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Love By the Stars: How Synastry Shapes Your Relationships

Poignant emotions arise when we hear the words love and hatred. Both these words kinda dictate our lives and often force us to travel either black or white.
When did the middle ground exist?
The ‘golden mean’ of balancing the two polarities evaporates when the stars up there play their game. And the game is called Synastry!

Of the hundreds you meet at your workplace, while travelling, in restaurants or casually, why do you get attracted to barely a few?
Your heart races only on seeing someone you truly like; the others around are just fillers and act as side characters. This idea, “ I feel intensely attracted to you’ has much deeper connotations in astrological lingo. The chemistry, whether a fluttering or a long-lasting one, has its inception in the concept of synastry.

Five Desirable and Detrimental Aspects of Synastry

Desirable are the aspects astrologers give a nod to, and detrimental are the ones they suggest you keep away from. Check these aspects between your and your partner’s natal chart to navigate your relationship in a more productive way.
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Mercury Trine Sun: Communication Harmony in Synastry ☀️

Mercury is the planet of communication, while the Sun symbolizes power and vitality. Sun also connotes ego and authority, but when a trine happens between the Sun and Mercury, the negative aspects of both these planets significantly mellow down.
Trine is not a cantankerous aspect, and so, Mercury trining the Sun denotes honest and open communication, equality and support in a relationship. In trine with the Sun, an otherwise restless Mercury proves to be a source of positive thoughts/energy.
Overall, this is one of the most desirable aspects in synastry as mutual respect easily sprouts here. A profound tie between the body and mind.

Venus-Mars Conjunction: Passion and Desire in Synastry ❤️

Conjunction is rendered an extremely powerful aspect and brings about an amplification of energies. Venus-Mars conjunction sparks off an instant chemistry and ensures a strong physical attraction that’s not easy to overcome.
Serenading guitars, fluttering butterflies, racing hearts, all of the expressions that we usually find storybookish, come to manifest when it's Venus conjuncts Mars in your synastry.
You’ll see an instant surge in your sexual energies (and also in your partner) when you stumble upon such an aspect with the opposite person. This aspect could cause a lot of commotion, but the physical attraction that comes as a part is super intense and irresistible.

Venus-Saturn Aspect: Commitment and Responsibility in Synastry 💍

Venus in combination with Saturn, both trine and sextile indicate a karmic relationship. Though Saturn is usually spoken of as an evil planet, these two combinations with Venus bring out the best characteristics in Saturn.
Steamy sex and fantasized romance soon evaporate in the absence of commitment and fidelity. ‘Strong adherence’ to each other is the prime strength of Venus-Saturn aspects. Venus will help Saturn open up a little better while the ‘teaching’ Saturn will imbibe Venus with the power of commitment.
If you happen to share any of these aspects with your partner, frivolities are surely not the center point, but liability and responsibility shall always be. It's a long-lasting aspect!

Saturn-Jupiter Soft Aspects: Balance and Growth in Synastry 🌱

Saturn and Jupiter are planets opposite in temperament. Jupiter indicates fun and vivacity, while Saturn can never be far from being ‘serious’. But in love and relationships, especially when it forms a productive aspect, the Saturn-Jupiter combination can unravel a lot of excitement.
The key to making this aspect work is to align your long-term goals with your partner. As long as you both keep working together, things can go great in your relationship. This aspect can bring about the realization of dreams (individual and aligned) and convert you both into a power couple.

Sun/Moon/Venus/Ascendant Aspects: Personality Alignment in Synastry 🧚‍♂️

Ascendant is all about how you look at yourself and the world around you. It has more to do with your physical body. When connecting with the Sun, Moon, or Venus in synastry, it is indicative of intense attraction.
Here, in the initial stages, it's not the ideas or the mind that plays a prime role, but it's the ‘body’. In these aspects, the charm and beauty of your partner will drive you towards him/her (and vice versa).
Emotional connection, reactions, and the subsequent development of emotions attain a significant high, and it’ll all revolve around the ‘bodies’ of the two of you involved.

The Hard Aspects You Need to Watch Out For - The Red Flags in Synastry 🚩

Venus Square Saturn: Relationship Challenges in Synastry 💔

Venus and Saturn both are the planets of contradicting energies, and in the square, the opposition just worsens. Square being a grouchy aspect can anyway roil up enough troubles - and in synastry, it can lead to some seismic explosion. This aspect is like chiffony Venus crashing into an icy-cold Saturn!
This aspect will not allow the two of you (you and your partner) to gracefully embrace each other’s differences. Instead, you both may end up judging each other without a prior thought.
Two of you share fundamentally different ideas (on almost everything), and this could be a reason major enough to stride you both apart.

Mercury Square Mars: Communication Tensions in Synastry💬

Mercury is a ‘nervy’ planet, and Mars is an aggressive one. You definitely need to watch out for this aspect, as it's a sure red flag in your relationship. In the square, there are juicy chances that the obstinate Mars will likely fail to grab the ideas of the cerebral Mercury.
On the other hand, Mercury could find it hard to comprehend Mars’ zeal and aggression. Love could come later in this aspect, but the initial stages will be intense and charged with arguments. With time, you both could also find the entire thing getting superficial and too much to handle.

Mars and Mars Aspects: Fiery Dynamics in Synastry🔥

Mars is a tough planet and pure and steadfast in nature. The obstinacy Mars has needs to be meted out by softer energies to mellow down. But when Mars is making contact with Mars (in synastry), and especially in the square, the association can be no less than lethal.
In the square, the impulsive energies the two of you have indeed square up and highly increase in intensity. Sex could be great and satisfying, but the conflicts are deeper and often can take place on the physical level. The prime malfunction in this synastry is the inability to listen to each other.

Mars Square Pluto: Intensity and Power Struggles in Synastry💥

Another pure red flag in Synastry! If your Pluto is making contact with your partner’s Mars (or vice versa), that too via a square, then we’d strongly suggest you keep out of this association.
When the two of you meet, the sexual attraction will be deep and irresistible. But, this square does not guarantee a long time association. Pluto is a dark planet, and Mars is confrontational by nature.
Both Pluto and Mars seek power over each other. Power struggles will reign supreme in this combination, and thus, conflicts will become an integral element of your relationship. Surely this isn't the tango you’d prefer doing it.
Emotional manipulations, physical injury, and violence could also manifest as the attraction between the two of you will start wearing out.

Sun in Hard Aspects with Mars and Saturn: Ego Clashes in Synastry 😤

Sun resonates with ego, and so does Mars and Saturn. When making contact with either of the two, Sun can lead to explosive relationships.
Both Mars and Saturn are rendered as pure malefic, and in combination with the ego-centric Sun, things could immediately spiral downwards. The blend of energies these combinations bring can make you either pugnacious or inexpressive.
Saturn is restrictive, Mars quarrelsome, and Sun - though self-obsessed but fun-seeking. As a result, a bland and monotonous relationship could manifest - a pure red flag in synastry!

Synastry Insights: Wrapping Up the Connection Puzzle🧐

Synastry is the synergy of energies between the two souls. It is a kind of astrological instrument with which we can calculate the workability of these energies between the natal charts of two people in love or about to get married.
Synastry aspects - both the desirable and the detrimental ones enable you to discriminate between what you want and what you’d like to keep out of your life. These aspects can often be life-saving and push you to tap deeper into your primary needs regarding love and relationships.
Let’s say you’re in a relationship that’s toxic but are yet determined to make it work or want to give it a last chance. These aspects also provide you with the necessary tools to make essential changes in your relationship that will make it work. Relationships are complicated, and things become much easier to deal with when you’re aware of the top aspects of synastry.