whom they love to spend quiet evenings. On the other hand, the air signs love to be the life of the party. They want to meet new people and go to new places. And, neither is good at making quick decisions when needed. Their personalities would clash, making it difficult to sustain a long-term relationship. We would give this pairing 4/10.

Earth - Earth: Two earth people will create a harmonious, stable, and successful life. But it would be a predictable and boring relationship. This relationship would have a lot of love but little or no excitement. A lack of passion in a relationship spells doom in the long run. If two earth people want to commit for the long term they need to put in the work to keep the romance and intrigue alive. They would also need to ensure their practical nature and tendency to overthink does not cloud their relationship. We would give this union a 6/10.

Earth - Air: Earth is practical, good at decision-making, and steady. Air is exciting, fun, and spontaneous. Both are intelligent. Together they cover up each other’s shortcomings. This pairing has a lot of potential if the air sign can tone down some of its spontaneous activities and the earth sign can try to indulge in fun activities sometimes, then there's not much stopping these two from living a life of love and happiness. We give this pair an 8/10.

Air - Air: There’s going to be a lot of talking in this relationship. And too little of doing. This is where the problem will arise. Neither will be able to make the quick decisions when needed or put in the work required to implement their plans. This will create discontent and happiness in the relationship. Add to it their flirty nature. It will be difficult for them to trust each other and commit. We would give this relationship a 4/10.

Element or sun sign compatibility helps understand how the signs react to each other and how they are influenced when in a relationship. It does guarantee a successful relationship. To build a successful relationship one must respect, trust, honesty, and love their partner.

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