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Mercury's Doing the Backward Cha-Cha in Virgo: Expect Delays and Laughs!

What - Mercury Retrograde in Virgo
When - Aug 23, 2023- Sep 15, 2023
What to expect - deep self-reflection, rejuvenation and overflowing compassion
What to be cautious of - communication blunders, technological breakdowns, delayed travel plans

Pause and Refresh Yourself During Mercury Retrograde in Virgo 😴

Take a moment to relax!
This is the prime message Mercury retrograde in Virgo is dropping you.
Mercury retrograde in Virgo essentially marks a slowdown of your cerebral faculties. If you’ve been overusing your brain and denying a break, then this Mercury retrograde will push you into deeper moments of relaxation.
Mercury is primarily responsible for the maintenance of your mental health. With a direct effect on your nervous system, this planet can throw you into thinking too much, stir up mental disturbances and manifest abrupt physical moments.
Quick hand gestures, rapid movement of the eyeballs and fast-talking are some of the traits of an active Mercury. While Mercury retrograde is usually a dreaded period, in Virgo, it will bring an essential slowdown. During this time, the usually antsy you could lapse into a state of blithe! Logic and reason could come to a standstill.
Moving backwards, the Mercury in Virgo will enable you to cultivate mindfulness and create a ‘happier you’ even if it is for a brief time.
The cracks in your brain let the ideas out into the open, but now, you’ll be retreating into your shell to do some deeper thinking.
Retrogrades are known to bring slowdowns, and with the Mercury retrograde taking place in the Earth sign, the slowdown is going to be a solid one. The mental variations that you had been seeking earlier will
Virgo is an exacting sign, often pruning down all that is rudimentary and inessential. This retrograde will be doing exactly the same for you. It will mow down your junk thoughts and divert your focus towards essential subjects, those being of your health and routines.
Simultaneously, Venus's retrograde, from July 22 to September 3, adds an intriguing layer to this period, casting an aura of nostalgia and relationship review.
This dual-retrograde phase might lead to unexpected reunions with people from your past, igniting memories and reevaluations. It could become a time to navigate the delicate terrain of reconnecting with former companions or cautiously avoiding rekindling connections that are better left untouched.
As Mercury enters its retrograde phase in Virgo, the Full Moon in Pisces on August 30 creates a distinctive alignment, almost in opposition to Mercury. This interaction balances the intellectual slowdown prompted by Mercury, inviting a more profound connection with inner feelings, intuition, and creativity.
This dance between opposing forces encourages thoughtful consideration of the balance between our physical existence and spiritual pursuits. It urges us to let go of what's unnecessary and to find a smoother, more harmonious daily rhythm, allowing the analytical mind and intuitive heart to work together.
The alignment fosters a deeper engagement with dreams, artistic expression, and spiritual exploration, forming a bridge between the logical and the mystical.

Watch What You Communicate During This Mercury Retrograde 🙊

Mercury retrograde in Virgo is a significant point of transformation, not only for you but also for those around and far from you. For the coming three weeks, this transformation will happen through your communication, both through spoken and written words.
Mercury rules the tongue - and when did the tongue have bones?
So watch out for your choice of words when you write letters, shoot emails or talk to people in general. What is important during this transit is to understand your style of communication.
Mercury retrograde, especially in Virgo (since it is a sign that has the upper hand over criticism over the other signs), could bring out the darker side of interpersonal communications. You might see verbal aggression and deception sprouting in you during this retrograde.
Blocked communication is also one of the negative outcomes of this retrograde. You may not tend to hurt someone intentionally, but it's the time that you set out talking (with people) that doesn’t seem right.
You may spend a great deal of time thinking about how the partner (you’re dating) feels about you or what people think about you in general.
Don’t criticise yourself to the point of being annoying. The uncertainty will surely loom over, but it's important to assess the state of the relationship - firstly with yourself, then with your partner and then with the others.
You are getting a chance to become fully conscious of your inner workings. There are also high chances that you will become aware of your thoughts for the most part of this transit. So, keep your channels of communication flexible.
Communication barriers can lead to misunderstandings and frustrations in your relationships. One of the best ways to deal with this is to simplify your messages by using clear and concise language. It's essential to keep monitoring your communication channels this retrograde and craft your messages(both written and spoken) carefully to avoid any kind of friction in your relationships.
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Effects of Mercury Retrograde in Virgo on Gemini, Virgo, and Pisces

