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What Vibe You Carry! The Influence of Your Signature Sign In Astrology

What’s your astrological sign? Pisces, Taurus, or Aries? In the bunch of twelve mysterious signs, you could be swaying under the realm of any of these, but are you able to totally identify yourself with the characteristics that your zodiac sign portrays?
‘NO’, because undeniably, a human wears many masks!

What Is a Signature Sign In Astrology?

Think you could be a Piscean and feel more like that Bull on rage, or you could be a Lion by zodiac but feel sultry and steamy like the cryptic Scorpio! Signature signs here could help us decipher who you are at the core.
How do you look at things, what do you perceive of other people, and how do you make your choices? The answers to all of these basic but intriguing questions could lie in your Signature signs.
The signature sign determines your unique expression. It makes you the ‘Very You’!
Let’s say you’re a Sagittarius by Zodiac, but your friends see you as someone more organised and guess you to be a Virgo! What you are and what you portray are starkly different things and could fairly confuse people around you.
Here, you derive your vigour from your zodiac, Sagittarius but spin around the energies that resemble the sign of Virgo.
Signature signs have a powerful hold over your aura. Your signature sign will pump out traits of a specific sign that permeates your existence, and you, too, will be able to relate to these traits more than you do with your actual zodiac sign.
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How to find your Signature Sign?

Let’s see how you can calculate your signature sign and how it can affect you in your actual life!
The three modalities and four elements are two integral elements while you calculate your signature sign.
Three Modalities - Cardinal, Fixed, and Mutable.
Astrological signs follow a certain rhythm and exhibit specific traits. These three modalities connote the seasons - first, the season sets in, then solidifies in the middle and prepares to change in the end.
Let’s check these modalities and their peculiar characteristics.
Cardinal - Cardinal signs are Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn. These four signs mark the beginning of the cycle - the true initiation and rise of the spirit. These signs reflect the urge to act - and come to the realization of a goal through a definite process.
Fixed - The four fixed signs are Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius, and Taurus. These signs are sandwiched between the cardinal and mutable signs. These signs symbolize fixity - the sheer determination to apply your ideas and stick to them, no matter what. Deep down, these signs signify the immense belief in your goals and to take them to their ultimate destination.
Mutable - Mutable signs are Sagittarius, Pisces, Gemini, and Virgo. These signs emphasize that it’s time to change. The season began, it solidified in the middle phase, and now, in the end, it must gradually transform into another one to push the eternal cycle into its continuity. These four signs, thus, symbolize the resilience and the sheer force which laid down the rule that ‘change is permanent’.
After the modalities, the four elements become essential while looking for your signature sign.

The Elements - Air, Water, Earth, and Fire

Air 💨 - Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius.
Air is the subtlest of all four elements. This element enables the movement of ideas and gives us that space to make connections. Air brings about communication, healing, and also confusion. Our breath, too, is the air that connects our body with our mind.
Air is all about manifesting your ideas and kick-starting interesting conversations.
Fire 🔥 - Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius.
Fire element is all about igniting your passions and getting things done. It is the catalyst that enables you to translate your thoughts into action! Adventure, serendipity, and zeal are the keywords that relate to the element of fire.
Fire, on the whole, connotes raw energy, strength, and power.
Water 💧- Scorpio, Cancer, and Pisces.
Water is the most loving element of all the four. It connotes the idea that free flow is greater than rigidity - that surrender to the ‘Higher Power’ could possibly play a larger role in our lives.
Water chiefly connects with emotions - both expressed and hidden. It is water that sustains us and soothes our soul. Water teaches us to ‘let go’ and move on.
Earth 🌍 - Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn.
Earth is the grossest of all four elements. It denotes the quality of ‘being deeply rooted’. Now, the question arises deeply rooted in what? Here, it’s to be deeply rooted in the ‘Self’!
Like those roots forever in search of water, the earth element signifies the innate human desire for security - something permanent. If the air is movement, fire - intuition, and water- surrender, then the earth is the ultimate ‘sthiti’ - the solid establishment in your real Self- that’s totally content and ‘whole’.

Fire Signs - Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius 🔥

Aries - Fire + Cardinal ️
Exciting, explorer, and fun to be around! That’s what you are - a sheer genius and an enthusiastic performer. You don’t mind rambling through things that are totally new and dangerous.
You truly have fire in your head, and absolutely nothing can match up to you when you’re all charged up.
If Aries is your signature sign, then you are instinctively driven by your passion, spontaneity, creativity, and competition. With that bulk of energy crazily spilling all around, you just know how to have fun with life and excel at the same time.
With the sign Aries having a humungous impact on your character, you’ll inevitably grab that sumptuous slice of life and inspire others to do the same.
Leo - Fire + Fixed
Glamour and drama surround you - and at all times! With Leo as your signature sign, you carry wit that’s sharp to bear and confidence that’s hard to handle.
Your panache can cause enough bewilderment, but at the core- you’re a compassionate human. You never seem to lose your optimism, even when the currents are flowing against you. Children love you, and you’re popular among your peers.
The courage and pride that you carry make you the protector of the underdog. As a person, you are bossy, regal, and dynamic. You truly carry fire in your heart.
Sagittarius - Fire + Mutable ️
Curiosity and team spirit drive you. While you are an absolute philosopher, your funny side can have healing effects on people.
The fire chiefly runs through your hips, thighs, and sciatic nerves, making you super-active; wonder that you may have a ‘restless leg syndrome’! You want to know the ‘why’ of all things and can get to the core of subjects/people and all that you love.
Rebellious by nature, you aren’t someone who’ll accept traditions blindfolded. There are points when you may come across as an aloof bystander, and at other times - you just won’t skip a chance to show your kindness to a child on the street.

