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Flower Moon Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio, May 2023: Exploring Emotional Depths

The cat is out of the bag! Or will it be out of the bag? Well, that you’ll come to know just when you sway under the seismic influence of the Flower Moon eclipse. This eclipse is a Full Moon one taking place in the sultry sign of Scorpio.
Sexy, steamy, explosive, dynamic, erotic, bizarre, bewildering - you flame it, and this eclipse will brew ample of all the above [expression], in fact, a little too strong for you to handle.
The first lunar eclipse of 2023 happens on May 5 at 1:34 PM. It will be visible in most of Asia, Australia, Africa, the Atlantic, Indian, and Pacific Oceans, as well as Antarctica. The Moon here will not get completely dark, but the natives will see it getting dimmer.

Too many questions popping into your head?
What’s so special about this eclipse? Why is it called a Flower Moon Eclipse? What am I supposed to do in this eclipse?
We kinda guessed your questions, and so now, let’s dissect them, one at a time!
First, let’s get to the degree to which this lunar eclipse occurs. It occurs at 14 degrees and 58 minutes in the sign of Scorpio. Now this quantity is one of the imperatives to identify the significance of this eclipse.
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Why Is the Quantity 14 Degrees and 58 Minutes a Crucial Number?

14 is the number often associated with death and resurrection. Of course, we don’t mean that you’ll go through a ‘bodily death’.
But yes, your emotions will undergo a strong transformation by the time this eclipse comes to an end. Also, your old structures of belief will be destroyed, and the new ones will start surfacing.
So don’t be surprised if you see yourself a bit changed or your friends tell you how they miss (or don’t miss) a particular trait of yours.
No matter how hard you try to hide, your hidden emotions and secret desires will emerge. Be it that of love or hatred, and your emotions will manage to find some outlet to make you red-faced!
The quantity of 14 degrees and 58 minutes almost nears the odd, but a whole number 15. Now this intricately connects with the cosmic axis along which this electrifying eclipse occurs.
Let’s see how!
The Flower Full Moon Eclipse happens as the Sun ventures into the sign of Taurus, and the Moon floats into that of Scorpio. Both Taurus and Scorpio lie opposite each other and symbolise the radical changes this eclipse is about to unleash
Taurus is an earth sign, whereas Scorpio is a water sign. Needless to say, the Full Moon eclipse will lead to the germination of new ideas and feelings. Taurus teaches to hold on, while Scorpio, being a water sign, symbolises flowing.
It's the stark opposite!
So, we need to learn to balance and intelligently discriminate between the idea of what we need to hold on to and when we should let go. It’s like rope walking, and this eclipse will convert us into that novice trapeze artist frantically trying to balance the oscillating mind.
Happening sharply at 14 degrees and 58 minutes, this eclipse presses on the need for the human mind to balance its ever-eruptive emotions.
Are you jealous of a co-worker and want to crush him/her down? Feel like having some dirty sex with the girl you like? Or are you thinking of having a threesome on an island, with the other two being complete strangers whom you wouldn’t want to meet again?
Be it sexual or otherwise, and your mind will spin strange fantasies around the time of this eclipse.
Scorpio occupies a total of 30 degrees (in fact, every sign) in the circle of the zodiac. And the point of the eclipse at 14 degrees and 58 minutes represents the midpoint, almost- nearing the perfect balance on the scale. This eclipse will push you to reach that ‘number 15’ and establish yourself in complete equilibrium even when things turn in complete opposition.

Why is the quantity 14 degrees and 58 minutes a crucial number?

Well, while this eclipse screams crystallising balance and emotional reformation, it will also add to certain things. Besides generosity and determination, Taurus also signifies jealousy and gluttony. Scorpio, too signifies these things.
But happening in the Scorpio, this eclipse will draw your attention towards accepting your shadow parts. Negative traits won't rain in torrential but will surely appear bit by bit.
All you gotta do is accept and work on uprooting them. Remember, we said that this eclipse is also called the Flower Moon eclipse! The indigenous tribes call the May Moon the ‘Flower Moon’, for it signifies the full blossoming of Mother Nature during this time.
It is usually said that this May eclipse will gyrate around the themes of lust, wrath and vengeance. But we here kinda don’t agree! Though these ideas may act as the base, the substratum from which further development will spring forth.

Instead, this eclipse will make you more aware of the inner devils that feed on the human mind. If closely looked upon, then uprooting the negative, balancing, and developing that which is excellent will be the key elements of this eclipse.
In parallel to Mother Nature, this eclipse hints at the complete blossoming of your inner beauty.
Though this may happen in a mysterious way or in a method that’s completely out of your control, this eclipse will push you to a vantage point at the end where you’ll precisely be able to identify your reformation.
Scorpio might highlight the mysterious and pessimistic qualities deeply etched in us. But this eclipse isn't the Prince of Darkness. Through its intense manifestation of the extremes, it gives us a chance to emerge from the quagmires and reinstate our faith in the overall good.
Clearly, this time of the eclipse is one of culmination, promise and fulfilment. The Taurus-Scorpio polarity gives you that ‘cosmic push’ to enjoy this emotional time of romance and relationships and also weed out all that had been toxic up until now.

The Dos ✅ and Don’ts ❌ for the Eclipse

1. Don’t take impulsive actions.
2. Write your feelings down. Maintaining a journal is one of the best methods to get in touch with your innermost feelings.
3. Dump feelings of wrath, jealousy and vengeance. These feelings are sure to erupt heavily during this eclipse. But you must be cautious not to let them affect you.
4. Meditate. Take up any form of exercise that you like. However, try to avoid the heavy ones. Instead, try yoga, simple breathing exercises or light tapping to your favourite tunes.
5. You may also listen to soft music as it will rejuvenate your system, which has been going through enough wear and tear during this extreme process of transformation.
6. Eat right. Eclipses have a direct effect on your body and mind. Scorpio is a spicy sign and symbolises unresolved traumas. So it's best to consume foods that cool your body down. The best foods to eat around this time are cucumbers, melons, lemon, yoghurt, buttermilk, avocados, mint, chamomile and leafy greens. Avoid caffeine, nicotine, alcohol or other forms of intoxicants.
7. Talking about your feelings to someone you trust completely can help you vent out. You may also consult a therapist.
8. Closely examine the work you do. You could be working at your desk or playing football with your friends/children/colleagues; whatever you do, just be there completely and live the moment as it comes.
9. Pamper yourself. It’s best to take a bath by adding essential oils and fragrances to your bathing water.

The first lunar eclipse of May 5 could be a teaching period for us all. The ruling planet of Scorpio is Mars, while that of Taurus is Venus. So, the Taurus Scorpio axis not only signifies polarity in terms of placement but also in terms of energies.
Mars is a masculine planet, while Venus is purely feminine. Mars represents passion, while Venus represents love.
This eclipse is the fusion of love and passion pushing you towards achieving your higher goals.
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Both these forces (Martian and Venusian) are stark opposites and signify the contradictory tendencies of the human mind. No matter how opposite, their energies are interconvertible, as rightly depicted by the symbol Yin-Yang.
Attaining the balance between these two forces will help us out in mellowing down the extreme effects of this eclipse.
If we carefully understand the culmination of the Flower Moon Eclipse, then we can channelise the animalistic passions and convert them into something that is a lot more refined. This eclipse is all about progressing from lower to higher and from being earthly to being purely celestial. It's all about embracing your wholeness!

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