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Understanding Your Karmic Debt Through Numerology

Numbers have an important role to play in the story of our lives. They have specific energy and meanings attached to them. Each number that is associated with us, such as our date of birth, a total of our name, house number, mobile number, etc., influences our lives in some way or the other.

Numerology uses our personal numbers, such as our date of birth and the total of our names, to calculate some important numbers that impact our lives. Some of these numbers are our life path number, our destiny number, and our karmic debt number. The life path number tells us about our personality and defines the kind of life experiences we will have. And the destiny number, as the name suggests, helps us understand our purpose in life. You can use our Free Numerology Calculator to know your Life Path Number, Personality Number, and Expression Number. Karmic debt numbers are just as important as the other two. Let’s take a look at what they are and how they affect us.

What is the Karmic Debt Number?

The karmic debt number is related to our karma—our past life actions and the result thereof. Karmic debt occurs when we need to course correct and do penance for a wrong deed done in our past life. The karmic debt will occur in every lifetime till we don’t correct our behaviour and actions. Karmic debt numbers tell us what our karmic debt is and how we can correct it to free our soul from the debts of past life.

How to Calculate the Karmic Debt Number?

Calculating the karmic debt number is easy. Just follow the steps given below to know your karmic debt number.
Step 1: Take your date of birth. For example 11/05/1953
Step 2: Add all of the numbers from your birth year: 1+9+5+3 = 18. If it is a double-digit number, convert it to a single-digit number. In this example, it would be 1+8=9.
Step 3: Add your date of birth: 1+1=2
Step 4: Add the month: 0+5=5
Step 5: Add all the numbers: 9+2+5=16

What are the Karmic Debt Numbers?

There are four karmic debt numbers—13, 14, 16, and 19. Each of these four numbers is related to different karmic debts:
Karmic debt number 13: Karmic debt number 13 is related to work life and how you behaved at work during your previous lifetimes. If you avoided work, took credit for other people’s work, or used shortcuts or unethical means to achieve success, then this would be your karmic debt number. In your current life, this number requires you to conduct yourself ethically at work, put in efforts to gain benefits, and take responsibility for your own actions, more so if they lead to a loss or are incorrect. You can reduce the karmic debt by being organized, disciplined, ethical, and conscientious at work. This karmic debt number teaches you to earn success.
Karmic debt number 14: This karmic debt number is related to abuse of freedom in past lives. If you had misused the freedom given to you by succumbing to addictions or overindulging in anything that may have caused you or other people harm, then in this lifetime you would have karmic debt number 14. To make penance for this kind of karmic debt, you need to maintain control over your life and actions, and keep away from addictions or excess of any sort, including too much pride and arrogance. This karmic debt number teaches you to maintain balance and to respect the gift of life and treat it with respect, whether it is yours or someone else's.
Karmic debt number 16: Karmic debt number 16 signifies an egoistic personality in the past. It also comes up for someone who may have lived in toxic or unhappy relationships or not found the love they deserve in their past life. Depending on why it shows up in your current life, you would either need to gain control over your ego, learn to manage emotions maturely, or be considerate of people around you and their needs. And if not being able to leave toxic relationships was an issue in your past life, learning to love yourself and develop self-esteem to be able to say no to relationships that do not offer love and respect will be your learning in this lifetime. This karmic debt number teaches you humility, love, and respect for yourself and others.
Karmic debt number 19: The last karmic debt number is related to misuse of power in past lifetimes. It also comes into the lives of people who are extremely independent and do not like the interference of others in their lives. For the people who misused the power granted to them in their previous lifetimes, this number asks for humility, kindness, concern for another’s welfare, and honesty in their personal and professional relationships. For the people who show disregard for another’s presence or opinion in their lives, this karmic debt number wants them to learn to take help, take into consideration the advice and opinions of others, seek guidance when required, and learn to work in a team. This karmic number teaches you to use power judiciously for the welfare of others and teaches you to live in the community.
As we can see the karmic debt can be paid and avoided if one learns humility, practices love and compassion for all living beings, respects themselves and others and lives a balanced and honest life.

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