Earth Signs - Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn 🌍

Taurus - Earth + Fixed️
Taurus is a sign of beauty. When this is your signature sign, you’ll feel beautiful and in perfect harmony.
Your love for all that is warm and homely is evident in the way you lead your life. Fine wines, fluffy slippers, knitted scarves, expensive art, cozy bed sheets - you love all those items that spruce up your lifestyle.
However, your signature sign also makes you a bit bull-headed! Not the one easy to budge - you’re tough enough to keep your opinions high.
Your vibrations calm the other people. As a fixed earth sign, you’re deeply connected with your roots and are driven by your faith.
Virgo - Earth + Mutable ♍️
Your pragmatism and skill of analysis can bowl people over. You have an eye for detail, and that’s where you can turn a harsh critic.
Talk of perfection, and people think of the Virgo traits that you display so prominently. You’re driven by your logic, hard work, and sheer modesty. Your people - whether family, friends, or colleagues, know you as a perfect planner. Be it handling a big-budget project or a personal party, you do it all with ease.
You know how to retain relationships, are situationally aware, and can make decisions with ease. As a mutable earth sign, you are adaptable and have a realistic impression of yourself.
Capricorn - Earth + Cardinal ️
You know Pierre Cardin, the French fashion designer, said, “I have a name, and have to take advantage of it”. We really need not wonder, for we know for sure it’s the same for you!
You have an aura through which you radiate a deep commitment to your work and goals. As far as people are concerned, you invest a hundred per cent of yours to make things work. Whether in work or relationships, your devotion is irrevocable.
As an old-school person, you may come across as someone rigid in his/her ideas. Capricorn, being a cardinal earth sign, fills you with enthusiasm and strongly connects you with your family traditions.

Water Signs - Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces 💧

Cancer - Water + Cardinal ️
You have this entire charcuterie of emotions on board - and at times, these emotions may lay bare before people. With Cancer being your trademark sign, your emotions are your strongest point, though you could get a little mushy at times.
Your mood fluctuates like that of a waxing and waning Moon - but let us tell you that you display an unwavering sense of empathy. You have the knack of observing your environment and the people around you.
As a cardinal water sign, you love nurturing, are self-aware and manage to live fully in the present.
Scorpio - Water + Fixed ️
We all know how lethal your sting is and with what velocity it can strike the offender! “Still waters run deep” is something that’s so apt for someone like you who markedly displays Scorpionic traits.
You know how to hush controversial things and slide everything under the carpet. As a Scorpio signature, you are shy and love to be solitary. Though you would never choose to word your feelings, your enchanting eyes say it all! Though a power-hungry individual by nature, you somehow manage to develop soulful connections with your chosen few.
As a fixed water sign, you are intensely original in your ideas and know the art of breeding in dynamic creativity.
Pisces - Water + Mutable ️
You have a Piscean tone, which is why you have a sharply developed intuition. You’re carrying the vibe of the last zodiac and, thus, may exhibit a profound understanding of philosophy, art, and the occult.
You could be a little secretive but could easily vent out in the arms of your lover. Pisces as your signature sign gives you a natural ability to innovate and break conventions. 'Going beyond’ is your mantra, and this is where you may blur the line between dreams and reality.
Fishes are vibrant but also slippery! So, as a mutable water sign, you’re highly benevolent but not without that smack of belligerence kept hidden in your box.

Air Signs - Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius 💨

Gemini - Air + Mutable ️
Wit is your key trait, and you gotta thank your signature sign, Gemini, for that. You are a total head-turner and know how to impress people.
A beautiful speaker and a passionate seeker - Gemini gives you an exceptional aura. There are times when your mood might oscillate, but you just seem to kick things back in balance. Gemini also makes you expressive. You are a quick learner and smart enough to find your own way. You are the right mix of curiosity and adaptability.
For you, changes are beautiful, and you usher them in to make things better. Yes, this sign does make you a bit anxious, but it also adds to your panache that bowls people over.
Libra - Air + Cardinal ♎️
Libra is a sign of development and refinement. With this sign as your signature one, it makes you elegant, subtle, and a true seeker of beauty. You just can’t miss a refined human or an excellent piece of art.
A clever one around, you can tactfully bring warring parties together, is a fearless problem solver, and can make peace effortlessly.
Not the one to be shepherded, you’d rather choose to lead- and lead by example! Libra as your signature sign could surely make you anxious and give you a vacillating mind - but you’re every bit beautiful and charismatic.
Aquarius - Air + Fixed ️
Radical, unorthodox, and experimental - that’s what your signature sign Aquarius makes you!
A pure unconventional by nature, you aren’t the one to fall prey to any kind of enclosures that curb your flight. More than your individual gains, it’s the betterment of the whole society that appeals most to you.
Be it math, pure science, or a new invention around - you kinda seem to know it all. While you’re receptive to the pain of humankind, there are times when you may come aloof to your own people.
A pure Brainiac around you might turn overanalytical at times. As a fixed air sign, you are wild, recalcitrant, and a firm believer in your ideologies.

Conclusion #

Deciphering your signature sign can give you a sneak peek into your personality thought pattern and the energy with which you gyrate. On a deeper level, understanding your signature sign can help you rectify your behavior, cultivate your positive traits, and weed out the negative ones.

For instance, if your signature sign is Libra, then you have an amazing sense of justice, but you might have difficulty making decisions. Once you’re clear about your strengths and weaknesses - you can choose your course accordingly.

Working on your signature sign will enable you to settle in your own skin and accept the way you are - but also leave enough room for self-improvement!