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Reflect, Renew, Transform: What the Pisces Full Moon Means for Every Zodiac Sign

What - Full Moon in Pisces
When - August 30th 2023 at 1:36 AM
What to expect - Heightened intuition, self-reflection, self-healing and naturally receptive to others feelings.
What to be cautious of - Over-sentimentality, sloth and influence of the surrounding environment.

Full Moons are mystical and pulsate with intense energy. The one happening in the water sign of Pisces is the second in the month. This is why it is promptly called the blue supermoon and will appear a little larger than the other full moons.
The energy build-up of this full moon will kick your dormant emotions, making you dynamic and react more than you ever did.
You, including the others, will marvel at the way your behaviour changes some three days before and after the full moon. But since the full moon will be drenching itself in Pisces by the end of the month, you’ll surely come closer to identifying your real potential.

Emotional Purgation During the Full Moon in Pisces 2023🐟

When was the last time you felt neglected?
When was it that you last dug up for your innermost feelings?
When was the last you fought with your closest pal and wanted to clear the air but never got a chance?
The reason we are nudging you to delve a little deeper into these questions and peep into your heart is because this is the time your pent emotions will unravel and force out in full swing.
Pisces belongs to the water element. This element is known to bring cleansing; to be more specific, the purgation happens through tears. And rightly so, purgation leads to illumination. Even if it's for a brief time, you’ll see your life in an entirely new light.
Cognitive abilities and rational reasoning both sprout forth from the mind, while the heart is figuratively related with emotional sentiments. Here, during the time of the full moon, the energies of your mind and heart will merge - functioning as one single unit.
The watery energies of the Pisces lunation will wash over your brain, mellowing down your capacity to rationalise and inspiring you to purely follow your instincts.

Balancing Your Energies During the Full Moon in Pisces 2023 ♓️

We all were to be born real and not perfect. This is exactly what the Piscean lunation is all about.
Your sensitivity will heighten this full moon, and so will your need to impress others around. But wait a minute before you leap or act to make an impression on other people’s minds. This luncheon is giving you a fair chance to re-work your energies, invest your efforts in what is important to you and not to others and come to terms with your own weaknesses.
Water is a loving element - and the love here is primarily manifested in the form of first self-love and then erupting out into universal love.
The need to establish a deeper connection with your original self and to realize compassion as the highest virtue will catalyze you into reworking your energies. The idea is to germinate ‘unconditional self-acceptance’. A single moment of radical acceptance will give you genuine freedom - the freedom of a fish that’s free to roam an entire ocean.
The second lunation happening in August is symbolic of the layers shedding off your subconscious. It's time to peel off the emotional layers that you’d been neglecting during the course of your busy life.

What the Full Moon in Pisces will bring for each sign ♓🔮

Birth Chart 🌕

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Effects of Full Moon in Pisces on Aries 🐏
Navigate your inner self, dear Aries. All this time, you’ve been a headstrong creature trying to do something that was par excellence. And now, it's time to lean back in your armchair and relax. Let go of the feelings of disdain and insufficiency.
Effects of Full Moon in Pisces on Taurus 🐂
Extend your boundaries. It's time to loll in your own cubicle and vibe with the people you like. Not everybody deserves your attention, dear Taurus.
Effects of Full Moon in Pisces on Gemini 👯‍♂️
You’ve always been too flexible. Changes at work will happen, but you constantly have to review your skills. Upgrade yourself, and don't be afraid to voice your opinion.
Effects of Full Moon in Pisces for Cancer 🦀
Shed the antsiness that has been leaching on you. You’ll feel anxious over things that unfold but avoid reacting instantly. This full moon, keep calm and cultivate patience.
Effects of Full Moon in Pisces on Leo 🦁
Figure out the energies that have been stopping you from moving ahead. “Where and why do you feel stuck?” could raise poignant emotions in you. Re-evaluate your surroundings - including your inner one.
Effects of Full Moon in Pisces on Virgo 🌻
Make time for your partner. It's not about lust - it's about love, respect and connection. Do keep your boundaries, but don’t skip on your relationship.
Effects of Full Moon in Pisces on Libra ⚖️
Watch your habits and rework your routines. This full moon is about loving yourself and paying close attention to your health.
Effects of Full Moon in Pisces on Scorpio 🦂
Engage in your interests and do things you like. Doing what you love this full moon will boost your brain and enhance your relationships. (primarily with yourself)
Effects of Full Moon in Pisces on Sagittarius 🏹
You are an adventurous type, but now is the time to relax. And what better place than you call it home? Reconnect with your home ambience, feel the plants, recline in your armchair, cook meals- make your home your nest.
Effects of Full Moon in Pisces on Capricorn 🐐
Keep your expectations realistic, especially of others. Honest communication is important, but it doesn't necessarily have to be a brutal one.
Effects of Full Moon in Pisces on Aquarius 🌊
You are a pure humanitarian, but this is the time to gauge the direction in which you invest your energies. This is the time for profound spiritual healing. Your actions, whether planned or inadvertent, will have a direct bearing on your spiritual beliefs.
Effects of Full Moon in Pisces on Pisces 🐟
Stop focusing on people. Instead, draw the focus to your needs and inner healing. Explore your doubts and worries. This is also the time to keep yourself out of situations that can create unnecessary emotional drama in your life.

Top five rituals to handle the emotional energy of the Full Moon in Pisces 🧘‍♀️🕯️

Journaling 📝
Journaling has never been as important as in this lunation. Pisces is a mushy sign, and this is why the lunation here will bring you an avalanche of emotions. Some of the emotions you might be able to handle, while some others could crush your spirits. The best way to see your inner state is to puke your thoughts on paper and see how you look as you pass through this lunation.
Eat right 🥗
Eat foods that will keep you fresh and boost your mood. This lunation, you’d be going through the choppy mental ride. Dark chocolate, quinoa, grapes, yoghurt, leafy greens, turnips, nuts, seeds and avocados will regulate your metabolism and keep you in place.
Meditate️ 🧘‍♀
Do not skip this. During this full moon, you’d be tapping into your higher potential - something that’s a little confusing and a lot more subtle. Mediating as you pass through this lunation will sharpen your intuition and make you receptive to those minute inner changes.
Light a candle 🕯
Lighting a candle will invoke your spiritual energies. The flickering light will clear your thoughts and is a powerful tool for manifestation.
Practice affirmations 🌙
Saying affirmations during the full moon enables you to manifest your deepest desires. Choose your affirmations wisely and keep them simple, like, ‘I am creative’ and ‘I am worthy of my desires’.
🌙 Your Sun, Moon & Rising ☀️

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Flow with the Tide, But Keep Your Racing Thoughts Under Control 🌊💭

Things will be great through this lunation happening in the mystical sign of Pisces. You will see some cosmic drama unravelling before your eyes. As your psychic abilities will develop as you glide through, going into solitude will be one of the best ways to harness these energies.
To further enhance these energies, stop overthinking. Ruminating over the happenings that unfold during this time will drain you of your vitality. The entire point is to live the moment and then live it for the next one to arrive.
Cultivating patience and keeping calm will also be crucial elements of this lunation. Intention setting will be the key here - so instead of rushing into the things, crack them one at a time.

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