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Natal Chart Report

Know your planetary positions, personality and temperament, motivations and desires, potential skills and talents. Once your life is aligned with the cosmos, you start creating magic!

Solar Return Report

Know important theme, events, warnings until your next birthday. Solar return report empowers your bucket list with important astrology clues to strategize your priorities in life.

Love Compatibility Report

Check your compatibility and know how your love and affection works with your partner. Match is made in heaven! Synastry chart reveals the compatibility results for you and your loved one.

Astrology solution at your fingertips

Upastrology understand and respect your time in every sense. You do not have to log in to any website or app to check your astrology reports

Download our app from the Play Store or the Apple Store to check your astrology reports. Know how your coming year looks like with our solar return report. Learn more about your birth chart with our natal report. Test your relationship with our synastry report.

You do not have to remember any login detail to check your relation with the universe! Know More

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A contemporary astrology platform with modern-day technical suites to create your birth charts, solar return reports and synastry reports for you and your family.

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