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Awakening the Subconscious: Neptune Retrograde's Reality Check-in 2023

What - Neptune Retrograde in Pisces
When - June 30, 2023, at 5:06 PM
Ends when - December 6 2023, at 8:12 AM
Total Duration - 5 months and five days
What to expect - Deeper self-reflection, revelation of a sacred purpose, revision of your dreams and creativity.
Be cautious of - Blurring lines between dreams and reality, overthinking, modifying the truth to match your fantasies, think before making major commitments.

Fantasy Vs Reality

Life is all about dealing with the harsh realities: but the actual food, the real provender that keeps us going through these heart-wrenching realities, is our innate ability to weave fantasies. Like a tortoise in his shell, withdrawing from the mundane routine of our dry lives, we inhabit those hidden crevices of our imagination.
Both fantasy and imagination lead us into the development that we project on those who come across us. In actuality, fantasy helps us survive reality.
Realities could be jarring, but our fantasies make us comfortable. But for how long can the butterflies seem real? At least not when Neptune spins backwards!
Neptune is a planet that profoundly associates with our subconscious self. As a planet of fantasy, Neptune will nudge you to chase your dreams, your love and everything that seems to be irresistible. This is the usual course when the Neptunian energies are operating at their fullest, but this transit it's going to be slightly different.
Neptune will spin backwards for 158 days! This planet will be retrograde in its home sign of Pisces. The last of all signs, Pisces, signify an elevation to the final reality. In this sign, we wrestle with our weaknesses and fight for our real place in the world.
The Key - Master your energies. Find a happy medium between reality and fancy.
Dream building is an important aspect of Neptunian energy, but this retrograde, it's more about interpreting your dreams. Only dreaming will do you no good.
Neptune’s backward spin will fling you into action. This clearly means that these 158 days are a solid period to tap into your subconscious and plunge into your own reality.
Birth Chart 🔮

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Don’t Become Too Easy On Yourself

In retrograde, instead of being emitted outwards, the Neptunian energy will be sucked inwards. The internal pool of energy that will develop over the course of the coming five months could muddle you.
Neptune is primarily made up of water and gas. Both water and gas have expansive qualities.
Neptune directly hits your subconscious and can spill your fantasies beyond your control.
But this Neptune retrograde is not going to provide you with any kind of Utopia. The deflection of Neptune from its normal path will give you the ability to heal, but not before blurring the lines between fantasy and reality.
Frustrations and a lot of brainstorming will happen in the initial stages of the Neptune retrograde. But you gotta deal with it if you wish to dig deeper for your original potential.
Revisit your dreams and review your ideals.
What is it that you’ve been running away from or sweeping under the carpet?
It's time to face your fears and uproot the negativity, and you’ll come closer to achieving your dreams by the time this retrograde ends.
If you have plans of going too easy this retrograde, then forget it. Be it your talents, relationships, projects or goals - staying focused is the core theme of the Neptune retrograde in Pisces.
Synastry Chart ❤️

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Channelise the energy of the Neptune Retrograde in Pisces

Here are a few simple rituals that you could follow -
Journal Your Dreams 📔
Write your dreams down. Journaling will enable you to quickly interpret your dreams and realize them in no time. Dreams are believed to be the reflection of your subconscious mind.
Journaling your dreams will enable you to remember your dreams better and get in closer contact with them. By the end, you have completed making entries into your dream journal; you may start seeing particular patterns and symbols in your dreams.
Grasping these patterns and symbols will additionally help you in your dream interpretation.
Volunteer and make donations 💖
Neptune symbolizes unconditional love. One of the best methods to tap into Neptunian back-spinning energies is to work for society without really expecting anything in return.
Neptune in retrograde is hard to please. But volunteering and donating will conveniently do the job for you!
Get in touch with the water bodies 🌊
Neptune loves water. So get in touch with the water bodies! Go to the ocean, swim, sit at the beach and spend some time (preferably alone and meditating) near a water body. Neptune has 14 moons, five rings and is an ice giant! What better way to channelize its energy than getting in touch with the water bodies!
Cultivate a healthy routine 🌞
Over the course of five months, you could feel excessively dreamy and slothful. It's crucial you work towards a healthy routine. Get in some exercise, a bit of dancing, lots of water and plenty of fruit and greens. Focusing on maintaining a healthy routine will keep you rooted in reality - much to the demand of retrograde Neptune.
Slash sweets, caffeine and alcohol 🙅‍️
Keep track of the alcohol and caffeine that you consume for the coming five months. Even if you’re on a diet, the tricky Neptune could well hook you onto these wrong things.
So over a period of five months, keep track of the liquids you consume and in what quantities. Avoid being tipsy at all expenses.
Receive healing or spiritual therapy 🌈
Receiving healing or spiritual therapy will effectively calm down the tumult Neptune retrograde churns. Faith healing, homeopathy, yoga, aroma therapy, or mental therapy. It could be anything.
The point is: to choose the therapy you like and get started to unlock your hidden potential. One of the most favored therapies during Neptune retrograde is previous life therapy or regressive hypnosis.
Express Gratitude 🙏
Of all the rituals mentioned above, this is the most important one. Think of all the people you’ve forgotten to thank and express gratitude to. Neptune is the higher octave of Venus. And Venus is the planet of love and appreciation.
In retrograde, Neptune, the planet of unconditional love, grows even more sensitive, especially towards your behavior. So rewind in time and think of all those whom you’re yet to thank.
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The Wrap Up

Usually, retrogrades are the times when the planet cannot display its power to the fullest. But this clearly does not mean that the planet is devoid of its power.
Neptune, in retrograde, turns much more potent as it does not allow the energy to be dissipated on the outer level. The energy keeps on accumulating inside your system, precisely subconsciously and keeps causing tumult there.
Neptune retrograde will be around to shake your reality. Most of us will get a reality check this time. Harsh and painful realities might come to the fore mutilating the usually playful fish.
While things will go topsy-turvy, hang on to your creativity and healthy routines.
The ideas that you found debunked earlier will start making sense to you. So don’t deflect from the rituals of meditation and self-reflection. Besides watching over your overconsumption of caffeine and alcohol, watch out for sudden accidents (especially if you’re traveling by water), territorial disputes, and drug problems.

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