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Mercury Retrograde in Capricorn: Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable

The Messenger of the Gods is going backwards! Romans believed that Mercury had wings on his helmet and shoes. So Mercury is busy flying backward (well, not literally, and it’s all with respect to the earth’s axis) from December 29th, 2022 - January 18th, 2023, and August 23rd, 2023 - September 15th, 2023, and December 13th - January 1st, 2024.
In what’s the last and final retrograde that happens in December 2022, Mercury spins backward in the earth sign of Capricorn.

The element of air, represented by Mercury, signifies the crossing of boundaries, while the element of earth, representing stability and foundation, is fixed and possesses roots. In nature, both these elements are starkly opposite.
Mercury, since we believe it is an excellent flyer, is versatile while soil, on the other hand, is more physical in nature.
So, it will be much wonder for us to see what topsy-turvy happens when Mercury stations itself in the fixed sign of Capricorn and that too- in a reverse pattern of its usual motion.
So, check your sign here and unravel the surprises that this retro Mercury is brewing for you!

Effects of Mercury Retrograde on Aries a

Dear Aries, you are the perfect combination of ambition, impulse, and self-assertion. You have to be careful, dear Aries, as Mercury retrograde will drive you to react faster than usual. During this retrograde, slow down and check where you need the correction. Identify the important questions and reflect on them.
You may have a harsh tongue- and now it’s time to sugar-coat your words. We know you’d find this problematic but choose your words wisely. Aries primely rules the head- thus, the hint for you here is to ‘become aware of your thoughts.’
You also need to filter the messages you get from people. You need to digest only some of it! Decode their messages rightly and avoid taking things personally. Mercury retrograde is surely not the right time to hold a grudge.
Aries- you are known for your sharp sense of expression. And this retrograde is just the right time to rest and channel your emotions without going to extremes.n

Effects of Mercury Retrograde on Taurus b

Dear Taurus, this Mercury in retrograde will spike up your curiosity. Curiosity killed the cat, but at least it died knowing! So, you may satiate your curiosity by exploring- but be careful to draw the line while you do so. Try to replace curiosity with judgement.
You have a huge appetite for learning things, and with this retrograde, you’ll stumble over many interesting things to do. Brew the best coffee, paint a canvas or create a garden of your own.
You have lots in store but may feel scattered if you make multiple choices. So, choose anyone (that primely interests you) and start exploring your talent in it. Be it money matters or personal interest, do not be skeptical while you make your choices.
If it's an investment that you’re making, then plan it out well. If it’s a hobby that you’re choosing, then follow your instincts. This is the moment when the retrograde Mercury can truly throw you into a frenzy. So, don’t let your opinions cloud your interest.

Effects of Mercury Retrograde on Gemini c

Gem, Mercury in retrograde for you is all about slipping the tongue and that tangy twist in the tale! You are a prolific speaker, but get those guards up while you communicate. It's always ants creeping up your pants, dear Gem!
You tend to oscillate on extremes, but this retrograde- get a hold of yourself. Resting your excited brain is your best antidote. Unplug from social media and have a quiet time for yourself.
The best thing for you is to prioritize your sleep and get the right nutrition that your over-active nervous system needs. Eat more beans and nuts and avoid foods that cause anxiety.
A lot is happening beneath the surface, so this retrograde, decipher your emotions. If you see yourself reacting in a particular/strange way, try to find out why. Connecting with others on a deeper level will enable you to find your real purpose and balance.

Effects of Mercury Retrograde on Cancer d

Ever thought about what would happen if you over-water a plant? Dear Cancer, you have fantastic maternal instincts. It’s almost like you have a sharp nurturing hormone shooting up in your blood.
Be careful not to give up yourself completely in your relationships. No doubt you must spend quality time with your loved ones, but you also need to give them their due space. This retrograde, trust yourself, follow your instincts and set healthy boundaries.
Beyond your usual understanding of relationships, something great is unfurling in your heart. Listen to it! While we tell you to follow your instincts, you surely have to be careful with your money.
During this retrograde, don’t trust people blindly. Trust is valuable, but look and observe before you leap. Enhance your skills, especially if you’re in a tech company.
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Effects of Mercury Retrograde on Leo e

You are a Brainiac, and this retrograde will further sharpen your thinking skills. You’ll become spunkier, and your spontaneity will be all over the place! Well, that’s what you are, dear Lion- a little smack of glamour tossed with a bit of ego and laced with a whole lot of sensuality.
The retro Mercury will play its tricks and try to sweep you off the ground, but you just need to keep checking your behavior at all times. This is the best period to turn inward.
So, if you’re too busy choosing some jazzy clothes for yourself, then come off it. Instead, adorn plain clothes and sit on the floor for meditation.
This retrograde is all about reining in your arrogance. Don’t let your passion and confidence overspill. Be direct but avoid being aggressive. Confusions will come, but things will be fine if you keep a Zen state of mind.

Effects of Mercury Retrograde on Virgo f

What did you eat today, dear Virgo! This is the question you need to ask yourself till the time Mercury is swinging backwards. Watch your intestines and be careful not to dump toxins in your system.
If you feel like it, then sip coffee with some dark chocolate. Eating cocoa will improve your brain function and give a kick to your power of expression.
Memory and verbal learning are integral elements of your personality. And this is the right time to enhance these two, so you may reap their benefits in near future. If you’re thinking of changing your job or shift- hang on! Don’t be in a hurry, and think twice before you do so.
Yes, you’re known to be a perfectionist but with the retro Mercury around, you must be careful while you point out people’s negatives. Your relationships will be happier if you watch out for the choice of your words.

