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Saturn Retrograde in Pisces 2023 - Spruce Up Your Individuality!

What- Saturn Retrograde in Pisces
When- 17th June 2023- 4th November 2023
Changes the transit will bring in you- Stability, organization, patience, spiritual advancement

Hippocampus is a sea-horse-shaped structure located deep in our brains. Without getting much into the medical details of this fine structure, let’s get straight to the point.
What does this Hippocampus do?
It plays a primary role in creating memory, dreams and imagination.
Of the human brain, memory is a fascinating part, of course. But dreams and imagination have long been mysterious to astrologers, poets and artists alike.
In astrology, different planets govern various body parts. For instance, Mercury rules the nerves and the entire cerebrospinal system, Saturn holds sway over the Vagus nerve, bones and teeth, and Venus controls the genitals and the reproductive system, similarly a deep connection between Neptune and the hippocampus may not be denied.
Neptune rules Pisces. Of all the signs, Pisces is the most dreamy one. Represented by the two fish, one symbolizes reality, and the other speaks of fantasy. Pisces is also a highly sensitive sign, thanks to its lord Neptune.
If Pisces is an observer of beauty, Saturn is the purveyor of balance.
With these two fusing their energies, especially when Saturn goes retrograde, elegance becomes the ultimate panache.

The Initial Brawl and the Subsequent changes

Pisces rules water - as in all the water bodies. Besides ice, water, mist and rain, this delinquent sign also rules alcohol. Enhanced Piscean energies can lead to unreasonable cravings and temptations.
Pisces is the sign of impulse. Saturn is a powerful planet. In retrogression, it turns even more potent and disciplined.
And when Saturn goes retrograde in this sign, initially, you are bound to feel some tremors
Hippocampus, the mythical character, was half horse and half fish. These creatures were known for their ability to jump, speed and enhance your senses. With an apparent association between the hippocampus (in your brain) and Neptune, your temptations are bound to flare up. But with Saturn exerting a much stronger influence in its retrogression, it will alter your brain energies to seek control over your galloping desires.
So, don’t be surprised if you say no to a drink or refuse to devour your favorite pizza at an eatery. At least till the time Saturn lolls in retrograde, it will alter the otherwise naughty energies of the Pisces, making you more aware of your choices and behavioral patterns.

The Psychological Reformation

Dreams have transformational properties. Our souls feed on them. Call it dreams, fantasies, aspirations, imagination, creativity - call it anything, but this area, the ‘Secret Area’, keeps fueling our need to survive.
Dreams have tangible reality only if worked upon. Saturn in retrograde will give you an exact ability to provide structure to your dreams and imagination. Pisces is wishy-washy, while Saturn is tough and rugged. Pisces could sweep you off your feet, but that’s a stern possibility when Saturn is prepping up for retrograde.
Solid foundations will be laid during the time from June 17 to November 4. This time of approximately six months will give you the power to revisit your old ideas, change the habits that have been blocking your growth and weeding out the ‘excess’ of temptations that are burning holes in your talents.
Saturn retrograde in Pisces is indeed a time of psychological reformation. You’ll see your mental constitution alter and your intuitions get sharper. If you cheat or manipulate under the heavy influence of the inebriated Pisces, the retrograde Saturn will be too quick to catch you. So there's no escape! You’ll be nudged to change the ‘wrong things’ that you’ve been habituated to. Be it your eating patterns, a tendency to skip your daily workouts, procrastinating projects in hand, escaping confrontations, giving into your temptations - whatever it is, the retrograde Saturn will flush out all of these deeply- rooted things from your system.
And if you’re too entitled to your ‘imaginations’, the retrograde Saturn will soon shake you up and bang you to taste the reality around.
Remember we had said, “Saturn is the ‘purveyor of balance?” . It won’t tolerate anything in excess, especially when in retrograde, a slight tilt to either side of the scale will be sensed sharply by the retrograde Saturn. So like a trapeze artist who must always be mindful of his/her balance, Saturn will fling you towards equilibrium, no matter how restricting you may find it!
So, if Neptune bewitches you, eludes you and leads you astray, the backwards-lolling Saturn will kick you, ‘intuitive’ you, attenuate you (to the excesses of Pisces) and mature you emotionally.
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Practical Rituals to Embrace During Saturn Retrograde in Pisces


