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How To Get Through Your Saturn Return? A Complete Survival Guide

saturn return
In astrology, Saturn is considered to be one of the most feared planets. It is known to be a tough taskmaster, a strict teacher, and a ruthless disciplinarian. Ruled by Capricorn, Saturn is associated with law and order, justice, history, and tradition.
In people, it rules the less fortunate, laborers, the disabled, and the elderly. It also governs over your professional lives, goals, and aspirations.

During its periods or reigns, Saturn presents you with many lessons to test your mettle, ethics, and discipline. Through these life experiences, the taskmaster sees how you manage the challenges presented to you.
For example: Do you take shortcuts or do you take the ethical route? Do you slack off or carry on with conviction and discipline? Do you lose your temper or do you manage to keep calm even in the eye of the storm? Do you respect people from all walks of life or do you only show regard to those who can do something for you?
If you work hard, keep calm, stay patient, treat everyone you meet with respect, and deal ethically, Saturn rewards you. If not, then it may send tougher challenges and life situations your way.
Since Saturn also rules over Karma, you may be rewarded or challenged based on your previous actions, lifestyle, and behavior.

What is Saturn Return?

Saturn Return is the exact time Saturn returns to the location it was in at the time of your birth. Since Saturn is a slow-moving planet, it takes around 27 to 30 years to complete this cycle.
So you generally go through your first Saturn Return between the age of 27 to 30 years. The second one occurs during the age of 57 to 60 years. And, another third one happens at 87 to 90 years of age.
Usually, a person with a normal life span may go through two Saturn Returns. And, each of them comes at a very crucial point of time in life. During the first one, you may have just begun to settle in your career, you may be recently married, or thinking of getting married, and may be in the process of building a home. During the second Saturn Return, you may be on the verge of retirement, settling your children, and planning for your old age.
More often than not, during the Saturn Return, your plans may be disrupted. What you thought was surely to happen may not happen at all or may not take place the way you thought it would. It is a time for great change.
Saturn tends to remove the unnecessary from your life, if you’re on the wrong path - then it may encourage or force you to change your plans - it could be related to your career, where you are living, whom you may want to spend your life with, or your lifestyle. It may even change your personality.
For example, if you are brave - it may create fears, if you are strong - it may highlight your vulnerability; if you are generous - you may find yourself becoming frugal; if you have a temper - you may find that you have learned to tame it; and vice-versa.
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How to Get Through the Saturn Return?

Now for the main question! How does one get through the toughest time of life, a period that questions and challenges your belief system, a time that may rip you apart and put you together anew, making you a stranger to yourself?
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Here are some things that can help you deal with the challenges the Saturn Return may bring you

1. Understand Your Saturn
To know how to conquer something, you need to understand it, its strengths, weaknesses, and main personality traits. In Astrology, apart from its own personality traits, each planet is also influenced by the house it is located in and the sign it is located in. So to manage and overcome the challenges that Saturn may bring you during its Solar Return, you need to first understand Saturn and its characteristics in your birth chart.
Find out which house Saturn is located in, which sign it is in, what is its nature - is it positive or negative, strong or weak, are there any other planets that are placed in the same house as Saturn, and how it reacts with them. This information will help you understand the impact Saturn may have in your life and how it could influence major life events.
2. Build a Routine
The taskmaster planet is all about routine and schedules. Hence, if you want to get through this tricky period, build a routine for yourself. Set yourself a time for everything - work, play, sleep, and food. Try to make sure you follow this schedule with sincerity.
3. Be Responsible
If you want to please Saturn, then learn to be responsible in all aspects of your life whether it is personal, professional, or as a member of the community. Think before you make a promise to anyone and if you do, then try to make sure you keep your word. Don’t shy away from your responsibilities and fulfill your duties with honesty and integrity. Make sure you don’t hurt or harm anyone through your words or actions.
4. Don’t Resist Change
If you’re on the wrong path or not following your life’s purpose, then Saturn will create situations that may force you to change your path. This could mean a change of direction in your career, education, personal life, or thought process.
If you willingly follow the path that appears or changes that are asked of you during this time, the process will be comparatively easier to handle.
However, if you resist the path Saturn shows you, then you may have to undergo further trials and tribulations till you make and accept the required change.
5. Be Honest
There is a reason why it is said honesty is the best policy. It keeps you out of trouble and prevents you from being punished when your lies are caught. This saying could not be more true than when dealing with Saturn.
The strict teacher values honesty, ethics, and integrity above all else. If you’ve lived your life on principles, conducted yourself with honesty, and been ethical in all your dealings, the Saturn Return period may be relatively kind to you. However, if you’ve been dishonest or unethical, then this time may bring you some tough lessons.
6. Learn to Manage Stress
The upheaval caused by Saturn Return is bound to bring you anxiety and stress. The sooner you learn to manage it the easier it will be for you to get through this transit. If you get overwhelmed with it, then you may even suffer from depression and other mental and emotional issues.
Some things that you can do is - practice meditation, inculcate the habit of prayer, learn forgiveness, include exercise in your daily schedule, and not expect instant gratification or fulfillment of demands.
7. Respect Your Gurus, Parents, and Everybody
Another thing that Saturn is very particular about is respect. Learn to behave respectfully towards everyone in your life, irrespective of their status or the value they bring to you. Be very mindful of how you speak to your teachers, gurus, parents, and other elders. Disrespecting them or causing them pain in any way will displease Saturn and create trouble for you.
8. Forgive
Holding on to grudges or being bitter or vindictive is an easy way to irk Saturn. Learn to forgive past hurts and the people who may have caused you pain. Avoid getting into a cycle of revenge and petty vendetta. Instead, try to grow and learn from those situations so that you emerge stronger.
9. Work Hard
This entire period is about instilling discipline and a positive attitude towards your work. And, freeing you from any laziness, procrastination, or complacency that you may have developed over time. This is also not the time to build castles in the air or daydream.
If you do have an aspiration or a dream, then the only way to go about achieving it is to work hard for it. Because Saturn will test your determination towards your goals. If you falter in the exam, then you may not be able to achieve everything you’ve set your sights on. Alternatively, if Saturn feels this is not your path, then be ready to tackle a new goal.

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