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Pluto Transits in Aquarius and Starts the Beginning of the New Era


We’re not sure if you have felt it already, but we feel it in our bones.
The world is transitioning.
Yes, transitioning and not just changing.
In fact, looking at the situation that we are about to discuss right now, ‘change’ as a word is too small and a cliche.
And that this one celestial event is about to shift everything for everyone.
It is the one astrological event that will end one era and take humanity into the next one.
People's focus is expected to change, and the world is likely to see and perceive things differently.
This change is anticipated to have a profound impact on the next two decades and all future generations who will experience it.
We’ll tell you everything about this…
But you’ve got to brace yourself and read this blog post till the end.

Breaking News:

On March 23, 2023, at 8:23 AM IST, Pluto enters Aquarius

Pluto’s transits are few and far in between. But whenever they happen, they bring extraordinary breakthroughs. These breakthroughs generally change the world.
And Pluto’s this transit is no different either…
For starters, a transit as such is happening after 245 long years.
Back in the day, when this happened, many life-changing discoveries took place. People changed, their preferences changed, and along with that, changed their lifestyles. Some of these transformations were:
  • It was a time of the French and American Revolutions. At that time, it kick-started the rapid, global and industrial movement.
  • The last time this transit happened was in 1777. During this transit in 1781, the eighth planet, Uranus, was seen for the first time by the telescope.
  • This was also the time when the monarchy started to lose influence in most parts of the world, and people started to put their faith in democracy.
  • The middle class of the world was getting a new definition and importance.
  • This was also when mankind introduced complex machines that ran on electricity. And thus, the seeds of the industrialization era were planted at this time.
  • Huge shifts were noted in the world consciousness, and big leaps were witnessed in economic movements.
All this is nothing but evidence that the world is not going to be the same moving forward when Pluto transits in Aquarius in March 2023.

What’s so special about Pluto transits?

First of all, let’s note the fact that Pluto is the last planet in the solar system. As a result, its orbital journey is vast.
So every step it takes in the zodiac circle is an event of the coming age.
For instance, Before stepping into Aquarius, Pluto was in the house of Capricorn for fifteen years. This, too, was a mega event in the world of astrology as it was happening after 800 years.
And even in the practical world, it brought huge, mind-boggling, never thought before kind of changes. Some of these events while Pluto was in Capricorn are -
  • Pluto made a transit in Capricorn in 2008. The world underwent the biggest financial crisis of the century after this.
  • People in positions of power, privilege, and authority were called out for their abuses. The multiple corruption cases, me too movements, the Black Lives Matter movement, and other such radical reforms were the result of Pluto being in Capricorn.
  • Governments across the world led and engaged in multiple warfares that resulted in countless death and destruction was a colossal effect of pluto being in Capricorn.
  • There were countless instances when the influence of Pluto in Capricorn was clearly evident. But to make it the most obvious, we can take the example of the prevalent cancel culture, which is much seen among the millennials and Gen Z.
That’s because Pluto is a planet of reforms, transformations, endings, and new beginnings. It also speaks about our addictions, our compulsions, our power struggles, our deep, dark desires, and our sexuality.
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What’s so special about Pluto transiting in Aquarius?

If Pluto in Capricorn made us face these hard truths, then it is normal to wonder about the upcoming turning points and their impact on our lives.
It is okay if you are a little worried thinking…
'What will happen in March 2023 when Pluto transits Aquarius?'
'And how will that impact our lives?'
But don't worry, we've got all the answers:
Aquarius is the house that represents humanity, justice, information, individuality, eccentricity, and personal freedom.
And when Pluto transits in Aquarius till 2044, you’ll see three major trends.

1. Overdependency on technology

With this transit of Pluto in Aquarius, we’re entering a new era of a global revolution. This is the time for financial prosperity derived from green, digital means. This will also be called the second industrial revolution.
For an instance, you will see many people inclined towards investing in digital sources like cryptocurrencies and Web3. For better or worse, AI will play a key role in almost all fields in every industry.
This will also be a time of e-revolution. That means more and more people will shift to using vehicles, gadgets, and equipment that runs on technology. The dependability of fossil fuels will drastically reduce in the coming twenty years.
This is also a time to keep upskilling yourself. So that you don’t lose your work, career, and sense of self in the face of layoff and numerous technological changes. In the upcoming technological era, we must adapt to and adopt tech as much as possible.
Seek collaboration with people and be open to sharing your ideas and projects. This is also the best time to work for the larger good of humanity.

2. Increase in digital, social, and political toxicity

Governments, authorities, and people, in general, are going to confront their power dynamics. And as the Internet, being a source of information, is looked after by Aquarius too, a lot of this will happen and will be seen online.
People will find out alternative and progressive ways of living that can manifest into major social movements. It may inspire a lot of individuality and self-love and can lead to the decentralization of community-based decision-making. So, be ready to witness some epic Twitter wars in the coming time.
On a personal level, we will all be forced to question our belief systems and values. And at the same time, be encouraged to let go of outdated philosophies and ideologies. This will also be a time of deep personal transformation and growth. So, you can break free from all your limiting thought patterns and embrace the new way of thinking.
At times, you may also feel helpless and vulnerable - That’s because Pluto is all about shaking the power struggles. When you feel like that, trust the process of your growth and transformation. At the same time, avoid being rigid and adopt a flexible mindset.

3. A new age of freedom and self-expression

Aquarius is a house of Uranus, which is the wild boy of astrology. His energy can not be tamed and harnessed. In that case, Pluto being in Aquarius would bring out a lot of complexity and unpredictability in people’s characters.
Moreover, Pluto is also known as the God of the underworld, as per roman mythology. This means that it represents the undercurrents of our personalities, which are often deemed as dark. So, if we put this into perspective, we can say that Pluto is all set to affirm our beliefs that run deep into our subconscious mind. Along with that, it may also drive us to act on our dark fantasies that we don’t openly share with the world.
Pluto in Aquarius is also going to bring up our deepest fears and insecurities. It is going to force us to transform ourselves and keep updated with the current times.

The best way to deal with Pluto’s energy is to work along with it and not fight against it. Now is not the right time to be stubborn, as it will keep you stuck and irrelevant in the changing world. On top of that, it will also exhaust you and keep you in a position of awkwardness.

You should note this one more important detail: Pluto’s last transit through Capricorn threw light on Capricorn’s shadow.

The same pattern is expected with Aquarius too.
Pluto’s transit through Aquarius will bring out the dark side of Aquarius. As a result, almost everyone will face problems around emotional detachment. Additionally, struggles around handling people’s rebellion will be seen. And lastly, futurism may also come to the surface among the mass everywhere across the world.
All in all, Pluto’s time in Aquarius will bring a lot of change on the global, social and personal levels. As far as your personal growth is concerned, it is a time to embrace new ways of being and living. During this time, be sure to have faith in the universe and be excited about what’s coming in the future.

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