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This is How Each Zodiac Sign Falls in Love

Love makes life worthwhile. It means different things for each of us. And, we all have our own way of showing love, professing love, and receiving love. How we fall in love, behave when in love, and treat our significant other is influenced by our Sun sign and the signs placed in the 5th and 7th house of our natal chart. The 5th house rules romance and the 7th house governs relationships, partnerships, and marriage. Know your Sun sign and the signs placed in the 5th and 7th house of your natal chart using our birth chart calculator for free.

Each sign has its own way of falling in and showing love. Some love to chase. Some want to be chased. For some, it’s serious business, and some get easily bored if their attentions are not reciprocated. Then there are some who want to have fun, experiment, and date different people. But at the end of the day, all the Sun signs want to find someone who speaks to their heart and connects with their soul.
In astrology, it is believed that signs belonging to complementary elements will be easily attracted to each other as compared to signs belonging to other elements. So the Air signs will be attracted to Fire signs and Earth signs will find the company of water signs soothing. Sometimes two signs belonging to the same element will also find each other attractive, it may not be the best match or may need a lot of work but it is possible.

So let’s take a look at how each Zodiac sign falls in love:

Aries a : Just like everything else, the Rams like to lead in love too. They are by nature go-getters, so when someone captures their heart and holds their attention, they do not waste time in letting the object of their affection and the rest of the world know how they feel. They are passionate, direct, fun, and go all out in love. Aries love to do the pursuing and the chasing but if their feelings are not reciprocated soon, they will lose interest and move on to another more interested person. And, if the feelings are mutual, then they will proudly show off their significant other to the world.
Taurus b : The Bull is known to be slow and steady. In love too, these practical folks like to take it slow. They’re in no rush to formalize the relationship. Taurus has a practical approach towards love. They look for a partner that is as stable as they are and is willing to work in tandem with them to build a loving, caring, and secure life. They are also choosy, not anyone or everyone will do for them. The Bull is also a bit shy when it comes to love. So given all the conditions and their personal nature, it takes some time for them to approach the person who may have caught their interest. But when they do, they give the relationship a serious chance. And, if it works out, it’s usually for a lifetime.
Gemini c : The twins don’t fall in love easily and it’s not easy to fall in love with a Gemini. They can’t be wooed with just flowers, chocolates, and fancy dinners. They want all that, but it’s not enough. For Gemini, a mental connection is just as important as an emotional connection and a physical attraction. The Twins want someone who is as curious as they are about the world, interested in learning new things, and can have never-ending, interesting, and fun conversations about various different subjects. Since conversations are important for them, it usually takes a few months or maybe more of talking to someone for them to explore a more serious relationship with the person.
Cancer d : Cancerians love with their heart and soul. For them, love should culminate into a steady relationship - a marriage and a family. The Cancerians look for a partner who would want to build a comfortable home with them. Once the Crabs fall in love with someone, they become attuned to the person’s every need and desire. And, they want to fulfill all of them for their beloved. These sensitive folks are fierce lovers and want to be the center of attention of their significant other. If in case, their attentions are not reciprocated as passionately, Crabs can get envious and resort to sulking.
Leo e : The Lions of the Zodiac never do anything silently or in a small way. So is the case with love. They are passionate, loyal, and attentive to the needs of their significant others. And, they want a partner who is honest, loving, and as dedicated to them as they are. Anything less, and they lose interest just as quickly. While the Leo’s don’t mind a simple life, they can’t deal with boredom and predictability. They want intrigue, surprises, adventure, and fun in romance. While they want their partner to be good-looking, for a long-term and more permanent relationship they want someone who can also connect with them intellectually.
Virgo f : The practical and hardworking Virgos are not easy to please. They want a partner that’s almost a mirror image of themselves, perfect in every way. Virgos are not naturally predisposed to love. They don’t date casually, for them that’s a waste of their time. If a person does capture their interest, Virgos would prefer to do a complete background check of the person before they even ask them out! For them, the dating period is more about finding out what the person would bring to the relationship than about romance and passion. However, they make up for the lack of romance and passionate gestures, with their loyalty, steadiness, and commitment to building a safe, secure life with their chosen partner.
Libra g : Ruled by Venus, Libra is a born lover. They are passionate, romantic, and love to be in love. For Libra, life revolves around this four-letter word. They want to be wooed with romantic nights out, fancy dinners, and thoughtful and lovely (sometimes expensive) gifts. And, since they believe in fairness and justice, they also treat their partners to surprises and pamper them with gifts. Of course, for the always-in-love Libra, it doesn’t end here. Once in love, they tend to devote all their waking hours to their beloved. While they sound like the ideal lover, there can be some hiccups if the outgoing, social, and flirty Libra is paired with a serious or possessive sign. Since Libra gives their all into the relationship, they want someone who will cherish them and give them complete undivided attention.
Scorpio h : Sensitive, possessive, intense, passionate, sensual, and dramatic by nature, Scorpios take time to fully commit to a relationship and open up to their partner. And given their sensitive and envious nature, even the slightest of misunderstanding or miscommunication can rock the boat. While they are slow to commit, once they do, they are loyal and devoted. These folks are great at romance too. They will put in a lot of effort to plan surprises, date nights for their lover. For a Scorpio to be happy in a long-term relationship, they need stability, security, and complete commitment from their partner.
Sagittarius i : The Archers are travelers. They want to see the world, explore the unseen, and have fun. It’s not easy for Sagittarius to commit. Since travel and adventure are their first loves, they are generally attracted to people who share their love for these things and love to have a good time. Along with the love for adventure, the Sag wants a partner who is reliable, committed, and honest. Once the Archer finally falls for someone, they commit fully and work on building a steady and strong relationship. They are loyal and passionate lovers so there’s never any shortage of romance in the relationship.
Capricorn j : Another perfectionist sign, the Capricorns are choosy lovers. For them love is a part of their larger plan for life. The mighty Goats treat romance as a business proposition, it has to be profitable. Capricorns are attracted to a partner who is well-settled, successful, practical, hardworking, loyal, well-behaved, and committed to living a good life. Given their demands, these people take some time to commit. However, once the particular Capricorn finds someone, they will very generously show their romantic side. Their chosen partner will be treated to the very best things that life has to offer.
Aquarius k : Aquarians are thinkers and intellectuals of the Zodiac. They do not actively seek out love. In fact, if you happen to fall in love with one, you will have to take the lead and do the chasing. These intellectual folks have very specific requirements for a partner. They tend to fall in love with their mind and not their heart. So for a long-lasting relationship, it is critical for the partner to be intelligent, interested in many different topics, and capable of having long conversations about the many issues plaguing the world. They also do not do too well with emotions, so a person who is clingy or overly emotional will not be able to hold their interest for long. The Aquarian needs a partner who is mentally and emotionally strong and mature. There can't be too much drama in a relationship with an Aquarius.
Pisces l : The dreamy, overly sensitive, and gentle Fish can easily fall in love. They are romantic and love to make every day special for their significant other. Since Pisces is a caring and nurturing sign, anyone who falls in love with them can be sure to receive a lot of attention and care. However, since their kindness and empathy are often misused, they are not quick to trust. Their partner will have to work hard to earn their trust and love. To sustain a long-term and happy relationship with Pisces their partner would also need to be as sensitive to the Fish’s needs as they are to the partner’s. Even a bit of neglect in love can depress the gentle and emotional Pisces.
While each sign has its own specific needs in love, universally everyone wants someone who will treat them with respect, be loyal, and be committed to them and the relationship.

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