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Twirl into Transformation with the New Moon in Virgo 2023

What - New Moon in Virgo
When - September 14, 2023, at 9:40 p.m.
What to expect - an eruption of ideas, a leap in self-critical thoughts, and persistence.
What to be cautious of - mental inflexibility, disturbed digestion, and the fact that you may come across as cold and aloof to others.

Virgo and the New Moon—the classic combination famous for seeking perfection

You see, neurotics are everywhere! Be it home or office, worrying unnecessarily about minute things has become second nature. We constantly feel that we aren’t good enough or have to reach a particular designation so that people accept and love us.
None of the above is true, barring the neurotic segment.
Do you know why?
We humans have an incredible capacity to love without conditions. And the New Moon in Virgo is just about that! Why wait for someone to celebrate your existence?
Nothing can be as toxic as binding our appreciation with expectations. Simply existing can be magical enough to unveil other magics.
The New Moon in Virgo is coming around to teach you some self-love, kick off your rigidity, and tell you how amazing you can be!

Virgo and the New Moon—the Classic Combination Famous for Seeking Perfection 🌙

Virgo is an earth sign. This sign is known for her excellent skills in organization and time management. Virgo is like a strict preceptor trying to imbibe an extreme degree of discipline in her spoiled tutees.
From the mundane tidbits of daily life to cultivating spiritual perfection, Virgo is a sign of excellence. The immense need for this sign to reach perfection comes from its pinching desire for self-improvement. And this sign becomes unstoppable if it sets its eyes on something or someone!
And this September, it's the New Moon in the sign of Virgo!
We now know what Virgo is capable of doing. And the new moon is all about manifesting what we truly desire.
The New Moon in Virgo is like a mentos candy erupting from the diet coke. Mentos being dropped into any kind of soda pop is more of a physical reaction than a chemical one. So, your ideas that were already there will rearrange themselves and appear a little different than they previously were.
New ideas will keep erupting, and this new moon is the best time to implement them. Virgo, completely connected with the earth element, is a static sign. With the coming of the New Moon, it will cause stirs, fueling impulsive reactions from you.
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Which Are the Three Best Rituals to Follow During This New Moon in Virgo 2023 ❓

Journal your thoughts 📔
This New Moon, there’s no better ritual than writing your thoughts down. Mercury, the planet of mind, rules Virgo. Writing your thoughts during this time will help you rearrange your thoughts.
Mental clutter may also result owing to the constant eruption of ideas. Writing is the best ritual and, in fact, an effective remedy to cut down on the negative energy of this new moon and cultivate its wonderful traits.
Spiritual bath 🛁
Spiritual baths have therapeutic qualities. Taking a spiritual bath will increase your receptivity to your own creativity and manifest it in various forms. A spiritual bath will also enable you to manifest your desires in the most amazing ways during this period.
Adding crystals, flowers, and oil to your bath will amplify its spiritual properties and effects.
Walk on the grass ️ 🚶‍♂
The New Moon in Virgo, if it leads to perfection, can also multiply your anxiety. To calm your racing nerves, walk on the grass. Not in your shoes, of course. That’s not very difficult!
Walking barefoot on the grass will increase the level of feel-good hormones in your body. In the course of self-criticism, we desperately need these feel-good hormones to keep us in place.

