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What Do the Empty Houses in Your Birth Chart Signify?

The birth chart is divided into twelve parts known as 'houses'. Each of these houses represents an important aspect of your life. For example, the first house governs your self-identity, the seventh house rules critical partnerships and marriage, and the tenth house is in charge of your career. These houses get their energy and direction from the planets that are present in them at the time of your birth or through transits.

So does that mean there’s a planet present in each of the houses? No. Since there are 12 houses and only 10 major planets, even if there is one planet per house, there are bound to be at least 2 empty houses in your horoscope.
The planets are not uniformly placed in the houses. There is a possibility of a confluence of two or more planets in one house. So it is quite possible that you may have more than two empty houses in your birth chart.
You can use our natal chart to check if there is any empty house in your birth chart.

Are Empty Houses Unfavorable?

An empty house simply means that the area governed by that house may not have a major significance in your life. Either the particular aspect will not be very important in your life journey or you will not have to spend a lot of time, energy, and effort managing it.
An empty house also suggests that you’ve paid your karma and learned your lessons related to that aspect of life in your previous lifetimes. And, in this life, you may not have to face any challenges or difficulties pertaining to it. So, an empty house does not connote a negative meaning, nor does it make the particular part of life unfavorable.
However, if the ruler of that house is malefic, weak, in hard aspects, or forming a relationship with negative planets, then there’s a possibility of facing challenges or suffering a negative outcome in the areas governed by the empty house.

So Can We Ignore Empty Houses When Reading a Birth Chart?

No! A lack of a planet in a house does not mean it has no bearing on your life. It’s just not as significant as the other areas of your life. But to get a complete reading of your chart, you do need to consider these empty houses as well.
Since there are no planets in the empty house, the governing planet of the zodiac sign on the cusp of the house is used to predict the outcome of the life aspect related to the empty house. This zodiac sign and the planet governing it will provide an indication of how your life in the area ruled by the empty house will shape up.
Once you know which planet rules the cusp sign, you need to understand the placement of that planet in your birth chart. Find out which zodiac sign the planet is located in, which house it rules in your birth chart, whether it is benefic or malefic, strong or debilitated, whether it forms any aspects, and what the nature of these aspects is.
The answers to these questions will help you understand the implication of the empty house in your life.

What is the meaning of empty houses?

Now that we know how empty houses impact our lives, let’s take a look at what each house implies when it is not occupied by a planet.
Empty First House
The first house rules your identity, appearance, personality, and how others perceive you. If the first house is empty, it suggests that you do not have to do much work on yourself. You are confident, healthy, and have a pleasing personality.
Empty Second House
The second house rules money, material possessions, your understanding of value, and your earning potential. An empty second house does not mean that you will lack financial success or find it difficult to earn wealth. It simply means that money will not be the main focus of your life. And you may even be able to earn money and accumulate wealth without much effort.
Empty Third House
The third house governs communication. An empty third house indicates that communicating with others and expressing yourself is not particularly challenging for you. And you will be adept at using and leveraging various means and forms of communication for your benefit easily.
Empty Fourth House
The fourth house belongs to the home and family. And an empty fourth house may tend to be a favorable aspect. A fourth house devoid of any planets suggests that your relationship with your family and your home environment are free of past karma. You may get to share pleasant and harmonious relationships with the people in your life and enjoy a happy home environment.
Empty Fifth House
The fifth house rules romance, entertainment, children, and creative pursuits. An empty fifth house does not mean that you will suffer in any of these areas of your life. It simply means that you will not have to put in special effort in these areas or require additional focus. You may find that romance and creative pursuits come easily to you. And, if you have children, you may enjoy good relations with them, and they may not require too much of your focus.
Empty Sixth House
This house governs your health and work. A sixth house devoid of any planets is actually a good aspect. It suggests your health will not require any additional focus and probably be free of any kind of disease requiring long-term medication and care. You will also enjoy pleasant relationships with your colleagues and may not have to face as many enemies or opposition at work as others might.
Empty Seventh House
The house of partnerships and marriage, the seventh house has an important place in the birth chart. An empty seventh house does not mean that you will not experience partnerships or get married. It means that your relationships, partnerships, and married life will be free of past karma and karmic lessons.
Empty Eight House
This house rules transformation, intimacy, and other people’s money. An empty eighth house is a really good news! You will not have to go through unnecessary struggles or face challenges during this lifetime to evolve. Any kind of change or transformation in your life will be comparatively easy and drama-free. You will also not face any issues in matters of intimacy or your own sexuality. And as far as other people’s money is concerned, if you are due an inheritance, there’s every possibility that you will get it with ease and without any opposition.
Empty Ninth House
The ninth house in the birth chart stands for higher education, travel, adventure, and creative pursuits. An empty ninth house can mean two things, you will either be free to pursue education, travel, and your creative hobbies to your heart’s content, or they will not have much importance or focus in your present lifetime.
Empty Tenth House
The tenth house rules your career and your life’s purpose. An empty tenth house means that, unlike others, you will not have to put in the extra effort to be successful in your chosen career. You will not have to struggle to find and follow your life’s purpose.
Empty Eleventh House
The eleventh house governs friends and social life. An empty house means you will not struggle to make and maintain your friendships. You will have a flourishing social life. And you will be a pro at networking. So ideally, an empty eleventh house may be a boon for your social and professional lives.
Empty Twelfth House
The twelfth house rules your subconscious mind, dreams, enemies, debts, and secrets. It is also related to your past karma. So if this house is empty, then you will not have to pay any karmic debts in this lifetime or learn any tough lessons. An empty twelfth house also signals that you may not have to face enemies or incur or pay off huge debts.

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