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The Major Transformational Shift: Preparing for the North Node in Aries and South Node in Libra

What- North Node transit into Aries.
When- 18th July 2023- 11th January 2025
What to expect- You'll be charged with electric energy, racing thoughts, a leap in your ingenuity and daring.
What to be cautious of- Conflicts, devastation, split reactions, [your] deeply embedded psychological patterns coming to the fore.

What is a North Node?

North Node signifies your soul's mission. It's the head of the giant snake. Rather than dwelling in the past, this node impels you to look forward and be progressive. On a deeper level, this node of the moon symbolizes 'yearning'- something that you eagerly want to experience in order to feel complete.

What is a South Node?

South Node is an inbuilt pool of energy you carry from your past lives. Be it your talents or ideas, it all comes from your past learnings. Like the tail of a giant snake, these learnings follow wherever you go. They give you a base on which you develop (and gain) experiences in this lifetime.
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Harnessing the Fire Within: The North Node Transit into Aries

Let's Adjust Our Mental Compass a little.
Aries is a sign of rage and passion. Being the first and connoting the head, it's a cerebral sign. North node, too, signifies head and is now moving into this sign of fire. The shift will be tremendous with the blended energies of the north node and Aries.
Nodes change their sign every 1.5 years (approximately 18 months). The sharp (no matter how minute) changes in your inner system will be strong enough to change your mind and, maybe, forever.
During these months, you'll see a massive difference in your behavioral patterns, how you catch up with your potent thoughts, and how you tend to your innermost needs.
Mark Twain said, 'The two most important days in your life are the day you're born, and the day you find out why.'

Sacrifice and Transformation: The Heart of Aries North Node

You may probably discover why your mother kicked you out of her cervix during this north node shift!
North node is all about looking into the direction you want to traverse, where the previously held experiences act as a firm ground on which to build the future trajectory.
North node's movement into the sign of Aries gives you a chance to develop your talents along with the proper application of your mental faculties.
The Higher development that the North Node in Aries signifies never comes around without 'sacrifice'.
'Sacrifice' is one of the core themes of the North Node moving into the fire sign of Aries. It marks the burning of your ego, bitterness and self-indulgence- basically, your lower self.
The North node in Aries could set you on fire and make you rush for your goals. Watch out for your revolutionary ideas, as 'unconventionality' will be your signature trait for the coming 18 months until the North node floats into the following sign.
Instead of boxing your ideas/relationships, you'll seek to break the molds, even if it means going alone. You'll love challenging yourself, but don't go overboard, as this position promises blows of a heavier kind.

Sustaining Balance amidst Chaos: The South Node Transition into Libra βš–οΈ

With the north node slipping into Aries, the south node, too, shifts in the harmonious sign of Libra.
Aries is all about crashing headlong into things, no matter how vicious they may seem. North node being further reckless; upon entering Aries, it will let loose your wild self, while the South node in Libra will teach you to rein in and beautify things.
Librans are an expert at dipping the bitterest candies in sugar syrup- which is precisely why they become the most effective peacemakers in the vicinity.
As a result, both these signs will venture into your opposite temperaments and create friction for you to crack.

Mastering the Energy of North Node in Aries and South Node in Libra πŸ’ͺ

The North node in Aries will push you towards sleeping under the stars and treading dangerous jungles. And Libra- Libra will get you to sipping sumptuous wine on the menu in the most expensive suites.
Needless to say, it's an ensuing battle- and could seem a never ending one, at least for the coming 18 months.
So what do we do? Be torn apart or have a nervous breakdown while the stars up there are toying with us as they, please?
We, humans, are blessed with something called 'free will'. The celestial forces do affect us, and hugely. But, nonetheless, flips of the situation depend on how we harness the energies these celestial events bring.
These energies could go right, left and center, but nonetheless, they give us a chance to fine-control our senses and filter our instinctive reactions.
The south node in Libra shows a great hold over beauty, symmetry and sophistication. Anything delightful you encounter in the coming months can give you a feeling of deja vu.
While you will be attracted to the fiber things and try cultivating your daintier side, the Aries North Node will be too quick to kick you out of your syrupy self and fling you in some action sequence.

How do you cultivate the energy of the North Node in Aries 🌱

It's luxury vs rashness. With (the south node in Libra) your roots dig deep into everything beautiful - and here, besides things, it will have much to do with your innate temperament.
This beauty will essentially be the one of entropy, chaos that will clearly manifest as the North Node slips into the sign of Aries.
During this time, you may become aggressive, blunt and overly direct. A maddening personality may result, but again, you'll have a fair chance to use your abrasive side.
The energy rushing up your nervous system will be tremendous as the nodes change their sign. Avoid communicating in a way that's harsh and confrontational. With the radiant energy you have in store (with the north node in Aries), drive your focus to anything constructive.

Go inward and ruminate on your thoughts 🧘

Pick up projects that'll challenge your creative skills. North node is essentially the one that offers you an insight into your latent strengths and unexplored potential. Aries is further enthusiastic, pioneering and dynamic.
The brilliant combination of Aries and North node offers the perfect recipe to induce progression that could last you a lifetime.
So, combine your creative energies with your decisive forces.
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Pluto Squaring the Nodes- The End of Your 'I Want to be in my comfort zone 🚫

Anaretic degree is the 29th degree of any astrological sign. This degree is a special one and is called the 'Degree of Fate'. Currently, Pluto resides in the sign of Capricorn at the 29th degree.
Amidst the nodes, how does Pluto come into the picture!
Once the North node shifts its sign (and enters Aries), Pluto will square the nodes for the whole month.
Pluto is a generational planet and marks the profound metamorphosis that clairvoyants claim is essential for human evolution.
With the north node propelled into the jumpy position, Pluto further squaring the nodes could set things upside down- on fire for all of us!
This position will shake up things in your mind. The energy build-up will be tremendous. Be ready to dig for the answers to the complicated questions this position will throw your way.
And one of the primary questions thrown your way shall be; 'Do you believe in the idea of retaliation?'
The combined energies of the Arian north node and Pluto squaring the nodes could provoke you at the slightest happenings in your life, only to see your shock-absorbing power!
So, watch out for your reactions and the conscious choices you make during this period.
Retaliation [especially now] and vehemently proving your point could bring in more evil than doing good.
Remember that Pluto symbolizes your subconscious mind. Aspecting the north node [and the south node.
And mind you, that square' is not a smooth aspect at all], the idea is to promote your healing and uproot your fears/insecurities/past wounds.
Reckless reactions (in the present situation) could further aggravate the negative influx that you may attract this time.

Wrapping It Up: Your Journey Through the North Node in Aries Transitions 🎁

The north node in Aries will kickstart a series of changes. The celestial events put together during the coming months will catalyze a more profound change that the Aries north node is trying to bring in you.
The time from Jul 18, 2023- January 11 2025, will be an electric one. Cyclones will churn into your mental systems for the north node will push you to bombard, while the south node will conveniently splash water over the crackers you light.
So, funneling, filtering and balancing (be it your thoughts, habits or actions) will be the top theme of the north node darting into the voltaic sign of Aries.
This is a brilliant position for the north node. Besides fuelling your personal growth, the Arian north node will enable you to navigate complicated situations and tame your ferocious energies.

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