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See How Do You Overcome Your Fears Based on Your Zodiac Signs

Fear can be crippling. It can derail a completely good day, a loving relationship, a promising project, or simply keep you from taking the risk that can change your life for the better. While being scared to do or of something once in a while is human, but constantly being plagued by fear or not being able to overcome it can come in the way of living life to its full capacity.

So, how do we deal with phobias and fears that tend to have a stronghold over our lives? Some of us retreat to the shadows until we can gain some semblance of control over our racing hearts or disappointments, some turn to friends and family, and others try to keep on going despite the anxiety.
Over time, we understand and recognize our fears and, with some trial and error, develop a coping mechanism for them.
If you’re still fumbling in the dark, wondering how to drive away the monsters in your head, then, like for all other things in life, take guidance from how your zodiac sign deals with fear. And, then, build your own techniques and methods to help you win against your fears.

Here’s how the zodiac signs can conquer their fears

Overcoming Fear as an Aries a

Aries, afraid? Sounds impossible. But, fear is known to reside even in the most courageous of hearts, and the Aries is no exception. They like to be in charge of things, be the focal point of attention, and be successful at whatever they undertake.
For the Aries, fear of losing control and failing is most crippling. To overcome this fear, they should build a strong team to whom they can delegate some of their work and learn how to ask for help when they need it.

Overcoming Fear as an Taurus b

The strong bull is particular about how it leads its life, status, comfort, home, and family. These things ground the Taureans, boost their confidence, and support them in charging ahead. So, it is natural that losing these is their most common fear.
They can conquer their anxieties by setting aside a tidy sum for the rainy day and learning to take life as it comes - a day at a time - the good with the bad. They must understand that their value is not limited to worldly achievements and material possessions.

Overcoming Fear as an Gemini c

The twins are social and curious folks. The solitude and a routine life are their biggest fears. They can defeat their fears by purposefully building in some lone time once a day in their daily routine.
They can use this time to get comfortable with spending time by themselves and explore things that may not necessarily require adventure, a party, or a trip around town! Since they love to read, the Geminis can build this habit to give them company when they are alone or feeling bored.

Overcoming Fear as an Cancer d

The emotional and sensitive crab is all about relationships. Cancerians spend a lot of time and energy caring for the people in their lives. All they want in return is that their circle of family and friends to love and accept them for who they are. Non-acceptance is the biggest fear that Cancerians suffer from.
They can overcome this fear by practicing detachment and not attaching their self-worth to others. They will do better by developing confidence and believing that they’re awesome whether people like them or not!

Overcoming Fear as an Leo e

The supremely confident lion likes to be the life of the party and the center of attention wherever it goes. Their biggest fear also stems from this. They worry that they may become irrelevant or people may not pay attention to them or they might lose their flock of followers.
The mighty lions can defeat their fears by finding more opportunities to connect with new people or people who are not from their network. Since not many people will know them in the new group, they would need to put in some effort to get the attention and appreciation they are used to within their own network.
Given their winning personalities, this won’t prove to be too hard for them, and it will make them realize that natural charisma and leadership traits can never be overlooked. Of course, they will have to add some substance to it by acquiring knowledge and keeping it up to date!

Overcoming Fear as an Virgo f

The practical and meticulous Virgo has one big fault - a never-ending quest for perfection! The thought of not being able to do a task in the best way possible or not being successful can pull them down.
They can overcome this fear of not meeting expectations or levels of perfection set by them or by someone else for them by letting their hair down a bit. By giving themselves some space to be imperfect or just okay. It will not only ease the stress they carry around 24*7 but will also provide some much-needed relief to their family, friends, and colleagues.

Overcoming Fear as an Libra g

The romantic Librans have one major fear, that of having to go through life without a doting partner. Librans like to work in a partnership; they yearn to build a home and have a family.
They can conquer their fear of being alone by cultivating meaningful friendships, developing hobbies, and learning to see themselves as a complete person with or without a romantic partner.

Overcoming Fear as an Scorpio h

While the Scorpions are sensitive and emotional people, they are also extremely protective about their personal life and do not like to share their innermost feelings with others. Their biggest concern is that their trust might be broken or their personal information misused.
To prevent this from happening, they prefer to spend their time by themselves or with their close circle of family and friends. However, these isolating tendencies are not healthy.
To overcome their fears of their privacy being breached, Scorpios need to learn to compartmentalize their relationships. Few close and tried and tested people to have important and private conversations with and others with whom they can meet up to unwind and have some good, clean fun.

Overcoming Fear as an Sagittarius i

It’s all about freedom for the archers. They need to have complete control over their personal space and their life. They want to be able to go where they want, with whomever they want, and whenever they want. If this freedom is taken away from them, they start to feel suffocated. So, it is natural that their biggest fear is losing freedom.
They can control this fear by committing themselves to a cause or activity which needs to be done regularly at a specific time. So, even though they are free, this kind of commitment will help them get rid of their anxieties regarding commitment and losing their freedom.

Overcoming Fear as an Capricorn j

The competitive goat loves success and achievements. One cannot even imagine a mediocre life or failure. So, actually going through it is their biggest nightmare. Since they are generally hard-working folks, the probability of failure is low. But, it is still a crippling fear for them.
To deal with it, the Capricorns can take up some activities where participation matters more than the results and learn to go with the flow. When they do this, they will be better equipped to deal with any setbacks in their personal or professional lives.

Overcoming Fear as an Aquarius k

Like the Sagittarians, Aquarians are also fond and protective about their freedom. Their biggest fear is of losing control over their life.
Hence, they, too can benefit from mindfully practicing a little loss of freedom by committing some of their time and energy to activities that they might not choose naturally. It can be just an hour a day. This will help them handle the anxiety that crops up when they feel stifled.

Overcoming Fear as an Pisces l

The dreamers of the zodiac are sensitive and gentle people. Their fears are a combination of Libra’s concerns about not finding the “one” and Crab's anxiety over unacceptance.
They can counter their doubts by building self-confidence and by practicing some self-care. Once they start loving themselves and interacting confidently with people around them, they’ll realize just how much people love their company.
We all have fears. But they should not stop us from living our life. When we consciously decide to give our best each day and let the results be what they will be, we’ll take away the oxygen that strengthens our fears.

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