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Gemini ♊
As Gemini is ruled by Mercury, the retrograde phase in Virgo will amplify the effects on this sign. Expect a heightened sense of mental fatigue and communication glitches. The usually agile and articulate Gemini might find themselves fumbling with words and overwhelmed by overthinking. During this period, it's best to focus on self-care and embrace the slowdown.
Virgo ♍
Being in its own sign, Mercury's retrograde movement will have a significant impact on Virgo. The meticulous, detail-oriented nature may become a hindrance as Virgo natives struggle to cut through the clutter of their thoughts. This is a time to mow down the junk thoughts and focus on essential subjects, primarily health and daily routines. Letting go of perfectionism and embracing imperfection might be the mantra for Virgos during this retrograde.
Pisces ♓
Pisces, the opposite sign to Virgo, will also feel the pull of Mercury retrograde. The intuitive and emotional Pisceans might face an internal tug-of-war between logic and feelings. This could result in confusion and indecisiveness. By embracing mindfulness and simplicity, Pisceans can cultivate clarity and peace during this time.

Go with the Flow 🍃

Your phone might suddenly give you a problem, or a friend might ditch you for a trip you’ve been wanting to go for so long. Sudden delays will kick you off your pench and cause much more irritation than you had anticipated. Unexpected breakdowns will happen, but you avoid quick reactions to these things. You never know- they might be blessings in disguise!
While you display pensive behaviour this retrograde, remember that too much resilience will wipe out the subtle understandings that are beginning to surface. When you see things not going as per your plans (which you’re bound to see this retrograde), make yourself wait.
Relax, take deep breaths and filter the things that need to be done first. Things will make you impatient, but you gotta be mindful of these interruptions and focus on one task at a time.

Follow these simple rituals to sail smoothly through these maddening retrograde times 🕊️

Fix your schedules
The high-flying mercury is suddenly slowing down in the sign of Virgo. With your sensory wanderings slowing down, too, it will be easier for you to cultivate physical and psychological well-being.
If you’ve had faulty schedules or are struggling to cultivate a constructive habit, then this is the best time to do so. Working towards your well-being and regulating your schedules during this time will enhance your productivity in all sectors of your life..
Eat foods that will soothe your nervous system 🥦
Mercury retrograde in Virgo could slow down your metabolism. Take care of your digestive system. Your nervous system, though in a shell, will still be working harder while contemplating the deeper questions. Besides, Virgo is also a sign deeply connected to your digestive system.
While you do the deeper thinking, avoid eating heavy meals, and most importantly, chew your food properly. Eat more berries, peaches, cherries, red grapes, watermelon, oranges, avocado, quinoa and green leafy vegetables. Take double care to hydrate yourself, as water will impart more clarity to your thoughts during this transit.
Let meditation take root ️ 🧘‍♀
Meditation does not essentially mean sitting in a difficult pose and vehemently concentrating on your breath or trying to do something exceptional. Even simple day-to-day acts can be turned into meditation. The hard thinking that you do during this transit could lead to a significant drop in your energies.
Trying to meditate rigorously could further drain you. Read a book, eat chocolate, opt for music or aromatherapy, dance - choose the activity you like and do it with complete awareness. Do what you like, and meditation will come naturally to you!
Have green fingers 🌱🖐️
Grow something this retrograde. Mercury naturally relates with plants, while Virgo is a sturdy earth sign. To overcome the tedious effects of this retrograde, get back to the natural ability of growing plants.
Even if it is a single potted plant, grow it and spend some time with it every day. This, too, is one of the most effective forms of meditation. Growing and spending time with plants will promote your healing and support the spiritual awakening happening during this retrograde.
Journal your thoughts 📔🖋
There’s nothing like writing your feelings, especially this retrograde. Your creativity will be at its height, and so will your perplexion. So vent out while you share your most intimate feelings with those paper pieces.
Volunteer or donate to charities 🤝
This retrograde will bring out your philanthropic side. So instead of suppressing or modifying it, follow your heart. A service-oriented viewpoint will be one of the central themes of this retrograde and propel the growth this retrograde is trying to bring you in.
Be around children 👶🍭
Children have natural and invaluable wisdom. While you retract this retrograde, make it a point to spend some time with children. Playing with the tots will help you unwind and neutralise your welled-up negative thoughts.

Concluding Thoughts on Mercury Retrograde in Virgo 💭

Just before the New Moon enters Virgo, Mercury retrograde will spill both the positive and negative outcomes for the coming few weeks. Here, during this retrograde, getting focused is what is most important.
We’ve said that mercury rules your nervous system, and Virgo is already a cerebral sign. So watch out for the heavy mental load this retrograde will bring. Things could get eerie as this retrograde will surely try your patience.
Just hang in there and, each day, find some time to decompress.
Patience requires practice, and so does maintain a non-reactive state. This retrograde, try both these. It's just okay to slow down and this retrograde; if trying these two makes you slightly happier, then it's definitely worth trying.

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