Effects of Mercury Retrograde on Libra g

Abruptly the affluent Libran is turning into a sage! Fine wines, sumptuous food, and your great love for luxury things will all suddenly dip. And it’s all thanks to the retro Mercury.
The receding Mercury is giving you the space to anchor and prioritize that which is important. The minute vacillations of your mind (which you’re famous for) are reducing. So, this is a healing period for you, dear Libran.
One of the best things you can do this retrograde is puke. Well, not literally. Pick up a piece of paper and write your thoughts down. The act of writing will release you and create space for new thoughts that the retro Mercury is tossing in your subconscious mind.
You may feel like a messy bun- which is great! If you’re feeling messy, it means some deep cleansing process is happening within you. Eat right, watch your health, control your expenses, and don’t freak out.

Effects of Mercury Retrograde on Scorpio h

You’ve kept your secrets confined so far- but not this time! The retro Mercury is giving you a loose tongue, and you may spill out your secrets if you aren’t careful. This is the time to release the feelings of guilt and free yourself from past confinements.
Practice self-acceptance and make amends if you’ve done the harm to others. Yes, you may safeguard your secrets but not too tightly, as it may boost your stress and inhibit sleep. Similarly, avoid raising your sting if somebody has harmed or hurt you. This is the best phase to forgive and let go.
You are deep, and the retro Mercury will further allow you to explore your hidden interests. Your passions could make you a bit insecure. So, explore but avoid being brainlessly brave.
During this period, it’s perfectly fine if you keep a low key. All it matters is that you sleep well and try seeing the happy side in all that happens during this retrograde.

Effects of Mercury Retrograde on Sagittarius i

Explorations, escapades, and expeditions- all of this are so much you! You love twists in the tale and have a penchant for surprises. But for this Mercury retrograde- prepare yourself for some emergencies.
You are clear and precise in your communications- but this time, the words you choose could lead to some buzz and brouhaha. To avoid confusion, try to minimize your communications. Well, we don’t mean you chain your mouth, but think before speaking and try to listen to what others say. This will create a sound balance in your relationships and keep out the errors.
Maybe this is the time to attend to the fundamental details of your daily routines. Instead of making an itinerary of your favorite places, try to focus on your exercise routines, read books, maintain a journal, watch your daily habits and review your day.

Effects of Mercury Retrograde on Capricorn j

You are a workhorse, dear Cap! You just love working, and that’s why people who know you as a workaholic. But the retro Mercury is calling in for some fun, rest, and play, as it will clear your head, kick-start your emotional healing, and make you more productive (something you’ll love).
You may also plan dinners with your spouse/family, or office mates. This otherwise serious retro Mercury could be a fun time for you.
Get rid of unnecessary documents, name your files/folders and organize the documents by date. Practicing file management will cut down the clutter from your desk and make you efficient.
If you’re considering buying or selling properties, then this may not be the right time. If you need to go ahead with your dealings, then consult someone (maybe a real estate expert) before you invest your money.

Effects of Mercury Retrograde on Aquarius k

For you, dear Aquarius, a backward grooving Mercury will bring your relationships out on the table. And wondering what you’ll have to do with it? Dissect them, obviously! This is the right time to observe your relationships closely and work on enhancing them. Here, your interpersonal skills will come to the fore- and watch out as people are going to notice it.
The retro Mercury in Capricorn could make you a bit anxious and awkward. You may bump into someone new that you like- but things will be fine if you spin in that signature panache of yours.
You are a charmer but we guess this season isn’t all about good looks. It’s more to do with your words and how you put things across the table. So, while you trim your beard and wear your best perfume, don’t forget to mug up the best words- obviously, the ones people understand!

Effects of Mercury Retrograde on Pisces l

'Sharpen your intuition', is the best we could say while Mercury goes backward. The retro Mercury will give you that benefit of the doubt. So, make the most of it!
Don’t let your power of expression take a dip during this season. Instead, be a little bold, peek into the crevices of your Soul, and engage in creative pursuits. This phase is around to teach you logically, and you may also crash into the hard realities of the daily world. And this is absolutely fine as long as you are busy discovering yourself!
'Guard your emotions' is another thing we’d say to you, dear Piscean. Your tete-e-tete with these realities will surely pull you down, but cherish all you discover this season. It’s only making you a bit smarter and a lot stronger.
Managing your emotions will help you survive this retrograde and teach you that crashing illusions could be profitable.

Conclusion #

The retro Mercury will affect multiple facets of your life. Mercury will spill the beans everywhere, from your communication to secrets and expression to relationships. It’s reality vs. illusion when Mercury is moving reverse in Capricorn.

We believe you would have checked your sign by now! Let’s be sure that this retrograde will help you clear your perceptions and help formulate your ideas more strongly.

This retrograde is all about serendipity and not planning.

So, take every moment of this retrograde the way it comes. Whether you sea-saw through your emotions or maintain an unflinching demeanor, this Mercury retrograde will link your conscious and subconscious mind.

Remember that the Mercury retrograde is a natural period of rest. So, while you embark on a trip of self-discovery, don’t forget to rest enough and rejuvenate this season.

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