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Zodiac Signs and Your Destiny: How Astrology Can Help You Understand Your Karma

Every sign in the Zodiac is entitled to its positives and negatives. Natives of each sign are driven by their key characteristics to act and live.
Karma is Action. Karmic activity is a self-propitiating cycle where one venture propels us into taking another, and the chain continues through our entire lifespan.

In the Zodiac, every sign's planet and other dominating factors inspire its natives to perform the activity. Just like two zebras never share the same pattern of stripes, two individuals from different zodiacs never share the same traits.
Irrespective of the zodiac, humans share all possible traits. But the degree of their expression is determined by the operating constellations up there in the sky.
Between two people, when the traits differ, the nature and intensity of the karma naturally vary. A Taurian individual has a different window through which to look at things as compared to that of a Scorpio.
Karmic Astrology determines the core motivating factors through Sun Signs that fling each individual into action. Some are crazy, some are deliberate, and some are too hot to handle. Whatever the nature of karma and the factors propitiating the action, karma is life, and each sign, it determines the subtle personality of the natives born in it.

Check out your Sun sign and discover how Karma unfolds for you

Aries: Accepting Responsibility for Your Actions a

The souls born in Aries are driven by their ambition and an extreme zeal to excel. Be it in work or relationships; one would always find the hot-headed Ram antsy and on fire.
They tend to invest every bit of their energy into the task they take up, not knowing where to stop. Ask them to relax, and they wouldn't know where to let go of their overtly disciplined schedules. In the pursuit of achieving excellence, Arians become too pushy, often ignoring their capabilities.
In the process of achieving excellence, they lose patience, and their actions take a negative turn. Endurance is essential, but with the right mix of restraint. To achieve a fine level of self-control while ladling out the energies, an Arian mind should try and consciously learn to cultivate patience.
Cultivating forbearance will help the Ram counter his reckless streak. When this head sign learns to take decisions and act with precision, the residue of negative karma gets neutralized, promoting a smoother run for the Arian souls.

Taurus: Overcoming Stubbornness b

The core idea that motivates Taurians is to deliver every task with steadfastness.
They are moored to their dogmas, which makes them unyielding. Taureans are driven to their karma through self-absorption, which makes them stiff-necked and inflexible. Others might find them too overpowering, which certainly drills a hole in their relationships.
Self-centeredness works negatively for the Taurean soul, as they tend to skip the larger picture and forget to include others. Their attitude needs to be supple and understand that others, too, have their opinions and viewpoints.
Lighthearted humour will help Taureans shake off the excess seriousness and help them counter the gravity of their intense emotions.

Gemini: Letting Go of Anxiety c

Gemini's karma is purely driven by its 'impulse.'
With Mercury in the air element, Gemini could become erratically verbose. In conversations, they could sound restless, with an excess of mental activity shooting up. Conversing with a hysteric Gemini could be like rowing away when tides are opposing.
Gemini usually finds it difficult to control the upshot of nervous energy. They need to understand that words are like powerful darts and are capable of doing tremendous harm if not used diligently. To counter agitation and reduce the risks of their mindless chatter, they need to cultivate concentration.
Gemini souls must focus on the 'now' without thinking too much about what movie or play they saw yesterday. Regurgitating on the past will dominate them subconsciously and heavily influence their karma in the present.
Developing concentration through light yogic exercises, running, or jogging will help them rein in their tongue and use their powers more creatively.

Cancer: Learning to Forgive d

Only in the kingdom of Moon could one find overly sentimental and imaginative Cancerians. There was talk of building castles in the air, and somewhere a mushy Cancerian would drift into daydreaming.
Fanciful imagination in a Cancer is like opening Pandora's Box. At one instant, the super-excited Cancer might want to explore the distant lands, and at the very next, he would be seen idling away.
Cancerians are prone to changes that overload them with too many unproductive thoughts. When someone is in a fit of bizarre imagination, they need a reality check. Maintaining order becomes essential to keep them realistic and grounded.
To avoid energy waste, they should try and keep a checklist for the day. Writing down their chores will help them feel more organized, and they will naturally keep away from indulging in unproductive imagination.

Leo: Being Humble e

Blazing hot Sun rules Leo, and the slightest provocation is enough to set these wild beasts on fire. Enthusiasm motivates their karma, but in the process, they could become harsh and bitter.
Their haughty nature could hurt friends and colleagues, generating a karmic cycle with destructive effects. They're wholeheartedly present while discharging their duties, but they need to neutralise the biting scornfulness.
Hurting others is definitely not working in favour of one's karma, and roaring like a lion could invite people's criticism.
For the feral Leonids, dancing out a little breathes fresh air into their lives and helps them take things in a lighter manner. Tapping their feet to their favorite tunes will help them relax and take the obstructions with ease.

