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Venus in Retrograde 2023: Surviving the Leo Love Circus!

What - Venus retrograde in Leo
When - Jul 22, 2023 to September 3 2023
What to expect - Capitalizing on your creativity, reassessing your actions and making meaning out of your relationships.
Be cautious of - Ego-centric tendencies, heavy emotional undercurrents, too much heat in relationships and extravagance.

Leo is a heaty sign. A fixed fire one, this sign is symbolized by immense power. On July 22nd, when Venus, the planet of love, money and pleasure moves into this sign, the heat will be turned on at double the intensity.
The blend of Venusian and Leonine energies could turn lethal, revolving around raw sex and raging passions. This transit signifies our personal power to overcome the lofty hurdles in relationships.
Money and love will be the central themes of this transit. Both these themes have been at the center right from the primitive man. Certain things never change with evolution, we guess. Both these themes yet continue to be our Achilles heels. You’ll see a sharp rise in your ego making these two subjects even more controversial for the coming few months.
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Effect of Venus Retrograde in Leo on Fire Signs 🔥

Prevalent Characteristics
If you belong to any of these three signs- Aries, Leo or Sagittarius, then you are ruled over by the element of fire.
Fire symbolizes everything that’s intense- love, desire, passion and transformation. As a fire sign, you are known for both your empathy and enthusiasm. You’re voltaic, and people are too quick to notice you in a room.
The light and warmth you exude in a relationship sets you apart from the others. Born under one of the fire signs, be it creativity or destruction, everything is over-spilling in you.
How will the Venus Retrograde in Leo affect your relationships?
In love and (general) relationships, you do tend to have a lot of fire. But, with Venus slipping into the retrograde, you may see this inner fire veering to extremes- burning either too intensely or dimming a great deal.
Instead of grace and generosity, ego could become the center point in your relationships. Beware of the destruction that the fire can cause this time.
As you glide through the retrograde, things will shake up a bit in your love life, but again, soak in the changes this retrograde brings in your relationships.
Let’s not forget that fire burns. Rumblings will happen as Venus slips into the wild sign of Leo. But, erasing and replacing people around could hardly be a workable solution this time.

Advice for Fire Signs during the Venus Retrograde in Leo

Aries a
Try doing interesting things with your partner to re-ignite that lost spark. For you dear Aries, the Venus retrograde in Leo is all about reassessing your love life. Get out more with your spouse, take weekend trips, hold hands with your partner more often to not let that unwanted tension build up.
You too may feel vulnerable this time, but don’t be a lone wolf. Being ruthless and impatient (whether towards yourself or others) is not going to work this retrograde.
So, cultivate compassion for your partner (and yourself) and try to become more aware of his/her emotional needs.
Leo e
Too much clinging to your personal-identity? This retrograde, for you dear Leo, is all about making your partner feel included. We aren’t asking you to sacrifice your individualism while staying close to your partner.
The act of self-consumption isn’t going to help you too much during the retrograde. Trim down the expectations you have of your partner (and yourself). Beauty is the core theme of Venus as a planet. Whether you’re single, dating or in a relationship, too much attention to glamor and beauty could cause a great deal of damage.
So value your individuality, but don’t forget to appreciate your partner too.
Sagittarius i
Fantasy and imagination could be the primary rulers as you glide through the retrograde. You aren’t only an adventurer of the land, but also love experimenting with your relationships.
The otherwise bold Sagi could feel a little stagnated during the retrograde. You may also feel that your relationships are cramming you into the box and not allowing you enough space to expand. If you find someone unreachable, there could be a deep need to cut off from people.
The best thing to do this retrograde is to identify your triggers and do a reality check. This retrograde will teach you to prioritize and enable you to learn the importance of setting healthy boundaries. Your interests and priorities are not only about your partner (or relationships in general), but it's all about being silent and going inward to gain better control over your mind.

