Create Your Free Birth Chart

Your birth chart is a blueprint of your personality and life ahead. It is as unique as you are and is based on precise positions of celestial bodies during your birth time. Know who you are.

Create your free birth chart
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Up Astrology - Your Astrology Coach

Astrology is more complex than you think. With numerous planetary positions and millions of calculations thereof, you only want to trust an expert - Up Astrology is your trusted source.


Free Birth Chart

When you were born, the heaven above charted your life ahead. The planetary positions guided and shaped your character traits and life’s milestones. Curious to know more? Get your Free Birth Chart


Natal Chart Report

Birth charts or Natal charts are one of the most important documents, you would consult time and again. It is best to have a copy with detailed and precise calculations handy. Get one today.


Solar Return Report

The sun returns to your birth position every year on your birthday. Your next twelve months are governed by what heaven looks like then and is captured in the Solar Return Report. Take a look !

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Astrology at your fingertips

Don’t like the idea of logging on to a site and navigating through the many pages to find astrology reports and daily predictions? We’ve got you.

Download our app from the play store or the apple store and get daily prediction right in your palms. What do we cover? We tell you what your birthday and the year ahead looks like with the solar return report. We give you complex numerology in a simple language. We give compatibility reports for everyone in a relationship. And so much more.

The best part? You log your details just once by creating a profile and you are sorted. Everyday astrology was never so easy to access!
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