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Do You Know What Is Annual Profection and How It Affects Your Life?

Profection literally means 'advancement' or 'forward movement.' Annual Profection or Yearly Advancement is a Hellenistic time lord technique and dates back to the second century BCE. The method of Annual Profection emphasizes the ‘forward movement’ of your Rising sign or Ascendant from one house to the other. This method is thus based on locating your Rising Sign/Ascendant in your natal chart.
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At whatever age you are, one of the twelve houses is pushed into an activation mode. At a particular age, a house (of 12) will fully express itself and exercise a predominant effect on your personality.
Each of the twelve houses represents various themes or different aspects of your personality. On each birthday, your rising sign jumps into the succeeding house and stays there till your next birthday. That house in which your rising sign stays will shape your personality for the rest of the year till your next birthday arrives.
This secret technique decodes your aims, purpose, mode of thinking, behavioral patterns, strong and weak traits, and overall personality for that year. In 12 years, you'll spend one year in each house and soaking in the magnetic currents set in motion by that house.
At the time of your birth, by rule, the Rising sign occupies the first house in your natal chart. Now don't consider that Aries always occupies the first house or is the Rising sign. Signs keep revolving, and different signs occupy the first house for different individuals. So, different individuals will have different ascendant or rising signs.
Your rising sign is fixed at the time of your birth - and that's in the first house. This means that when you're age zero - you are in the 'First House Profection Year.' Your rising sign will move to the second house when you celebrate your first birthday.
So, your age one corresponds to the 'Second House Profection Year.' On your second birthday, your rising sign will move to the third house until your rising sign reaches the twelfth house and starts its journey from the first house. Thus, this journey of your rising sign is a cycle of 12 years that repeats itself.
It's not only the house that's important while the rising sign moves from one house to the other. The sign that occupies that particular house is also important.

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Let's take an example:

Consider your Rising sign is Gemini, and you're 33 years old. Now look up to the wheel or table of Profection and locate your Year of Profection. As per the chart, the 'number 33' corresponds to the 10th house Profection year. Now start counting from the sign of Gemini, taking it as your first sign. You must count till you arrive at the 10th sign. Gemini is the first sign, Cancer= 2, Leo= 3, Virgo= 4, Libra= 5, Scorpio= 6, Sagittarius= 7, Capricorn= 8, Aquarius= 9, and Pisces= 10.
So beginning from Gemini, Pisces is your tenth sign. And thus, your Gemini (the Rising sign) is in the 10th house and occupies the sign of Pisces. At age 33, your tenth house will fling into maximum activity and will rule the year till your next birthday arrives.
Now, after you've located the house and sign of your Ascendant, check for the ruler of the sign. Jupiter is the natural ruler of Pisces. Since Sagittarius coincides with the 10th house in your chart, you're Time Lord is Jupiter! So for the rest of the year, you will be under the influence of Pisces, and to be specific - you'll be under the heavy influence of Jupiter.
Jupiter will amplify the traits of the tenth house, and thus, in this year, you may become optimistic and might get opportunities to travel, seek a promotion, and choose higher education and might receive fame and honor.
You've found the Time Lord, but what do you do with this newfound Time Lord?
Here Jupiter is your natural ruler or the Time Lord. So, take your birth chart and locate the position of Jupiter in your chart. Check what sign and house Jupiter occupies in your natal chart. If you're smart enough, you may also check for transits and aspects the other planets make with Jupiter. This position of Jupiter in your natal chart will give you an in-depth view of how your year's going to be, what you can do to enhance your positive characteristics and what you must do to weed out your negative traits.

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Houses and Signs exert their individual effects. Check out below the personality aspects they rule and the kind of traits they activate in you
House 1
The First House is the place of new beginnings. It rules your personality and worldly outlook in general. So if it's First Profection House for you, then it's time you start something new, maybe new art, a new project, or just make new friends.
House 2
The Second House indicates money and financial affairs. So if it's a Second Profection House, you may plan to increase your finances or cut down on unnecessary expenditures.
House 3
The Third House indicates short journeys, writing, and mental inclinations. If it's Third Profection House for you, then it could be the time to travel and unwind. You'll be pulsating with new ideas, so talking to your diary is also good idea!
House 4
The Fourth House signifies home and domestic affairs. This is the best way to renovate your house, cut the clutter and spend a great year with your friends and family.
House 5
Fifth House signifies children, love affairs, and pleasurable activities. If it's a Fifth Profection Year for you and so, this is a great time to pamper yourself, spend time with your children, and indulge in romantic activities.
House 6
The Sixth House indicates food, hygiene, and sickness. You're in your Sixth Profection Year, and so it's the time you be cautious about your health. Take care of your stomach, cleanse your intestines, watch out for the stuff you eat, and introduce necessary changes in your routine.
House 7
The Seventh House indicates unions, partnerships, and open enemies. In your Seventh Profection Year, you may find love or enter new relationships! Dating someone? Then this may also be the best time to tie the knot. You may also attract a lot of attention this year, so be careful of your enemies.
House 8
The Eighth House indicates astral experiences, financial matters of your partner, transformation, and death. So it's Eighth Profection Year for you, and this is the best time to work on your transformation. Loads of energy are pumping up your spine, so don't get rash while riding/driving.
House 9
The Ninth House signifies visions, dreams, foreign countries, and long journeys. It may be time to explore, visit your dream destination, or plan a long trip to faraway lands. Also, if it's the ninth Profection year for you, then you may see unusual dreams and visions.
House 10
The Tenth House indicates occupation, profession, promotion, honor and fame. If you're in the tenth Profection Year, you might seek a promotion or think of changing your profession. You may scale great heights, and fame and honor may also come your way!
House 11
The Eleventh House indicates friends, associations, connections, and public repute. So if you're in your eleventh Profection year, it's time you improve your associations, start working on your ideas, bring in new friends or get doing the craziest things you may have ever thought of doing.
House 12
The Twelfth House symbolizes the hidden side of your life. Introspection and self-reflection may become important if you're in the twelfth Profection Year. You may dig deep into your thoughts and take time out for meditation. This is the best time to let go of the baggage, forgive people and cleanse yourself.

Every Zodiac sign pulsates with peculiar energy and induces specific traits that are worthy of further cultivation
Aries a - active, ambitious, courageous and generous
Taurus b - steady, kindly, sympathetic and practical
Gemini c - eloquent, studious, intellectual, and liberal
Cancer d- imaginative, maternal, adaptable, and versatile
Leo e - chivalrous, intuitive, hopeful, and inspiring
Virgo f- sensitive, thoughtful, perceptive, and methodical
Libra g - refined, artistic, affectionate, and peacemaker
Scorpio h - fearless, energetic, patience, and pleasant
Sagittarius i - frank, jovial, charitable, and logical
Capricorn j - magnetic, profound, positive, and diplomatic
Aquarius k - inventive, progressive, truth seeker, and sincere
Pisces l - purity, inspiration, inspiration, and hospitality

Conclusion #

So here's an idea of what Annual Profection is. It isn't a tough technique, so use it. Locate your year, house, sign, and the Time Lord. This technique will arm you with essential tools to cultivate the positive traits your Profection Year brings and to weed out those you don't like. This technique gives you a chance to work on yourself and be your best version. But also remember to have fun, whatever house it is!

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