Effect of Venus Retrograde in Leo on Air Signs 🌬️

Prevalent characteristics
Air signs signify movement. And it's a swift movement! Be it physical or cerebral, being born under any one of these signs connotes that you are simply ‘fast’ at whatever you do.
You effortlessly move through ideas and can get hold of a larger picture in a jiffy. As a personal sign, the message is clearly laid out by you to the others around, 'Change is constant'.
Fascination, curiosity, and spontaneity are your core traits. The best part about you is that you aren’t bound by conventions. Propelled by your ideas, you write your own rulebook.
How will the Venus Retrograde in Leo affect your relationships?
Air signs are usually known to be easily detachable. Yes, they are equally sociable too, but rub them the wrong way, and you’ll see them take to their heels. This Venus retrograde in Leo could do this more often than you and we realize. Air signs are curious people and can be easily distracted by external stimuli.
The ups and downs this retrograde brings into your relationships could well lead you into reacting vehemently. There are high chances that the strong pent-up emotions will break their barriers and gush out.

Advice for Air Signs during the Venus Retrograde in Leo

Gemini c
Communication has always been your strength. Somehow, you always find something engaging to put across the table.
You beautify words without really losing the essence of what you have to say. But this retrograde, things could go a bit unexpectedly. Accept the responsibility for your own feelings. Besides talking, it's important to listen to your partner in a relationship.
You may struggle to hit a meaningful conversation, but make a balance between your words and what you feel. You are a cerebral sign. So avoid overthinking and try out better ways of getting straight to the point. This will lead to an increased connection and better conflict resolution.
Libra g
You understand the importance of building strong social networks. But, this retrograde could well lead you into either being disjointed or aloof.
At the core, you’ll now truly get down to weighing the quality of your relationships. Be it with your spouse, friends, or colleagues, your relationships will now start revealing the undertones—the ones that you’ve been shutting yourself from.
You are the original peacemaker of the zodiac, but this retrograde will start pushing you towards expressing your opinions. This could also hint at removing toxic people from your life and cultivating meaningful relationships. Set out, meet more people, and reassess your current relationships at the same time.
Aquarius k
The Venus retrograde could be a healing time for you dear Aquarius. Someone you were dating in the past—an ex-flame of yours, could come back to you.
This is the right time to study your behavioral patterns in romantic relationships. If there’s a past wound you’re struggling with and just had a make-do bandage on it, you’ll get a good chance to get over it.
Be it a relationship of any kind (business or personal), don’t forget to tend to your emotional needs as well. Whether single or dating, develop your energies and first make peace with yourself.
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Effect of Venus Retrograde in Leo on Water Signs 🌊

Prevalent Characteristics
Generous, generous, generous—that’s what you are! Being born in one of the water signs, you have the power to heal and let go.
In a way, the water signs personify healing. These three signs are highly intuitive and sentimental. It's just being like water—subdued but irresistible at the same time.
The changing nature of water signifies the fundamental nature of these three signs. Their flexibility is their greatest virtue and the power to retaliate in a gentle nature. People find you mysterious for various reasons. You desire security, home, and are easy to fall in love with.
How will the Venus Retrograde in Leo affect your relationships?
The Venus retrograde in Leo will augment your need to seek emotional fulfillment.
‘Flow’ is the typical trait of water signs. With Venus entering retrograde in the sign of Leo, you could feel an obstruction in this flow. This retrograde will tap into your psyche and nudge you to evaluate your own space in your relationships.
As a water sign, you do tend to absorb a lot of energy from the environment, and this time, you’ll actually become a sponge—getting even more sensitive to people’s mental waves. This could act as a barrier while you seek purgation of your own feelings. This retrograde will improve your ability to sense the world—especially your inner world.

Advice for Water Signs during the Venus Retrograde in Leo

Cancer d
You want to partner with someone who can assure you security. Besides love, Venus is also the planet of extravagance. You could be attracted to all things luxurious and beautiful.
So watch out for your overspending tendencies. If you’re in for pleasing your spouse or people you are related to, be cautious not to go overboard this time. It's time to gauge your ‘material value’ and how your assets are directly influenced/related to your relationships.
In relationships, you might feel that your abilities aren’t good enough or over-analyze simple decisions. Practicing positive affirmations is an absolute essential during this retrograde rather than questioning, 'Am I worthy of others' affection?'
Scorpio h
You couldn't get more mysterious this retrograde, dear Scorpio. You’re anyway tough to decipher, and now, you seem even more obscure to people, especially your spouse.
Drop your guards—at least when the need be. Only revealing your obscure side could repel people away from you. In the wake of developing a long-lasting public image (even legacy), you could, in a way, sideline your relationships.
Workplace conflicts, projects, and your subsequent achievements could take center stage for you in this retrograde period, but don’t forget to be compassionate to your own people (and to yourself).
Pisces l
It's time to pamper yourself and also the ones you love.
During this retrograde period, the health of your loved ones (and yours too) will take the center stage. The mundane things of daily routine could irk an otherwise creative you. But it's essential to learn the basics of sticking to the daily routine to cultivate some amount of discipline in an otherwise playful Pisces.
Book a spa appointment for the ones you love (especially your spouse), arrange coffee dates, plan healthy meals, go walking—for you, this retrograde is all about gelling up over health with your loved ones.

