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Super Sturgeon Moon in Aquarius 2023: A Fishy Delight in the Night

What - Full Moon in Aquarius ♒️ at 9 degrees and 16 minutes
When - Aug 1, 2023 📅
What to expect - A leap in your humanitarian impulses, sharpening of analytical skills, effective solution-seeking.
Be cautious of - Individuality vs collectivism, bottling up emotions and too much optimism.

The August Super Sturgeon Moon 🌕🐟

A Supermoon occurs approximately three to four times each year when the full moon coincides with its closest approach to Earth in its elliptical orbit, making it appear about 7% larger and brighter than an average full moon. This August, we'll witness the Super Sturgeon Moon in Aquarius.
The term "Sturgeon Moon" is derived from the August full moon's association with the time when sturgeons were most commonly caught, particularly in the Great Lakes, hence the fishy nickname.
In addition to being called the Sturgeon Moon, August's full moon also goes by other names such as Harvest Moon, Corn Moon, and Ricing Moon. So, be sure to keep a camera ready to capture the magnificence of this larger-than-usual lunar spectacle!

It’s Time to Discover Your Greater Calling 🔍

Call it metier, life’s work, or mission. Everything you’ve been looking forward to could stand a chance of materializing this Full Moon.
Full Moon depicts the climax, the final fructification of the previously sown seeds. The New Moon in Cancer was all about honing your talents and opening up about your true feelings. And this Full Moon - it's time to use your talents and feelings for the greater good.
But watch out. It's not going to be an easy Full Moon for you - in fact, for none of us. This Full Moon will put you in some conflict.
When the Full Moon leaps in the fixed sign of Aquarius, the Sun, too, stations itself in the fixed sign of Leo. Leo is a fire sign and signifies individualism, while Aquarius is an air sign signified collectivism.
During this Full Moon, Leo and Aquarius stand in stark contrast to each other - one signifying collectivism while the other favoring individualism. With these being highly operative during this Full Moon, inner conflicts could tear your mind apart.
Full Moons are beautiful, but clearly not rosy this time. These inner conflicts will unfold a magical process in your system. Rubbing against anything that’s hard will surely push you towards perfection. And if you cultivate yourself further, these conflicts could act as a Trojan Horse to crush your ego and reveal your compassionate self, which is the exact reason behind the leaping of the Full Moon in Aquarius.
Self-reflection will take centre stage, and you may devote most of your time to making yourself useful to society.
Your altruistic abilities stand a good chance of reaching a peak, we could say.
Even if it's in the smallest ways, you’ll want to help someone. The circulation of energy during this full moon could get you into collaborations leading to the greater exploration of opportunities.
With your humanitarian impulses exploding, you’ll want to contribute, but the Sun in opposition could make your individual interests heavier. This is when you’ll need to make choices, and that’s why we call it your ‘soul-testing time’.
🌙 Your Sun, Moon & Rising ☀️

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Don’t Get Swept Away 💨

The circuit of energy that develops during this time could certainly overwhelm you.
On the one hand, you’ll want to construct a workable lattice for society, but on the other, you could feel very cold and reserved.
Also, your impatience to do something remarkable could leap.
But remember, that remarkability comes with time. This could lead to rebellious nature, which the Sun, in opposition, can certainly aggravate. Instead of rushing, what you seriously need to do this Full Moon is to gauge the efforts you make in your present situation.
The alterations you make during this Full Moon can surely lead to something satisfying in the coming few weeks. Too much individualism could block your creativity. So watch out if you see your personal interests weighing a bit heavier.
You’ll become incredibly good at thinking critically, but you may find it hard to communicate your thoughts and feelings. Learn to communicate well in your relationships, with your partner, and with people in general. To fulfill your goals, you need people and at times an extensive network of people to get you where you truly want.
Falling silent or clamming up is not really going to help you. So, retreat into your shell only when you need to do deeper thinking. Once you’re done thinking, come out to put your ideas on the table and make them open to work on for the others.
This is not a good time to separate or distance yourself from people, as this could lead to isolation and make you anxious.
You’ll feel the determination, but the Sun in Leo could limit your growth.
Remember that Aquarius is both an electric and eccentric sign. So, this is not the right time to set the rules, as the Sun in Leo could force you.
This Full Moon will fling open up diverse sources for you. All you have to do is derive the ideas and work on them.
Ultimately, the core theme of the Full Moon in Aquarius is to experiment in tandem.
So don’t limit your potential by merely setting up safe and workable frameworks. The Full Moon in Aquarius encourages selflessness but not without breaking personal inhibitions and actually acting crazy if it works! According to Osho, a man who is 100 percent sane is dead. So it's for sure that eccentricity is essential. It's kinda a tonic for your well-mannered and trained self.

🔓 Unlocking the Fundamentals of Aquarian Full Moon ♒️

The Full Moon in Aquarius is all about using your skills to learn and grow. Everything that you do during this time and for the coming two weeks will get you under scrutiny. So if you have difficult relationships with people, learn to draw clear boundaries.
You’ll see the dissolution of your personal goals to some extent. If this happens, do not get nervous. It's beautiful to lose your personal ideals in the wake of greater consciousness. You’ll start focusing on the needs of people, thinking deeply about the larger role you can play in people’s lives.
But understanding a larger purpose (of your life) is not easy. It requires a different mental compass, an intelligence that is unusual. Sun is all about motivation, while Saturn - the natural ruler of Aquarius, is adept at throwing obstacles our way.
Nonetheless, this Full Moon will ensure you reach your full potential despite challenges. All you have to do is - stop being over-critical of yourself and focus on your growth.

Here are a few exciting rituals that you could try out this Full Moon in Aquarius ✨

Get into the healthy company 🚶‍♂️
Cheer up! This Full Moon is potent enough to fling you into some emotional drama. So get yourself some cool company. You need to be with people who are happy and have a sense of humour.
The intricate communication between the Sun and Saturn could lead to a bit of tumult. While you’ll be juggling individualism vs collectivism, don’t forget to get along with people who brighten up your day.
Journal your thoughts 📝
Journaling your thoughts is a great way to get your goals clear. Write down what you feel. Even if your thoughts are unclear, just scribble them down.
Keep writing them regularly (at least for two weeks after the Full Moon), and you’ll gradually see your thoughts manifest this Full Moon. Writing down your feelings will also bring a much-needed catharsis.
Experiment 📚🎨
Try out a new look, a book (a totally different genre that you’ve never tried before) or a hobby. Aquarius is all about experimenting, and now with the Full Moon in it- you can’t miss trying something new. Give yourself a chance this time.
Try anything that you find new and appealing. Aquarius has always been a bit of an eccentric sign. Eccentricity is always empowering. So drop your conventions (if at all you’re conventional) and embrace a change and try something different this Full Moon.
Take a spiritual bath 💎🔮
Pull away from distractions and take uninterrupted time to take your spiritual bath. Essential oils, stones, crystals- see what objects help you purify your intentions the best. Remove the negative energy before you start the bath by cleansing the place and praying.
Taking such a bath will enable you to protect your spiritual energies and divert them for a higher purpose- the core theme of the Full Moon in Aquarius.
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