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November 8th Lunar Eclipse: Does it Impact Your Sign?

There are four eclipses in a year, occurring in pairs - one solar and one lunar, every 6 months. The first pair of eclipses occurred in April and March. The second and last pair of eclipses for 2022 was set for October and November. You’ve already been through the solar eclipse of the second pair in October. And the lunar eclipse is set to occur on November 8th.

The November 8th eclipse will be visible in certain regions of North America, East and North Europe, Australia, and Asia. The eclipse will begin at 02:02 AM and end at 07:21 AM ET. It will be totally visible from 04:16 AM to 05:41 AM
So if you were under the impression that you'd been through all the confusion and turmoil for 2022, then you may be in for a rude surprise or a pleasant shock! November is ready to shake and stir your life with a total lunar eclipse, and that too on a full moon day.
Use the energy of this eclipse to your full (moon) advantage to create more space for what you want to accomplish.
Full moons are an emotionally charged time for most people. The full moon highlights areas of your life that need a change, puts a focus on relationships that are not working, and shows you everything that’s redundant in your life. It asks you to let go of projects, people, habits, and places that are not in sync with your life anymore.
And eclipses bring change. These changes can be in the form of endings, new beginnings, or life-altering events that may force you to embark on a completely new path.
When one door closes, another door opens, but we often look so long and so regretfully upon the closed door that we do not see the ones which open for us.- Alexander Graham Bell

When the two- a full moon and an eclipse- are combined, they can bring a lot of chaos and disruption to your life. And since the upcoming eclipse on the 8th of November is a lunar eclipse, it may have a lasting impact on the aspects ruled by the moon - your emotions, moods, and your equation with your close family and friends.

The Details

As they say, the devil is in the details. In eclipses, too, the details matter. The impact of the eclipse tends to vary depending on whether it is a partial or total eclipse, whether it is visible in your region, and in which sign it is occurring and the signs it would impact most.
Generally, partial eclipses are not as havoc-wreaking as a total eclipse, eclipses that are visible in your region might be more powerful for you, and the eclipses occurring in or affecting your sign tend to have a far-reaching impact on you as compared to people from other Zodiac signs.
The eclipses of 2022 are occurring in Taurus and Scorpio. The solar eclipses are occurring in Scorpio and the lunar eclipses in Taurus. So, it is quite natural for both of these signs to feel the impact of the eclipse more than others. Since both of these signs are fixed, the other two fixed signs, Leo and Aquarius, will also feel the effects of the eclipse. If your lunar nodes fall in Taurus or Scorpio, or if any of your planets are placed in any of these signs or in close proximity to these signs, then you can expect to feel the full impact of the upcoming lunar eclipse.

The Impact of the Lunar Eclipse on the Fixed Signs

Since the main impact of the eclipse will be on the fixed signs, let’s take a look at how these will be affected..
Taurus (b) : You will feel the full impact of the eclipse. You may find yourself feeling more emotional, prone to mood swings, and a bit lethargic. All of this goes against your basic nature, making it a tad bit more challenging for you to get through the eclipse. The eclipse in the full moon could highlight issues in your relationships and how you respond to your own wants and desires. There’s a possibility of incurring additional unplanned financial expenses due to health issues or bad business decisions or suffering a financial loss resulting from poor investments or theft.
Undoubtedly, it is a lot. But if you keep your head down and let the full moon eclipse take its course without resisting it or refusing to change, it will be easier to find your footing once the eclipse has done its work.
Leo (e) : For you, the focus of the lunar eclipse will be on your professional life. You may find it harder than usual to concentrate on your work or manage your relationships with bosses and peers. Given your inherent leadership qualities, you might be looking forward to getting a more challenging role at work, which may bring you both promotion and monetary rewards. But this might not be the best time to put forth your demands to the management or seek out a better role elsewhere. It may be prudent for you to stick with your current role for the time being.
Ride out the eclipse by focusing on your current projects and giving them your best, like you always do. Try not to feel slighted or get into unnecessary arguments or discussions with colleagues or seniors in the run-up to the eclipse and a couple of days after.
Scorpio (h) : It’s the second full eclipse experience for you in two months! Like Taurus, the focus of this full moon eclipse will be on your relationships, both personal and professional. It may highlight areas that you need to focus on in your relationship and help you understand how the relationship affects you. Some questions you might be asking yourself are: 'Is this relationship good for me? Does it offer me the same respect, love, and care that I am giving it?'s And is it for the long haul?
If you want to move forward and be in the relationship long-term, you may want to understand your expectations and the non-negotiables of the relationship. Take some time to think it over, and after the storm has settled, find time to sit down and chart out a path with the other person. Define your wants, needs, desires, and boundaries, and ask them to do the same.
Aquarius (k) : Just like Taurus and Scorpio, the eclipse will focus on your relationships, specifically with your family—parents, siblings, spouse/partner, and children. Either you or your family members may go through a troubling time with regard to work, finances, or health, making the situation tense at home.
However, since the focus is on family relationships, the eclipse may teach you that if you support each other and stick together as a family, you can overcome the challenges and emerge as a stronger unit.
While these four signs are going to feel the full impact of the eclipse, Pisces, Cancer, Aries, and Sagittarius may feel a slight jolt. You must take extra care of your health, finances, and relationships during this period. Libra, Gemini, Virgo, and Capricorn might be able to get through the eclipse season without too much of a shake-up in their lives.

Conclusion #

So, are you ready for the last eclipse of 2022? Well, take a deep breath and let go of any resistance or fear of what will inevitably happen.

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