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How the Planetary Shifts in November 2023 Will Change You!

Planetary transits are transformative periods. These periods, though temporary, bring about drastic changes in our lives.

Various transits occur throughout the month. Transits overlap and, thus, create a complicated mosaic of changes that’s often difficult to comprehend.
Transits can be both relaxing and stressful. The nature of transits vary, and so do their effects on our mind and body. The subtle energies these transits send immensely transform us mentally and spiritually. Even the cells, the smallest unit of your body, are receptive to these changes and react according to these cosmic markers.
Wherever the planets jump during their transit, their sole purpose is to make us aware of our material and spiritual potential. Along with awakening our inherent potential, they give us a chance to understand the cosmic play that so heavily influences our lives.
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November 2023 Planetary Transit Key Dates and It's Effect On You

Saturn direct in Pisces
On November 4 at 3:02 a.m., Saturn turns direct at midnight in Pisces. Saturn is a strict disciplinarian, and Pisces is playful and unpredictable. With the polar opposites meeting, the crash is inevitable. The idea is to balance the sense of responsibility and keeping your inner child alive.
Saturn turning direct in Pisces is indeed a challenging time, but also a solid one to mature! Things can be great here if you get a grip of this energy, as your old ideas and structures will dissolve and create pathways for drastic transformations.
Last quarter moon in Leo
The last quarter of the Moon in Leo happens on November 5 at 3:37 am. About 49 per cent of the illuminated Moon shall be seen from the Earth. On this day, the Moon is around 22 days old. This is the best time to fish for admiration from others but also accept the criticism gracefully. Take extra care of your heart and circulation.
Venus enters Libra
Venus enters Libra on November 8 at 4:30 a.m.
The November 8 morning will set your charm on fire! But it's not just your charm, your wits, too, will flare up.
Your relationships could become the central point, and this will enable you to bring balance to your personal environment. Beauty, design, law, and symmetry shall allure you.
This cycle will also spruce up your need to maintain beneficial connections, promote collaborations, and remain firm (but gentle) in your mediation. While you’re willing to compromise, be careful not to overdo it or co-depend too much on others.
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Mercury in Sagittarius
Mercury enters Sagittarius on Nov 10 at 1:25 a.m.
You’ll turn direct not only in your approach but also in your words. Mercury is spontaneous, and Sagittarius is adventurous. The chatty Mercury trailing in sporty Sagittarius hints that we need to be extra cautious while communicating with others. Misunderstandings could mushroom out indifferently if we aren’t careful during this time.
Whether face-to-face conversations or communication via messages, it's all about making your words concise and direct.
New Moon in Scorpio
The new moon arrives on Nov 13 at 4:27 a.m. This cycle will bring about profound emotional transformation in us.
Introspection will take the front seat and re-examine yourself. Everything that you had kept hidden will come to the surface. This is the best time to break your old and cultivate healthier patterns.
This cycle will also inspire you to work towards uprooting old traumas and fears. Scorpio is all about exploring the hidden realms. The New Moon in this sign will catalyse a profound change leading you to explore the inner workings of your mind. Harnessing the energies this lunar phase brings, you can expand your horizons, increase your knowledge and make new beginnings.
First quarter moon in Aquarius
The first quarter moon is in Aquarius. This lunar phase happens on November 20 at 5:50 am. On this day, the moon is 7 days old. Your emotional relationship with yourself shall undergo some transformation. While you’ll be comfortable treading alone, you’ll understand your feelings better when you’re in a group. Watch out for your calves, ankles, chin, and thyroid hormones.
Sun enters Sagittarius
The bold Sun leaps into the adventurous Sagittarius on Nov 22 at 9:02 a.m. You’ll be upbeat and feel like doing something out of the box during this time.
The newfound freedom could take you to explore places, local bars and restaurants and plan fun nights with your friends. This is also when you’ll speak your mind without sugarcoating your words.
Get outdoors, re-work your routines, include more exercise and reset your energies to perform at your best.
Mars enters Sagittarius
Mars enters Sagittarius on Nov 24 at 5:15 a.m. Your love for adventure will take a new high. You will be spontaneous, open to new experiences, and resist getting into the shell.
It’s cool when Mars enters Sagittarius, but this cycle will make you act quickly. Get into the gear, but keep your brakes ready. You may set your sights too high, and this is where you could begin a thing but also be quick to shun it.
A Sagi Mars could make you antsy, and you might get bored quickly working on the same thing. Interact with people and look for intellectual stimulation. These will keep you in place and functional for Mars in the Sagi cycle.
Full Moon in Gemini
The full moon happens in Gemini on November 27 at 4:16 a.m. This cycle marks spontaneity and a deep need for change. Though it’ll be easier for you to express yourself, studying your feelings closely before you let them out is essential.
The Gemini Moon will make you talkative but also charming. You may come across as cold and detached, so be careful when dealing with people.
Gemini Moon is an excellent chance to synchronize your actions and emotions. Take extra care of your arms, shoulders, nervous, and respiratory systems.

Transits Are the Best Time to Fuel Your Inner Workings

Transits are like fireflies. Just like flashes of brief light, planetary transits give us an insight into our personal traits. Though for a brief moment, they shed light onto something- some dominant element that was there but yet hidden from your eyes. Be mindful of that moment and catch it! It's all about discovering who you are and navigating the toughest challenges.
Only adversity can forge you!
Transits are synonymous with personal growth. If you are open to them, they have so much to offer. In that confusing life mesh, transits equip you with powerful tools to nick open the net and set yourself free of all the past limitations and hindrances.
Transits could leave you in the lurch but, in the end, push you a step towards unveiling your real purpose.
They make ‘self-discovery’ a plausible term. Though we may feel it happens by chance, transits actually plan this ultimate discovery by helping us observe our thoughts and nudging us to act in the right direction.
The shift is tremendous, but only after it has turned your world upside down. Be it relationships, career choices or spiritual ascension, just like that glowing firefly, it transits around us at the moment, triggers our potential and enables us to become mindful of all that’s happening around us.