Meditating is the first and actually ‘compulsory’ ritual during Saturn retrograde in Pisces. Meditation could mean simply focusing on your breath, yoga, ta-chi, Zazen or chanting a simple mantra, it could be anything- anything that fits your inclinations. But meditate! Pisces is a mutable sign, while Saturn (in retrograde) is an even tougher planet. So, you've got to meditate to calm yourself while flying amidst the extremes of a soft sign and a rash planet.

Check your Overindulgence

Saturn in retrograde will abhor you if you get into any kind of over-indulgence. Be it drinking, eating or getting in bed with your partner - anything that places your senses needs good control. With control, we do not mean forceful slashing or suppression of your pleasures. But refrain from going overboard. Instead, channel the excess of your energies into artistic pursuits. Any construction activity that you choose to do during this transit will give a boost to your talents

Write your thoughts

Calm or tumultuous - you could be experiencing a range of emotions during this time. Though there are higher chances of you undergoing tumultuous emotions as the retrograde Saturn is hammering vital changes in the Piscean waters. If something is churning in your head, write it down on a piece of paper or in a journal. Writing will purge out toxicity - something that the retrograde Saturn really loves.

Follow your routine

To follow your routine, firstly change your routine (if your routine has been toxic!). The Saturn retrograde doesn’t expect huge changes. Plus Pisces is all about beginning with small changes. So bring minor changes like exercising for about 20 minutes, cutting down the excess of spices in your diet, eating more of fruits/vegetables, practicing meditation - such small changes without fail will please the Piscean retrograde Saturn.

Work on your imagination

Dreams do come true, provided you work on them. If the Piscean energy gives you some fantastic ability to dream, then the retrograde Saturn is imbuing you with the foundation to crystallize your dreams. Again, don’t plunge into working on your imagination. Become aware of your abilities and take small (but consistent) steps towards your aspirations. Remember the Seahorse, and its Neptunian connections! Your efforts will gradually speed up and flow, but it should come from you first.

Check your water intake

Saturn is a binding planet. It has the power to retain fluids. In its retrograde state, Saturn becomes even more powerful and might lead to heavy water retention in your body. It's crucial to check your water intake. Cut down on alcohol, beverages and other soda pops. Plain and pure water is the best remedy for the physical and psychological changes this transit is whacking into you

Spend time near water bodies

Going to seashores, surfing or playing water sports - it could be anything. The balancing and emotional maturation during the Saturn retrograde in Pisces could burn you out. Sitting beside the water bodies will lower your stress and lift your mood. Walk along the shorelines to feel happier even as the Saturn retrograde could plunge you into isolation.
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The Parting Shot

Pisces resists definition, while Saturn loves sticking to tradition.
Pisces is an emotional sign, while Saturn has much to do with pragmatism.
The combination of retrograde Saturn in Pisces can act as a great karmic booster. For the coming months, you’ll have to minutely examine your actions at the gross level and thoughts on the subtler levels.
Pisces is the ‘Natural Philosopher’, your agony aunt. The Piscean Saturn retrograde is the best time to stabilize your emotions. For the coming six months, you’ll get ample opportunities to work on your potential
Saturn retrogression could be a choppy time initially. But as you sail through, the phase will start shifting the dark and heavy logs in your mind
Let’s admit - it will be a teaching phase. And a tough one!
You’ll learn among people and learn when isolated. Your spirit could break, only to be rebuilt later! Both Saturn and Pisces have coalescing properties.
Together, their energies will bind and coalesce your confidence forming one big system, only to be used later to stir up your inner-self. So let yourself loose and experiment with your caliber. If at all you fall, the retrograde Saturn’s creates a strong lattice to contain you and fuel your rebounce.

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