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Know Your Roots: Delve Deeper Into Your Private Self

Illuminate your foundational energies and personal roots with our accurate free Imum Coeli (IC) Calculator. Comprehend your past to guide your future

Enter your accurate birth details to reveal your personal Imum Coeli (IC) sign.

What is Imum Coeli (IC) in Astrology?

You may know about the Ascendant/Rising Sign and the Descendant. Now, meet the Imum Coeli (IC), the opposite point to the Midheaven and the foundation of your natal chart, marking the fourth house cusp – the house of home, roots, and personal core.

The IC symbolizes your innermost self, personal past, and childhood environment.

It's like a treasure chest, containing precious memories and experiences that shaped you.

Often, it represents aspects of ourselves that we keep hidden, even from our own consciousness, that needs mindful exploration to uncover.

Discover Your Imum Coeli (IC) Sign Now

What does it mean to have a specific Imum Coeli (IC) sign in my natal chart?

The Imum Coeli (IC) sign in your natal chart represents your personal and private world, your home, family, and roots.

While the Imum Coeli (IC) whispers secrets about your home life and where you come from, the MC is about your work life and your mark on the world.

Discover Your Imum Coeli (IC) Sign Now

What Can We Learn From Our Imum Coeli (IC) Sign?

The Imum Coeli's placement in your chart can shed light on your deepest core and personal foundations.

Here's what it can tell you:

Inner Self: Your IC sign points to your deep-seated emotional needs and private self.
Family Ties: It gives insights into your familial relationships and your perception of home.
Personal Growth: The IC can guide you towards areas of personal growth and healing.
Subconscious Traits: Your IC sign reflects the traits that are hidden beneath the surface, waiting to be explored.
Discover Your Imum Coeli (IC) Sign Now

What does our Imum Coeli (IC) Calculator provide?

Our Imum Coeli (IC) calculator provides a detailed report, pinpointing your IC sign and offering insights into your inner world familial relationships, and potential personal growth areas.
Our Most Accurate Free Imum Coeli (IC) Calculator is designed to offer insights into your personal core and foundations with the following details:
  • Accurate determination of your IC sign based on your precise birth details.

  • Deep insights into your inner self and emotional needs.

  • Understanding of your familial relationships and roots.

  • Guidance for personal growth and healing.

  • A chance to explore your subconscious traits..

This understanding empowers you to embark on a journey of personal discovery and healing.


Every step towards understanding your personal self is a step towards self-awareness and personal growth.

Discover Your Imum Coeli (IC) Sign Now

Authentic self-understanding comes from diving deep into your inner world.

The Imum Coeli, or IC, acts like a mirror reflecting back on your deepest desires and needs, revealing the type of home environment that suits you best.

In essence, the IC helps make sense of the intricate labyrinth of your soul, providing a clearer understanding of your genuine self.

Reveal the essence of your true identity today.

Discover Your Imum Coeli (IC) Sign Now