Effect of Venus Retrograde in Leo on Earth Signs 🌿

Prevalent characteristics
Revering conventions, looking in a single direction, and exhibiting workaholic tendencies are your prime traits.
Primarily being related to the element of earth, you have a strong sense of belonging. As an individual, you know your place. Rather than living in the air, you focus more on the realities of day-to-day life.
You belong to one of the most practical groups of the zodiac. Your tactile sense is highly developed, and you often rely on it to make your judgments. With that nurturing hormone circulating all through your body, you have the gut to take complete responsibility in relationships.
How will the Venus Retrograde in Leo affect your relationships?
The earth signs are the most grounded ones in the entire zodiac. This element expresses the gross matter, which is why it also speaks volumes of the much sought after security in relationships.
The Venus retrograde in Leo sparks up your need to look for security in your relationships. This innate need to look for security could make you clingy and shoot up your ego.
While you value the concept of ‘freedom’, this hyped up need for sustenance, physical abundance, and dependability could spin your relationships in unexplored directions.

Advice for Earth Signs during the Venus Retrograde in Leo

Taurus b
You are the bull of the zodiac, and people know you for your sturdiness. In relationships, you’re highly protective, but your stubbornness could lead you into problems this retrograde.
If you’re placing excessive demands in your relationships, get a reality check. This time, your adamant demands could gravely sabotage your relationships.
Nurture your inner child, but not at the expense of the ones close to you. Watch out if you’re being excessively protective of your loved ones. This could choke them and hamper their growth. Give them a breather and strive to keep your relationships flexible (rather than implementing excessive control).
Virgo f
You are a perfectionist, and let us say without sin that you’re too quick to look for flaws. This retrograde season, when you may seem to have set impossibly high standards for your loved ones (and also for yourself), things need a bit of change.
Don’t be too quick to criticize, as relationships deserve a little more pliability. If things don’t function as per your expectation, you could get into isolation.
Voluntary isolation from people around could further lead to nitpicking behavior. Solitude is great, but only when you need to do deeper thinking. Dig for the good in others (including yourself). Things will be chaotic this retrograde, but it's totally up to you to look for the beauty in it.
Capricorn j
Dear Capricorn, your relationships could go through a huge transformation this retrograde. This retrograde could also easily detach you from other people.
You’ll be nudged to look for the deeper meaning of relationships and the role they have to play in promoting your personal growth. You could see the slightest hint of disapproval in relationships as a personal defeat. You’ll feel that either you owe somebody or somebody owes you something.
Venus is already going at a slower pace and could test your patience with your people and finances. So, keep your workaholic tendencies in check this retrograde, or it could potentially prove harmful for your relationships.

The Crux of Venus Retrograde In Leo

Our brains are constantly working right from the time we're born. But it's doubtful if it works the same way during this Venus transit. Love can choke your brains- and ask someone who has freshly fallen for someone!
Whether love is ephemeral or long-lasting, we know not. But what we do know is that your love life could be the center of conflict, at least when Venus retrogrades in Leo.
Venus gliding into Leo will nudge you to assess your relationship not only with others but also with yourself. You are the source of all that’s happening around you, for you become the experiencer- the evidence of all that has occurred.
Though the retrograde Venus could willingly endanger your sanity, it will give you a fair chance to navigate your relationships gracefully and patiently. Cultivation of higher understanding will begin when this retrograde starts teaching (even if you don’t wish to learn) you to empathize with others (especially the ones in your immediate surroundings) despite their shortcomings.

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