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Are You Trapped in Any One of These Love Karmas?

Love is a challenging aspect and can give you your fair share of heartaches, tears, and disappointments. Here are five rituals that'll help you in releasing your love karma, get off that baggage, and enjoy a better love life.
The first ritual makes use of crystals. Choose a crystal and then cleanse it by submerging it in sea salt for 24 hours or leaving it under the light of the Sun or Moon.

1. Love Karma Ritual: Get Rid Of That Emotional Baggage

Most of us carry some or other past life baggage that impacts various parts of our lives. The past life baggage related to love and friendships that we carry can severely affect our potential for relationships. Our weight can hold us back and may seem annoying when it affects our love and personal lives.
To realize the potential of love in your life, there are some things that can be helpful
1. To begin with, you must pay attention to your dreams. That’s because your dreams could be messages from your subconscious mind.
And all those good, great, strange, and scary dreams may carry subtle messages about specific baggage that needs to be worked on.
2. To make your healing journey faster, better, and more effective, you can even choose to undergo past-life regression therapy. However, ensure to involve a professional, as doing it alone could make things messier for you.
Past life regression therapy is helpful because it allows you to unlock consciousness, dissolve your trauma, and cleanse your energies. Hence, doing this ritual at regular intervals will help you lift some of your baggage and make you feel light.
No matter how and with whom you decide to do your past life regression therapy, you follow all the steps carefully and include all the important elements.
For your knowledge, follow the brief guide to past life regression therapy that we give you here.
What Do You Need While Doing A Past Life Regression Therapy?
While doing your past life regression therapy, there are two types of crystals you will always need: Black crystal, which is also known as black tourmaline obsidian or black tourmaline, and clear quartz, which is normally colourless. During this ritual, you will also need a container box.
The Step By Step Process To Do Your Past Life Regression Therapy
Contrary to what’s been portrayed by regular media, past-life regression therapy can actually be made simple. No, being around the big aquariums and soothing music in dim rooms is not a prerequisite. These elements indeed work as catalysts and pacify you during this process. But, the entire process and setting can be made simpler with more accessible settings.
Here’s how can you can do it
Step 1 - Lie down in a quiet place and leave your entire body loose. Take deep breaths to relax your mind and focus on your breathing. Your mind should be completely chatter free and calm.
Step 2 - Once you are comfortable, place the black crystal on your chest and your heart. And then, visualize your past life baggage being soaked into the crystal in the form of energy.
Here, there are no rules and restrictions for how long you should remain in this state. Your intuition will tell you how long you must hold on. But don’t push and rush it too. Just be patient and keep this connection strong.
Step 3 - Now lay down again and place the clear quartz over the same place on your heart. This time, feel the soothing, delightful and loving energy enter your heart from the quartz. Even in this step, there is no time barrier. Take as much time as you need while trusting your intuition.
Just keep taking deep breaths while washing your heart with restful vibrations of clear quarts.
Step 4 - Once you're done with the ritual, put the black quartz in the box and keep it out of your sight. Carry the clear quartz with you and hold it whenever you feel the need to do it.
If you have chronic trust issues in love that have no known origin - or have unexplainable fears as well have trouble keeping relationships for the long term, these rituals can be profoundly helpful.
Moreover, It's not always about uncovering past life love traumas. Sometimes, it could also be about getting over painful experiences in this life.
At times, your past life regression therapy sessions remind you of happy memories of being in love in the past life. They help you restore your faith in love and the world again. Moreover, being in past life regression therapy can also inspire you to seek people who love you, appreciate you, value you, and cherish you for who you are.

2. Love Karma Ritual: It's Time to Let Go of Your Harmful Karmic Relationship

Karmic relationships are a tricky thing. They are usually temporary and may not last long. But that is not the worst part. The worst part is they may become addictive.
Karmic relationships are often confused with soulmate and twin flame relationships, but they aren't the same.
Due to the involved unending challenges, most times, karmic relationships become consuming, frustrating, and cyclical. They happen because you and the other person made a deal to come together in those situations before incarnating.
The purpose of karmic relationships is usually to teach and help you let go of that toxic person. So, as soon as you realize you are in a karmic relationship and in the middle of the unending, cyclic drama, you must try and let things go.
Letting go is not just a fleeting feeling. It is a practice that you must learn to adapt to. You can do it with this simple ritual.n
Take a piece of paper, a black pen or marker, and 1 black candle, preferably a tea light candle, as they burn out quickly.
Once you have these things, follow these steps
Step 1 - Take the piece of paper, and with the black pen, write down the other person's name and then your own. Then write, 'I release this relationship for the highest good for all'.
Step 2 - Now, burn the paper in the flame of the candle. You may get rid of the ashes by flushing them down the toilet or burying it outside.
This letting goes ritual is not only helpful to bid goodbye to karmic relationships but also allows you to release karmic situations, lessons and dreams.
Most people believe that karmic relationships are always bad and fleeting. While that may be true most time and for most people, it is not always true for everyone all the time.
Sometimes, karmic relationships can be long-lasting, and though challenging, they can be incredibly happy. You see, the purpose of being in karmic relationships is to learn the intended lessons from or with your partner, regardless of how peaceful or painful they are.
So, in such relationships, always focus on learning and try to be kind and loving towards the other person involved.

