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June's Strawberry Moon in Sagittarius 2023: How to Embrace Its Energies and Transform Your Life

It's the epiphany time!
How does it feel when you accidentally stumble upon something fascinating that was just there lying in some corner, and you didn’t know?
It's the Full Moon in Sagittarius. Happening on the 3rd of June of 2023, this occurrence welcomes you to the la-la land.

The Full Moon in Sagittarius will open up your dormant ideas, kick your talents and inspire you to speak your feelings out loud. In the process, you’ll discover myriad streaks of your personality that are sure to bowl others over!
Don't be surprised if you feel the ants crawling up your pants. The Sag Full Moon will surely make you restless by creating an upthrust of ideas that could make you go a bit crazy.
The relevance of the Full Moon in Sagittarius - The event indicates the dying of the old and the coming of the new.
Things to focus on - Ripening of the internal potency

The Full Moon in Sagittarius indicates New Beginnings 🌕

June is the time of ripening strawberries. Rightly called the ‘Fruit of the Spirit’, strawberries signify rebirth and a fresh start. The Sag Full Moon, too, is indicative of uprooting the old and rudimentary ideas long rooted in our hearts.
And now is the time to weed them out, create space and let the new ideas breathe in.
What do you want dearly this June season?
Love, good habits, or healthy relationships. It could be anything. Remember the New Moon in Taurus? This was the flower moon! And we had spurred you to implant new intentions and steadily work on them.
If the New Moon in Taurus indicates your connection with the earth and germination of new ideas, then the Full Moon in Sagittarius indicates your fiery spirit to enjoy the fruit of your labour, reap what you had last planted and also keep aspiring for new heights.
This Full Moon indicates that wallowing in past actions is not going to work. It blooming in the sign of the Archer says that you better keep eyeing your goals at all times - and without a wink!

The Sun in Gemini ☀️ and the Moon in Sagittarius 🌕 will ignite your Innate Passions

The occurrence of the Full Moon in Sag is culminating when the Sun rests in Gemini in opposition. With the two luminaries lying starkly 180 degrees opposite each other, the energy built up during the Full Moon will be untamed and will surely bring in some punch.
Now, when these two signs are placed opposite each other, it does not primarily mean that they are working in opposition.
Here, the location of the two signs complement each other and work together to spill some magic!
Gemini is the sign ruled by Mercury. It's the sign of mind - rightly so, the wit. While the ruling planet of the fiery Saggitarius is Jupiter. Sagittarius is the sign of the heart, the gut reaction.
The opposition of the Sun and Moon indicates a profound connection between the heart and mind. This innate connection comes to its full maturation when the Full Moon opens up in the sign of the Archer.
Gemini is an air sign, while Sagittarius is dominated by fire. The energy developed by these two signs fires the original intellect and brings about the unfolding of your true potential.
What are you likely to experience during this Full Moon - A panoramic shift in your perspective, a need to explore your innate potential, an unusual craving to opt for travelling leading to wanderlust (specifically to far-off lands) and a strange restlessness.

How to Cultivate the Energy of The Sag Full Moon? 🧘‍♂️

The Sag Full Moon enmeshes purity and modesty. The aura of the Full Moon will radiate while resting in the archer and bring about a deep transformation in you.
You just gotta trust the entire process and channelise your energies.
Let’s look at it like this: while the fruits and flowers are coming up, the roots focus on getting deeper into the earth.
So, while you reap the fruit of your labour, you must also allow your calibre to swell.
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Try These Rituals to Cultivate the Energy the Archer’s New Moon Is Ringing In 🌱

Connect with nature
Full Moons are highly receptive periods, and Sagittarius is a sign of adventure. The full moon ripening in Sagittarius, thus, could make you keen on trying new experiences first-hand.
The best way to open up these channels and invite your true calling is by spending time with nature. Getting in touch with Nature will boost your immunity and also prepare you for the phases following the Full Moon.
Morning Coffee
The sudden uprush of spontaneity and curiosity could exhaust you. Besides eating strawberries to elevate your moods, sip on your morning beverage to boost your metabolism. Pampering yourself with a light cup of coffee can be extremely relaxing.
Celebrate with others while nurturing yourself
If you’ve booked yourself a spa or massage treatment, take your loved ones along. Call up friends and spend your time with people you like. Full Moon denotes fuller and happier times with your favorite people. Invite a bunch of your favorite people and share a slice of life with them.
A game night with friends, trying a new hobby with friends or visiting coffee/ice-cream parlours - figure out what works best for you. Celebrating with your friends/family is a process of appreciating life and sharing the gifts that the Full Moon has brought you.
Volunteer with a charity
Full Moon in Sagittarius is all about deciphering the ‘Zeal of the Gods’, and what better way than serving others? The epiphanies and revelations that happen during the Full moon will make you compassionate.
Serving others is not only a great ‘Karma Booster’; but also an effective way to contribute towards the life of those around you. It could be serving in the soup kitchens, tending to a street dog or teaching orphans how to write. Choose anything that you like and multiply your reap.
Read a lot of books
Okay, here we kinda presume that you love reading. We don’t deny we could be wrong! But nonetheless, try reading from a book, magazine or newspaper. It could be anything. But just try reading a page. Sagittarius is a sign that emphasises knowledge. Reading will spark your creativity, and who knows, you may stumble on something useful by chance while you flip through the pages.
Sooth your muscles
What better way to soothe your muscles than taking a bath? A spiritual bath can be highly beneficial and cleanses your body/mind. It heals your chakras and soul while unlocking your creative abundance. Use a clean and clutter-free bathtub to indulge in the spiritual bath.
Don't forget to add your favourite herbs, essential oils, flowers, crystals and incense to your bathing water. For better results, you may keep a glass of wine beside your bathtub. Keep away your phone/laptop during this time and unplug to focus on your spiritual healing. Prayer and right intentions are integral elements of spiritual baths that bring effective decluttering of your mind.
Track down your thoughts
The Full Moon in Sagittarius will leap up your creativity. So while you wallow in your imagination, don’t forget to write your thoughts. Writing your thoughts down in a journal or on paper will help you organise your mental clutter. It will cut down the anxiety the Sag Full Moon brings, which will have a tremendous impact on your mind and body.

The Wrap-Up!

The prime ideas of the Archer’s Full Moon are hope, creativity, optimism, adventure and analysis of new ideas.
The Archer’s Full Moon is also called the ‘Strawberry Moon’. The heart shape and colour red of the Strawberries signifies deep passion towards life. While hitting for the passions of life, the Archer’s Moon emphasises on the need to keep your goals in mind.
Celebrate your success, but don’t keep sticking onto the rewards.
The Sag Full Moon is all about relishing the process - the process of unlocking your creativity, of enjoying the sensualities and of soaking in life experiences.
It's a highly spiritual time!
Decluttering your mind through various rituals (above) will channelise your faith in the unknown, bring about emotional cleansing and enable you to track your progress in spiritual insight.