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How October 2023 Planetary Shifts Will Transform You!

Planetary transits are transformative periods. These periods, though temporary, bring about drastic changes in our lives.
Various transits occur throughout the month. Transits overlap and thus, create a complicated mosaic of changes that’s often difficult to comprehend.

Transits can be both relaxing and stressful. The nature of transits vary and so do their effects on our mind and body. The subtle energies these transits send immensely transform us on mental and spiritual levels. Even the cells, the smallest unit of your body, are receptive to these changes and react according to these cosmic markers.
Wherever the planets jump during their transit, their sole purpose is to make us aware of our potential - both material and spiritual. Along with awakening our inherent potential, they give us a chance to understand the cosmic play that so heavily influences our lives.
Transit Chart

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October 2023 Planetary Transit Key Dates and It's Effect On You

⚖️ Mercury enters Libra - October 4th, 2023

You’ll be brimming with zeal and confidence during this transit. Mercury swiftly swarming into Libra will poke you to balance your excess of energy - precisely ‘nervous energy’.
Direction and stimulation will be the pivotal points here, and you’ll just feel tad inspired to follow your deepest instincts. Catch the verbal cues and stop worrying about things that are beyond your control.
There’s always a bit of space to worry, but instead, try to squeeze in some equanimity in all that’s happening around you. There’s no harm in telling yourself, 'This too shall pass.'
You may experience a dynamic state initially, but - it’ll all be cool once you start realizing your zeal to do better each day.

🌱 Venus enters Virgo - October 8th, 2023

Venus entering Virgo is bringing your hibernation to an end! With the onset of this transit, you’ll feel an energy uprush through your nerves. Skip the sodas and sugary snacks for these foods could dampen your new-found energy.
Pep up your travel plans that you put on a long hold. Practice yoga and meditation and minimize your T.V binges. This time marks self-discovery. So go outdoors and get enough sunshine.
A great deal of change is coming your way. So detox yourself to make way for love and happiness.
Venus Calculator

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🌊 Pluto Direct - October 10th, 2023

A direct Pluto, on October 10th, will be rolling your secret beliefs and desires. With the emotional sediment coming up to the surface, you could feel a little chaotic. Know that the ensuing mental chaos is temporary and will soon settle down.
There are high chances that you may see a tremendous shift in your energy systems, and this is why you need to be watchful of your behavior. It's a transit that marks an intense self-transformation. Meditate, be empathetic, and practice self-awareness.

🔥 Mars enters Scorpio - October 12th, 2023

A heightened time for your passions and ambitions! A narcissistic personality may arise, and you might seek more external control. Watch out - and we seriously mean watch out!
You may consciously or unconsciously start engaging in power struggles, which could tremendously hamper your mental health. If you see unresolved power struggles surfacing, avoid immediate and impulsive reactions.
Instead, apply awareness and cultivate a willingness to collaborate. This transit is a fantastic opportunity to sharpen your skills, cultivate strength, overcome lower animalistic instincts, and cultivate devotion towards your work, relationships, and all things ‘higher.’

🌑 New Moon solar eclipse (annular) in Libra - October 14th, 2023

The transit is getting you into the phase where you’d look for more harmony and balance. It's Libra, the sign of beauty, and the full moon too symbolizes beauty.
To avoid turning superficial during this time, you have to be watchful. Pry into the fundamental questions of life, and that’s what’s more important than just looking for prettier stuff.
Meditate and try to strike the real balance between who you are and who you’d want to become. This transit is the best time to learn to accept the good and bad in your life and come over it without being biased.

💑 Juno enters Virgo - October 17th, 2023

Juno is the asteroid of partnerships, while Virgo is the sign of pure commitment. This transit marks your time of re-evaluation - of your relationships with yourself and with others.
Virgo is a sign of detail, and now, small things will start to matter in your relationship. Trust, communication, love: every aspect of your relationship will come to the fore and be tested!
This transit will also poke you to gauge how you see yourself in a relationship and how far you want to go.
Juno Calculator

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🔍 Mercury enters Scorpio - October 22nd, 2023

It's the perfect blend of inquisitiveness and secretiveness. Mercury is both chatty and witty, while Scorpio is the sign of pure secrecy. Superficiality will turn feeble, and you’ll start looking at the deeper questions of life.
Mercury getting into the darker realms of Scorpio will brighten up almost everything. The questions and issues you’ve long been ignoring will re-surface, and you’ll be forced to look at them in the face.
Everything that you do now - from working to building relationships with people, everything will attain a subtle and mysterious nuance.

☀️ Sun enters Scorpio - October 23rd, 2023

It's time for immense confidence! Sun in Scorpio will bring you to face some of the extreme challenges - be it in your personal or professional life. Such shall be the energy shift that instead of sulking, you’ll start enjoying these challenges.
In fact, you’ll feed on them. Your personal ambitions and passions will attain a new high. You’ll just know how to get things done, be it through trick or plea.
Your powers will be tremendous - all you gotta do is realize them and use them in the right way to get somewhere during this transit.

🌕 Full Moon Lunar eclipse in Taurus - October 28th, 2023

An extremely emotional time! It's the time for romance and relationships. Besides providing fulfillment in many areas, the full moon in Taurus will highlight those areas of your life where you need improvement.
Valuable lessons will come your way provided you’re willing to learn. Adaptability and creativity are the pivotal points of this transit. If you manage to keep some mental flexibility, then this transit has the caliber to take you a little farther than you had expected.
Gregariousness too shall come naturally to you, but do not skip spending some time in complete isolation so that you’re able to see yourself a little better.

Embracing Transits: A Journey of Self-Discovery ✨

We really believe that transits are like fireflies. Just like flashes of brief light, planetary transits give us an insight into our personal traits. Though for a brief moment, they shed light onto something - some dominant element that was there, but yet hidden from your eyes.
Be mindful of that moment and catch it! It's all about discovering who you are and navigating the toughest challenges.
Only adversity can forge you! 🔥
Transits are synonymous with personal growth. If you are open to them, they have so much to offer. In that confusing mesh of life, transits actually equip you with powerful tools to nick open the net and set yourself free of all the past limitations and hindrances.
Transits could be leaving you in lurch, but in the end, push you a step towards unveiling your real purpose. They make ‘self-discovery’ a plausible term. Though we may feel it happens by chance, transits actually plan this ultimate discovery by helping us observe our thoughts and nudging us to act in the right direction.
The shift is tremendous, but not before it has turned your world upside down. Be it relationships, career choices, or spiritual ascension, just like that glowing firefly, transits ground us, in the moment, trigger our potential, and enable us to become mindful of all that’s happening around us.

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