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What Are My North and South Nodes? What is my True Calling?

Learn about your past life karma, future spiritual growth, and the challenges and obstacles you face with our free Lunar Nodes Calculator

Our free Lunar Nodes calculator is your compass for spiritual progression and karmic growth.

What does it mean to have specific Lunar Nodes in my natal chart?

Every individual has North and South Lunar Nodes in their natal chart, representing their soul's journey through past life karma and future spiritual growth.

The nature of these karmic patterns can vary immensely, reflecting in both our spiritual and worldly experiences.

The great part is, understanding your Lunar Nodes can set you on the path to personal and spiritual evolution.

By pinpointing your Lunar Nodes in your chart, you can decipher your past-life lessons and your soul's purpose in this lifetime.

Ensure the precision of your birth details. An inaccurate Node placement can divert you from your true karmic path.

Discover Your Lunar Nodes Now

What are Lunar Node

Lunar Nodes, often referred to as the "Nodes of Fate," are mathematical points in your natal chart that mark where the Moon's orbit crosses the ecliptic.

They signify your soul's journey, symbolizing past life karma (South Node) and future spiritual growth (North Node)

Why are Lunar Nodes Significant In Astrology?

Lunar Nodes’ placement in your chart determines the karmic lessons you carry from past lives and what your soul is striving to achieve in this one.

Here are some common experiences that may relate to Lunar Nodes in our natal chart

Past Experiences: Recurring patterns, habits or tendencies that seem ingrained and difficult to break can be associated with the South Node.
Future Aspirations: Your inherent desires, passions, and the journey you feel compelled to undertake are linked with the North Node.
Life Lessons: The challenges and obstacles you face, and how you overcome them, are key indicators of your Lunar Nodes.
Soul's Evolution: Your spiritual growth, personal development, and how you evolve as an individual tie back to your Lunar Nodes. Acknowledging and understanding your Lunar Nodes can set you on the right path to personal evolution.
Discover Your Lunar Nodes Now

Our Lunar Nodes calculator provides a detailed report, pinpointing your Lunar Nodes and offering insights into your past karmic experiences and future spiritual growth.

Our Lunar Nodes calculator is designed to offer

  • Accurate determination of your Lunar Nodes based on your precise birth details.

  • Comprehensive understanding of the karmic lessons associated with your Lunar Nodes.

  • Practical guidance on how to navigate your path towards spiritual growth.

  • A clear picture of how these karmic experiences have shaped your identity and personality.

  • An understanding of how your past and future are interwoven in your spiritual journey.

  • A chance to embrace spiritual evolution and personal development.

With this knowledge, you start the process of conscious evolution.


Every step towards understanding your past is a step towards defining your future.

Authentic enlightenment is rooted in self-awareness, in acknowledging our karmic past and striving towards our spiritual future. Understand your capability to evolve, to grow, and to walk your destined path with strength and conviction.


" Your past is a chapter, not the whole book. Turn the page and write your story"

From understanding where you've been to where you're heading, our Lunar Nodes calculator serves as your spiritual compass.

Set your course for destiny today and embark on a journey of self-discovery and profound personal growth.

After all, you are the author of your destiny - make your story worth telling.

Discover Your Lunar Nodes Now
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