Virgo: Finding Balance in Life f

Virgo natives could get into some serious manipulation while dealing with others
It is a mutable sign, and selfishness could make up for a deadly combination. While trying to meet their gains, their karma could take them down to become dark and secretive.
Virgo souls need to understand that the actions of the mind, when motivated by purity, will pay greater fruits. Though selfish, Virgo has a thoughtful mind. When its native engages in applying its reflective and introspective abilities, the negative force of karma can be counterbalanced.

Libra: Understanding Compromise g

Libra is symbolised by the scales. The scales keep tilting to the other side until they attain a lasting balance.
The 'tilting' inspires karmic activity for the Libran souls.
Librans are like pendulums ticking from one end to another. Their plans change in a jiffy, and their ideas on people are ever-wavering. They're indecisive, and their vacillating nature makes it tough for them to come to conclusions in times of disaster.
However, Libran souls are intuitive beings. Their careless approach and disaster management skills could be enhanced through meditation.
The more these souls learn to follow their instincts; their karma becomes motivated by peace and not by doubt.

Scorpio: Breaking Bad Habits h

Scorpio is one sign that is purely driven by passion.
Passion comes with a purpose, but in this sign, it goes to extremes. Passion without bounds is destructive by nature. Theirpassion also makes Scorpios biting and sarcastic.
Scorpio is a dark personality and needs to cultivate optimism to get rid of their negative energies. They've known the night, and now they need to know the day.
Scorpios are fearless when out to achieve what they want, but in the process, negative emotions could easily overpower them. To shake off the negativism, early morning walks and learning healing arts could make the Scorpio light and cheery.

Sagittarius: Embracing Change i

It's the Archer running in too many directions. Imagine a child left in a room full of chocolates! He definitely wouldn't know which one to grab first. Multitasking is the karma that drives Sagittarius into a frenzy, and being a fire sign, whatever they do is with full force and energy.
With Jupiter in this sign, the raging Sagi darts in many directions and all together! While multitasking brings out the skill of the Archer, it also breaks his mind into pieces, depriving him of vital energy and concentration.
Sagi souls must try to practise moderation in their daily routine. Being overtly active will damage their capacity to achieve excellence. Slowing down before shooting will make the Sagi deliberate and focused in action.

Capricorn: Cultivating Patience i

Cappy is the goat that dove into the sea. A terrestrial turning into aquatic! For Cappies, it's all about breaking the limits and setting new ones. It's a Capricornian talent to do the unthinkable, but jealousy is a major obstructing emotion that the souls in this zodiac experience.
Their jealousy makes them deeply pensive, and they tend to over-scrutinize people and situations. The overthinking Cappies need to cool down here.
To shake off the Saturnine gloominess that buzzes in their heads, the company of spontaneous and cheerful people becomes essential for these people.
A natural and lighthearted environment dissolves the extreme competence that Cappies feel, which devours them to the point of blind envy.

Aquarius: Overcoming Fear k

Aquarius is a water distributor. Without water, all civilizations would stop, and progress might come to a standstill. Running in parallel to the role Water Bearer plays in the Circle of the Zodiac, for these natives, 'evolution' is essential and marks their karmic philosophy.
Aquarius is driven by its 'need to bring change.' But the natives could become radical in the process. Their extreme emotions overwhelm them and scatter their energies.
For these water bearers, each day is a challenge as they strive to make the transformation. If they applied their skill of inquiry on a regular basis, Aquarians could save a lot of their precious energy. They need to accept their limitations and understand that change is a slow process that will happen with time.

Pisces: Practicing Self-Love l

The Piscean karmic philosophy is to go with the flow. While having psychic ability, natives in this sign quite often feel inadequate and lack confidence.
Their karma is done wholeheartedly but with a tinge of doubt. Will this work? What if people don't like it? Will I be able to do it? Many questions doubting their talent and capacity arise in their minds.
Doubt further pushes them to wallow in self-pity, greatly hampering their regenerative powers. To counter such problems, they must understand that they aren't here to please people. If they're applauded, great; if they're criticized, they must learn to let it go.
When they broaden their views regarding themselves and others, they learn to handle criticism with ease and become more confident about their worth and potential.
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