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Unlock the Hidden Power of Astrology: Improve Your Relationships with Natal Chart Analysis

Astrology is an ancient language, the celestial lingo that may hold the answers to all of life's strange and other-worldly mysteries. Astrology and the planetary cycles affect virtually all aspects of your life.
You can use our natal chart to create your birth chart.

Famous Astrology Supporters

'A physician without a knowledge of Astrology has no right to call himself a physician,' Hippocrates said. He is known as the 'Father of Medicine', and he had a specific reason for introducing astrology to practicing physicians at the time. Medicine talks through the hands of a physician, but Astrology whispers through the stars about what's in store for you.
Like Hippocrates, Queen Elizabeth confirmed that all surgeons and lawyers need to be practicing astrologers. John Dee, an astrologer, calculated the Election for Queen's coronation. What does the birth chart reveal about the supreme, all-powerful influence on history's most notable and enigmatic figures? While many renowned universities taught Astrology as a mainstream subject in the late 17th and early 18th centuries, ancient champions like Galileo, Carl Jung, and Benjamin Franklin all had their charts decoded.
JP Morgan Chase, the sixth largest bank in the world, states, 'Millionaires don't use Astrology, Billionaires do'. Can we afford to disagree with those who've actually minted billions if an institute with humongous market capitalization considers astrology to be a vital tool?
Money, love, family, career, and so much more that you would just want to know The 942 quatrains of the French astrologer Nostradamus were published in 1555. The diviner has predicted some of the world-spinning major events that changed the course of history.
Being a predictive tool, Astrology, without doubt, predicts the time frames within which major life-changing events happen.

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What Are the Advantages of Reading Your Birth Chart?

Birth charts contain the blueprint that describes who you are, and astrology is all about decoding it. Your latent talents, potential, and psyche—your birth chart helps to unlock and understand all these three dimensions through natal chart analysis. But it's not only the good things that your chart reveals about you.
It's also the negative aspects of your personality that are brought to the forefront for you to accept and work on them to enable your good traits to become dominant and fully expressive. Studying your birth chart helps you transcend your weaknesses and work on your strengths.
Angles and aspects are formed between the planets. Some are auspicious, and others are not. While taking all the trouble of understanding what happens when Mars squares (90 degrees) with Neptune, Uranus makes a trine (120 degrees) with Venus, or Pluto conjuncts your Ascendant, decoding these secret angels could answer all your questions.
Examine your Moon to see how you express your love and check your Venus to see what traits you imagine in your life partner. The answers to the health of your partnerships lie in the 7th house and the planets that fall within its range.
Astrology and psychology are closely connected. The two are inseparable companions, and studying your birth chart gives you insight into your thinking and behavioral patterns.

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Understanding your Birthchart helps you improve your Relationships

Tenderness and compassion are the two fundamental skills for ensuring that your relationships retain their freshness and longevity. Wondering how natal charts would help you do so? Analyzing the birth charts of your loved ones will give you a profound understanding of your partner's pluses and minuses. It would then be easier for you to empathize with your partner or other people you love.
Traversing known waters is much easier, you see! When you study your own chart, it will open doors to your hidden personality, which you have been sailing along with but weren't aware of.
The hidden traits revealed through your birth chart will help you work on your deepest desires and uproot your insecurities and fears. Working on your strengths and weaknesses helps you improve your relationship with yourself and others.
Examining the tendencies of your friends, family, and colleagues through their birth charts will give you awareness of their psychological tendencies. When you understand their natural patterns and compare your charts with theirs, the fights, the loves, and the mood swings—both yours and theirs—gradually become clear.
Studying natal charts gives you an upper hand in deciphering, handling, and delivering the right emotion at the right time and in the right place. When you compare your birth chart with those you deal with in everyday life, you realize that your and their energies are not always in harmony with each other.
There are times when the energies operate quite differently, triggering a wide range of situations. Astrology will highlight your Achilles' heels and give you ample opportunity to work around them.
Astrology and studying birth charts give you a crash course on how life functions. It is tremendously beneficial in more ways than one, in that it not only helps you align your energies as per the arousing situation but also makes life an enriching experience.
Isn't studying birth charts better than years of exhausting psychoanalysis? Unraveling the secret lingo of the stars will enable you to regulate your behavior the next time you get mad at somebody.

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