3. Love Karma Ritual: Learn To Forgive

Cheating and all sorts of betrayals may come in a relationship. It might be challenging to let go, but holding on will only hurt you and keep you away from the beauty of love.
So it's essential that you forgive, let go and move on. If you don’t do it, then you will keep getting haunted by similar or other kinds of difficult relationships in the future.
Forgiving will help you lower your stress, break the vicious cycles and send healing energies to your spirit. However, forgiving does not mean that you take back those who have betrayed you. It's okay not to hear or think of them again!
To forgive and forget, follow a healthy ritual. For this ritual, you will need
1. A picture of the person who betrayed you
2. A black candle
3. Some garlic powder or smash up a bulb
4. Small container
When you have these things, follow the steps given below
Step 1 - Wave the picture of the person in the flame of the candle and burn it. As the picture burns, let go of your hurt, anger, and betrayal.
Step 2 - Mix the ashes with the garlic powder. Now place the mixture in a box and bury it outside (use biodegradable containers or origami boxes).
Along with action, forgiveness is also a feeling. It comes with making peace with the past, the gratefulness of the present, and hope for the future.
It may be hard to feel such strong emotions with only one round of this ritual. So, be patient, let all emotions flow through you, and not resist them. While you do it, be patient and strong with yourself.

4. Love Karma Ritual: Take Rejections Positively

'Take Rejections Positively!?' Sounds tough, no? And more than tough, it sounds silly. After all, how can anyone look at a negative expression positively?
Well, it is tough, but rejections can carry a positive tone. They happen to all of us and are usually tough to handle. But they are natural, and rejection in themselves is not really a problem.
The real problem arises when you can't let go of the person who rejected you. When you don’t get over the people who rejected you, you not only hurt yourself but also slash your confidence. You need to understand that rejection does not mean you're horrible or any less beautiful.
Though rejections can leave you stung, you should not let them home the negative emotions in your head. Instead, you must let go of the person who did not see your light and rejected you. You should move on and go on to rise up to the vivid possibilities of life.
This simple ritual can be extremely helpful. For which you will need
1. A notebook or multiple sheets of paper
2. Something to write with
Once you have them, follow these steps
Step 1 - Pour all your thoughts from your head onto the paper. Write everything about this rejection that is eating you away. Recognize and journal about your feelings precisely. Write your rejection like a story and get it out of your head.
This step is crucial one as it will help you clear your mind and make it ready for some strong decision-making.
Step 2 - Now, take a blank sheet of paper and write on it, 'I release this'. Once you've done this, throw away the notebook or the pieces of paper.
This ritual will help you see your worth clearly and help you bring all your love and attention to yourself.

5. Love Karma Ritual: Crack Your Fear and Dare To Commit

Fears and worries are natural in a relationship. Whether it is past life baggage, childhood trauma or betrayal by an ex, your insecurities may have multiple roots.
These issues might make you hesitant and commitment-phobic. But avoiding commitments is not the correct way to deal with your fears.
Instead, try this ritual to weed out your fears and restore your faith in commitments.
For this simple ritual, you will need
1. A clear glass
2. Potable water
3. 2 pieces of paper
4. A black pen
5. Candle, match, lighter
Once you have everything, follow this routine step by step
Step 1 - Describe your fear of commitment on a piece of paper. Find out why it exists, and from where it exists so you can work on releasing this fear.
It is advisable to do this ritual in the evening when the Moon is clearly visible. It is preferable to do it during the Full Moon night.
Step 2 - Burn the paper and gather the ashes. Flush ashes down the toilet and then take a fresh piece of paper and write positive affirmations on this piece of paper. These affirmations should be the opposite of everything you have written in step 1.
While doing this, focus your mind and gather your energies before writing the affirmations. If you don’t know where to start from, start with this affirmations:
'I am open and receptive to healthy and positive commitment'
Step 3 - Now, fold the piece of paper with the affirmation written on it. Fill a glass with water and place the folded piece underneath this glass. Leave the glass in the Moonlight (on a windowsill).
Step 4 - After you've left the glass in the Moonlight for about an hour, drink the water. Take the paper and place it away where you won't see it.
Every day, spare a few minutes from your hectic schedule and centre yourself. Once you've taken a few breaths and feel calm, repeat the affirmation. Do this daily.

Detoxify Your Love Karma!

Love should be a positive force in your life, and you must cultivate the right attitude to attract plenty of it in your life. In a few days, a Full Moon will be coming up in Libra. Libra is a sign of relationships, and thus, this is a good time to practice these rituals.

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