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9 Full Moon Rituals to Unlock the Power of the Universe: Discover the Magic of Each Zodiac Sign!

The upcoming Full Moon is on Dec 7, 2022 in the sign of Gemini. Enjoy the peace for a minute and preserve your energy for the upcoming new moon; it won't be long.

'I like to think that the Moon is there even if I am not looking at it,' said Albert Einstein, the master of relativity. This scientist was right even when we aren't watching the Moon; it unfailingly delivers its luminescent energy to us. Being out in the light of the Full Moon is a different experience. But besides appreciating its beauty, what are the things that we must do when this Moon arrives each month?
The actions or practices that are done on the Full Moon come in the form of rituals. And if you do it every month, these rituals can become deeply ingrained habits.

9 Full Moon Rituals to Perform

1) Detoxify Your System
Full Moon is the best time to detoxify your body on all levels. Whether physical, mental, or emotional, the Full Moon will support you in getting rid of your toxicity. This Moon is also the best time to express yourself.
Talk to your loved ones (and the ones you trust) about how you feel. You lift up a lot of burdens when you go about sharing your feelings with people who care for you. It's time to get rid of your clutter!
What is it that bothers you or pulls you down into a rut of negative feelings? If this is really the case, then it's time to evaluate your relationships and distance yourself from negative people. Also, you must prevent negative self-talk during this time, as Full Moon will amplify whatever you choose to do during this time.
2) Follow Your Inner Voice
Full Moon signifies 'fruition'. Now this fruition could be anything- it could be the fruition of your actions, your intentions, and also your intuitions. One of the best things to do on a Full Moon is to follow your instincts.
Choose meditation techniques that you like the best or that work for you, and develop your awareness. This Full Moon, tap into your inner voice and see how wonderfully it guides you.
3) Explore Your Creativity
Full Moon is a time of heightened emotions and potent creativity. So why wait for the right time? This is the best time to explore your talents and experiment with things. The old must wear off, and the new has to come! So prepare yourself for the exchange of ideas, new experiences, and that new journey where surprises await you.
4) Write Your Feelings
Full Moon might swing your moods and make you erratic. It's an 'emotional jump' that this period brings, and taming your feelings could pose you with a bit of a challenge.
Writing down your feelings is the best thing to do when you need emotional cleansing. Writing down your thoughts will help you feel lighter and enable you to think clearly.
5) Re-energize Your Crystals
Full Moon pulsates with vibrant energy and is the best time to recharge your crystals and other divination tools. Charging crystals replenish their energy and also increase the intensity of your crystals. There are various ways in which you can re-energize your crystals. Here are a few alternatives-
  • You can hold your crystal in the stream of running water for at least a minute to neutralize the negative energy.
  • Mix a teaspoon of sea, rock, or table salt into the water in a bowl and submerge your crystals in the bowl.
  • Fill a bowl with brown rice and bury your stone beneath the grains.
6) Eat healthily and Rest in plenty
A Full Moon is a time when your body is preparing to repair itself. This is the time when you must eat clean and hygienic food and rest in plenty. Your body's coping with the stress and the wear and tear it has been through this whole month.
So correct your eating patterns and induce some light exercises and meditation that will help you cope better. Mood flings may also be common during this phase, so make sure you get plenty of rest to keep your hormones 'happy'.
7) Reconnect Yourself
Full Moon is always the best time to reconnect with your inner self. Here, you are in the process of shedding your past issues like some dead skin, so you're both receptive and vulnerable at the same time. So find your grounding and connect with yourself.
Sing, dance, spend some quality time with your family, and get down to doing the activities that you truly enjoy.
8) Take a cleansing bath
The water element is a loving one and will not only cleanse you physically but also spiritually. Bathing is essentially a cleansing ritual that will benefit your muscles, brain, nervous system, and blood and balance your hormones.
To make your bath a soothing one, you can use ingredients like honey and Epsom salt, use crystals, and use various oils like lavender, eucalyptus, peppermint, and other essential oils.
9) Balance out
Don't rush—wait and take a pause before you engage in any activity during the Full Moon. Your emotions and actions may seem to be falling out of your control, but don't worry. This phase brings bouts of heightened activity. So keep yourself level-headed, meditate, and admire the beauty around and within you.

Full Moon Calendar for the Year 2023

There will be 13 full moons in 2023. With the exception of August, most months have just one full moon. There will be a blue moon in August 2023.
1) 6th January 2023
2) 5th February 2023
3) 7th March 2023
4) 6th April 2023
5) 5th May 2023
6) 3rd June 2023
7) 3rd July 2023
8) 1st August 2023
9) 30th August 2023
10) 29th September 2023
11) 28th October 2023
12) 27th November 2023
13) 26th December 2023

When the Full Moon appears in each of the zodiac signs, what should one do?

Full Moon in Aries a
Full Moon in Aries brings a bundle of positive energy. You'll be full of inventive ability, so this is the right time to explore your creativity.
Full Moon in Taurus b
Full Moon in Taurus will enable you to connect with the earth element. So, try out things like gardening and spending more time in nature.
Full Moon in Gemini c
Full Moon in Gemini will bring you the gifts of writing and imagination. So take your favorite notebook and start penning down all that comes to your mind.
Full Moon in Cancer d
Full Moon in Cancer makes you sensitive and gives you a superior form of self-expression. So this is the right time to hug your loved ones and tell them what they mean to you.
Full Moon in Leo e
Full Moon in Leo makes you bold and confident. You'll be a free spirit this time, so play sports, party, and also work to get an inch closer to your goals.
Full Moon in Virgo f
Full Moon in Virgo will sharpen your intuition and bring in clairvoyance. Do not ignore your inner voice during this time. You must pay heed to this sound and make your decisions accordingly. A Full Moon in Virgo also denotes that now is the time to let go of your secret sorrows.
Full Moon in Libra g
The Full Moon in Libra will enhance your beauty, charm, and persona. So it's a great time to get out and make some new friends. Networking is best done when you feel and look excellent.
Full Moon in Scorpio h
Full Moon in Scorpio makes you vigorous, determined, and firm. So if there's something that you've been planning and it hasn't worked, then this is the time to pursue it. Your mind will gain clarity and great penetrating powers during this time, so it's also a good time for meditation and reflection.
Full Moon in Sagittarius i
Full Moon in Sagittarius adds to your beauty and optimism. Besides doing charity, don't forget to catch up with your friends, plan dinners, and go to the movies. This is also a good time to educate yourself and read plenty.
Full Moon in Capricorn j
Full Moon in Capricorn will give you powers of organization and make you ambitious. You'll also have the ability to inspire people. So work on your finances, arrange events for your friends and family, and also help those who seek your guidance.
Full Moon in Aquarius k
Full Moon in Aquarius will make you curious and also a bit eccentric. This time is fantastic to study the subjects that you like, do research, and maybe get a new look! You're handsome anyway, but now is the time to experiment with your looks.
Full Moon in Pisces l
It will be a time of heightened passion for you when the Full Moon is in Pisces. Your creative juices will be flowing, so this is the best time to explore and try out new things. This is the best time to work on contracts, resolve legal matters, and make the most of new ideas that pop up in your mind.

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