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The Essential Dignity of Planets: Are the Planets Happy in Your Birth Chart?

Just like us, planets, too, have a happy place and a comfort zone. And, just like us, they too get annoyed and irritated when put in uncomfortable situations or made to interact with Zodiac signs they do not like or be in places they are uncomfortable. And just as our temper, mood, and demeanour impact those in our proximity, the planet's mood impacts us and our life.

What is the Essential Dignity of Planets?

In simple words, essential dignity is the happiness quotient of the planets.
The essential dignity of planets is the nature of a planet’s energy and the quality of the results it gives when placed in a certain Zodiac sign. There are five types of essential dignity: Domicile + Detriment, Exalted + Fall, Triplicity, Terms or Bounds, and Decan or Face.
The type of essential dignity a planet displays depends on its relationship with the Zodiac sign it is placed in and the degree in which it is located in the sign.
For example, when a planet is placed in its ruling sign, it is said to be in domicile. In this sign, it is most comfortable and happy. Hence when in domicile, a planet's positive qualities or strengths are activated. Its essential dignity is strongest in this placement, and the planet is encouraged to give positive results or outcomes.
When a planet is located in a friendly sign, its essential dignity is still strong but not as strong as in its ruling sign. In this position, its essential dignity is exalted. But here also, since it is comfortable, its strengths and positive qualities are activated.
Similarly, when a planet is in a sign opposite to its ruling sign or in an unfriendly sign, its essential dignity is weakened and is said to be either detrimental or fall. In this position, the planet's positive strengths are not able to give the desired results. And its negative energy or weaknesses tend to be more visible.

The table given below will help understand the strength of the planets’ essential dignity in different Zodiac signs
Planet Home/Domicile Exalted Detriment Fall
Sun Leo Aries Aquarius Libra
Moon Cancer Taurus Capricorn Scorpio
Mercury Gemini & Virgo Virgo Sagittarius & Pisces Pisces
Venus Libra & Taurus Pisces Aries & Scorpio Virgo
Mars Scorpio & Aries Capricorn Taurus & Libra Cancer
Jupiter Sagittarius & Pisces Cancer Gemini & Virgo Capricorn
Saturn Capricorn & Aquarius Libra Cancer & Leo Aries
Uranus Aquarius Scorpio Leo Taurus
Neptune Pisces Leo Virgo Capricorn
Pluto Scorpio Aries Taurus Leo

The Outcome of the Planets in Domicile and Exalted Position

We know when a planet is in its ruling zodiac sign it is said to be in domicile or at home. And, when it is in a friendly sign, it is said to be exalted. These positions give special strength to the planet and activate its positive qualities and strengths. Each planet has its own ruling sign and Zodiac signs which boost its positive energies.

1. Sun A

The Sun is at home in Leo and exalted in Aries. This shining star rules your personality and confidence and bestows qualities such as leadership, energy, willpower, power, and respect.
When the Sun is placed in Leo, its domicile sign, these qualities get a boost. And, when it is in Aries, its exalted sign, you are blessed with boundless energy.

2. Moon B

The Moon is domicile in Cancer and exalted in Taurus. The gentle, sensitive, and emotional Moon rules your moods and emotions. If it is in Cancer, its ruling sign, in your birth chart, then you have an awareness of your moods and emotions and how to express them in a mature manner.
In case your Moon is in its exalted sign, then you are emotionally stable, sensitive, and generally do not have wild mood swings.

3. Mercury C

The planet of communication, is in domicile in Gemini and Virgo. And it is exalted in Virgo. Mercury bestows you with strong communication skills, intelligence, and a good education. So if your Mercury is in its home sign, you find it easy to communicate with people from all walks of life intelligently.
And, an exalted Mercury is both in its home sign and its exalted sign, so you get a double benefit. You will not only be a brilliant communicator but will also be able to take the required action.

4. Venus D

This is one of the planets that can make the quality of your life better if it is in its ruling sign or exalted. Known as the planet of love and beauty and the ruler of all luxuries and fine things, Venus has two domicile signs.
If it is in Libra, it gives you wonderful relationships - personal and professional. And, if it is in Taurus, you will get to experience all the pleasures that the world has to offer.
Venus, in its exalted sign, is quite good too. If located in Pieces, it becomes a harbinger of good fortune and boosts your love life and artistic pursuits.

5. Mars E

The planet of courage and action, is in domicile in two signs - Scorpio and Aries. In Scorpio, Mars takes on its passionate and bold nature. If you have this placement, you can have the courage and the energy to pursue your goals or relationship (as the case maybe!).
And if you have an Aries placement, you will have immense energy and self-respect, nothing will be able to stop you once you put your mind to it!
In Capricorn, its exalted sign, Mars will give you the tenacity, practicality, and leadership traits of the Goat. Not much will be able to keep you from realising your aspirations and dreams.

6. Jupiter F

This is another planet that has the capacity to make your life manifolds better if it is in its home sign or exalted position. Known as the bestower of luck, good fortune, prosperity, luxury, power, status, and happiness, Jupiter’s ruling signs are Sagittarius and Pisces. If located in Sagittarius, it gives a boost to the sign’s desire for adventure and learning.
It creates avenues for you to travel and explore new places, cultures, and ideas and enhance your knowledge. In Pisces, the grand Jupiter is literally at “home”. It allows you to live a peaceful life.
In Cancer, its exalted sign, Jupiter amplifies the crab’s kindness, allowing you to help and support those less fortunate than yourself.

7. Saturn G

The taskmaster and stern Saturn is ruled by Capricorn and Aquarius. And, it is exalted in justice-loving Libra. If placed in the hardworking and practical Capricorn, you will be tenacious and have the energy and drive to go after your goals and achieve success.
In the innovative Aquarius, you will get the foresight to think and execute ideas for the greater good.
And, when justice-loving Saturn is in its exalted sign, the justice-loving Libra, then needless to say, you will be just, principled, ethical, and honest in all your dealings.

8. Uranus H

The planet of change, innovation, and awakening, is ruled by who else but the ingenious Aquarius and the In its home sign, Uranus motivates you to adapt to a more liberal and modern way of life.
Uranus is exalted in Scorpio, the sign of destruction and transformation. So if your Uranus is in its exalted sign, you can expect a lot of change, transformation, and elimination of redundant things, beliefs, and relationships from your life.

9. Neptune I

The planet of spirituality, intuition, and compassion. It is at home in the dreamy and sensitive Pisces. In its domicile sign, Neptune makes you dreamy and boosts your creativity. And, it is exalted in Leo. In this position, it gives you the lion’s extroverted nature and vibrant energy.

10. Pluto J

The planet of death, rebirth, and transformation, Pluto is ruled by the mysterious Scorpio. In its domicile sign, Pluto helps you to destroy the parts of yourself that do not serve any purpose or create hurdles in your growth and enables you to build a better you.
In its exalted sign, the fiery and action-oriented Aries, Pluto motivates you to bring much-needed change through well-thought-out plans executed on time.

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