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Part of Fortune: Your Key to Success, Luck, and Prosperity

Part of Fortune is an astrological indicator of your skills and talent. It shows in which profession or career you can make your mark and succeed. It represents your capabilities, abilities, and possibilities.
If you understand what Part of Fortune is, where it is located, and how you can use it for fulfilling your goals and dreams, you can create your own luck.

How to Find Part of Fortune in the Birth Chart?

Also known as Fortuna, it is represented in your birth chart as a wheel with an X in the middle. Part of Fortune is a combination of your Sun, Moon, and Ascendant. How the combination is formed depends on which part of the chart your Sun is located on.
If the Sun is located in any house between 7 to 12, you have a day chart. And, if the Sun is located in any house between 1 to 6, you have a night chart. The method to find the Part of Fortune in both charts is slightly different.
In the day chart, Part of Fortune is calculated as Ascendant + Moon - Sun. And in the night chart, it is calculated as Ascendant + Sun - Moon. However, most modern astrologers use the first method, irrespective of the chart, to find and calculate the Part of Fortune.
You can easily create your birth chart online via our natal chart calculator for free.

Why You Should Know Your Part of Fortune

As explained above, Part of Fortune can help you build a better life and can enable you to create your luck. It can open the doorway to a successful and prosperous life.
Your Part of Fortune can help you find new opportunities and caution you against any big life changes set to happen in the near future.
The Fortuna can help you understand your inborn qualities, talents, and skills. It can guide you to the right path so that you may be able to fulfill the purpose of your life.
Along with guiding you towards the path to success, the Part of Fortune can also help you understand your health better and may caution you against any health issues that you may suffer from.

Impact of the Different Astrological Placements on the Part of Fortune

In astrology, you have to look at both the part and the sum of all the parts. That is, to understand the impact of a specific placement or occurrence, you need to look at the complete picture and not just the specific planet, star, or aspect.
Thus, when trying to analyse the influence of Part of Fortune on your life, you also need to consider its relationship to your ascendant, ruling planet, other planets in the same sign, aspects of the Part of Fortune, and its ruling Zodiac sign, and the ruling Zodiac sign’s relationship to the tenth house - the house of success, status, and achievements.
1) Relationship with the Ascendant - When your Part of Fortune is directly connected to your Ascendant, it creates luck, requiring little hard work from you. Generally, this is what is called being born lucky.
2) Ruling Planet - The ruling planet shows how you pursue your goals and the means you may apply or have at your disposal to achieve them.
3) Aspects to the Part of Fortune - The aspects of the Part of Fortune highlight your talents, skills, and the level of success you may have in your professional life.
4) Ruling Zodiac Sign’s Relationship to the Tenth House - The tenth house rules your achievements, success, and social status. Thus, it is closely related to your Part of Fortune.
To understand your Part of Fortune in detail, it is also important to understand the relationship between the tenth house planets and signs placed in the house.
5) Other Planets in the Same Sign - Depending upon the nature of the planets located in the same sign as Part of Fortune, they can either act as a support in fulfilling your dreams or create hindrances in achieving them.
6) Part of Fortune’s Ruling Zodiac Sign - The Part of Fortune gets its features, positive aspects, and negative traits from its ruling Zodiac sign.
The Zodiac sign indicates the kind of profession you should follow, the nature of success you will achieve, the level of success, challenges you may need to overcome, and the kind of support you may need or may be available to you, depending on the other placements in your birth chart.

Let’s take a look at what you need to do to achieve success based on the Zodiac signs of your Part of Fortune

Aries Part of Fortune a

An Aries Part of Fortune leads to success when the Aries traits of independence, spontaneity, and leadership are applied. If this is the sign of your Part for Fortune, then to be successful, you need to trust your gut, be able to make your own decisions, and act fast.

Taurus Part of Fortune b

If your Part of Fortune is in Taurus, then to gain the most from it, you need to be able to connect with nature in a personal manner; you should focus on creating things of value and build a routine for yourself.
This routine should involve not only work but also time for fun and indulging in self-care and self-love.

Gemini Part of Fortune c

The twins are, by nature, extroverts, good communicators, and curious. If your Part of Fortune is in Gemini, then to be successful, you need to develop your communication skills, be open to connecting with people from different walks of life, status, and professions and learn from them.

Cancer Part of Fortune d

A Part of Fortune in Cancer demands you embrace your emotions and connect with your loved ones and family.
Success through this placement requires you to be caring and supportive of others and to yourself as well - because no one deserves your love and care as much as you yourself do.

Leo Part of Fortune e

The Lion, is confident, creative, and magnanimous. Leos also like to be in the spotlight. So this Part of Fortune will be activated if you adopt Leo’s larger-than-life personality and work in a profession that requires you to help people or showcase your creativity in some way.

Virgo Part of Fortune f

The methodical Virgo cannot function in chaos or a haphazard environment. If your Part of Fortune is in Virgo, then you need to bring some systems and organisation to your life.
Start paying attention to the little things because, in Virgo’s case, success is in the details.

Libra Part of Fortune g

Balance, harmony, and art are the keys to success for a Part of Fortune in Libra. To open the doors to success, you need to fulfill Libra’s need to be helpful, create a peaceful and loving environment, and find opportunities to give to society through your talents and skills.

Scorpio Part of Fortune h

A Part of Fortune in this sign can be activated by channelling Scorpio’s strong intuition, being open to change, and reinventing yourself when necessary or when an opportunity presents itself.
Holding onto old lifestyles, habits, and beliefs may only hold you back from achieving your true potential.

Sagittarius Part of Fortune i

The Archer is a traveller and an adventure seeker. Sagittarius loves to learn new things, connect with new people, and experience new cultures. So if your Part of Fortune is in this sign, this is what you need to do to make it work for you.
Seek out the new and novel, and be open to sharing your learnings with others.

Capricorn Part of Fortune i

The hardworking goat likes to work in an organised manner and environment. Capricorns are practical, methodical, and dedicated to their goals. So a Part of Fortune in this sign will expect you to imbibe these qualities if you want to be successful.

Aquarius Part of Fortune k

The innovative, forward-thinking, and progressive Aquarius succeeds best when they are challenging the status quo, not conforming to norms, and creating a new path that may benefit many. These traits are the key to finding success if your Part of Fortune is in Aquarius.

Pisces Part of Fortune l

If your Part of Fortune is ruled by the dreamy Pisces, then you need to harness your psychic abilities, spirituality, and capability to heal or soothe people.
When you go with the natural flow of Pisces nature, it will be easier for you to find avenues for success.