Do’s ✅ and Don’ts ❌ During the New Moon in Virgo 2023

Do not decline unexpected invites 💌
Instead, accept them! Go out and meet new people. The new moon in Virgo gives you some fantastic support to manifest your desires, but it could also make you a little rigid. Unexpected invites will give you a chance to communicate with people, open up blocked channels, and let out your creativity.
Do not spend time with energy-suckers 🧛
Energy drainers are lethal in general, but especially during the new moon in Virgo. You’ll require a lot of energy to set intentions and manifest your desires during this time. So save and nurture your energies. Stay away from people who suck your energy and bask in your own vibe.
Do not be overly considerate 🤷‍♂️
It's essential to exchange ideas with people during this time, but definitely avoid being overly considerate. It's time for self-reflection, so don’t work to please anyone. Being kind is essential, but so is being yourself. Whether towards yourself or others, kindness is the purpose of your actions, but watch out if you see yourself going overboard.
Eat the best 🍴
Virgo is the sign of health. The New Moon in this sign will nudge you to evaluate your health and your relationship with food. You’ll be setting intentions and meditating during this new moon. So, choose foods that are light on your stomach and nurture your brain cells.
Foods like lettuce, spinach, eggs, cottage cheese, brown rice, pears, and papaya are best during this time. Because the new moon happens in Virgo, drink enough water and chew your food well to ensure efficient digestion. Strictly avoid eating stale and putrid food during this time.

New Moon in Virgo 2023: What It Means for Your Zodiac Sign 🌌

Aries ♈ - Keep your boundaries strong and clear. It's important to prioritize your needs and adopt healthy habits. This is also the best time to learn to control your body's cravings.
Taurus ♉ - Get over your past. This is the time to work on your artistic talents and indulge in self-care rituals. Get down to infusing your creativity while baking, planting, and tending to your children.
Gemini ♊ - Tend to your priorities and inner feelings of peace. This is the best time to be in solitude and create your own sacred place in your home.
Cancer ♋ - Avoid taking things too personally. You might become excessively sensitive towards others, but avoid being overly sentimental.
Leo ♌ - Watch your spending habits. Set healthy financial boundaries and keep a close watch over how you behave with others.
Virgo ♍ - You’ll certainly overthink more than you usually do. Be calm and compassionate toward yourself. This new moon brings your thoughts and ideas into action, as they are sure to bear fruit.
Libra ♎ - There are juicy chances that you’ll turn pensive during this time. You’ll value spending time in solitude. This is also the best time to understand your emotions and thought processes.
Scorpio ♏ - Self-reliance is one of your primary key traits. But this new moon will teach you to accept the support your close ones offer you. Accepting support from others will encourage higher well-being and enable you to cope with anxiety in a better way.
Sagittarius ♐ - Don't be in a hurry to abruptly change your career. Before you do so, trace your interests and enhance your skills. Patience will take you smoothly through this new moon.
Capricorn ♑ - Shift your perspective a little and jump out of your comfort zone. This is the best time to experiment with your ideas, explore, and broaden your horizons.
Aquarius ♒ - On the humanitarian side, don’t forget to work on yourself. It's okay to feel a little low but pick up self-care rituals to get back to your feet.
Pisces ♓ - Your relationships will be the central point during this new moon. Trim down your expectations—of others and yourself too. Work on correcting your food patterns and healing yourself.
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New Moon in Virgo 2023: Be Kind to Yourself and Shine Bright ✨

The New Moon in Virgo gives you some serious opportunities to cultivate self-love. But not before unlocking your self-criticism spree.
You’ll feel that no matter how hard you try, you just aren’t good enough. This is the time you’ll have to gauge where to stop your efforts and let go.
Too much trying during this time could slash your productivity.
So balance is the key.
If you do not balance it consciously, unrelenting self-criticism can be dangerous during this time. The Wall Street Journal reports that people with excessive self-criticism can suffer from chronic depression and have serious relationship difficulties.
It's time to manifest your ideas, but not all at once. Instead, break down your ideas and then gradually start applying them.
Gradual application of your ideas will take deeper roots when the new moon blossoms in the earth sign of Virgo. Rearrange your reactions and change some elements in your lifestyle to make the most of this Virgin New Moon!
Your craving to achieve perfection could get you into trouble and drain you both physically and emotionally.
The quantum of this new moon is not an ordinary one. Instead of applying your ideas at once, break them up, just like mentos breaking that coke! Once you start breaking your ideas, you’ll see the fizz of your creativity spilling everywhere!

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