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How to Find Your Perfect Soulmate With a Synastry Chart Reading

Love relates to Astrology and can deepen our understanding of the person with whom we are dating or in love. Love and relationships form an integral part of our journeys, and it's essential to know the degree of compatibility we share with our partners. Through synastry charts, we can explore astrological compatibility and discover more about the hidden aspects of our relationships.

Relationships are complex, and so are our natal charts. Natal charts are an expression of who we really are, and diving deep into them can really help us uncover the secrets of romantic relationships.
Calculate your compatibility with your partner - Synastry chart calculates the compatibility in the relationship between partners.

Use the Synastry Chart to Find Your Soulmate

We hear much about this synastry chart and the marvellous ways in which it can help us. But what exactly is a synastry chart for relationships?
A Synastry chart is the comparison between the natal charts of two individuals in a romantic relationship. An advanced astrologer will take your and your partner's natal charts, compare the position of the planets, and check the harmony between these planets. Is it friendly, harmonious, or hostile? Every detail is scrutinized before reaching a conclusion.
Synastry chart reading is usually done between two people who are either already dating each other or about to enter into a romantic relationship.
A Synastry chart isn't the only way to read the romantic relationship between two people. Using composite charts is another way in which the two individual charts are combined into one. This singular composite chart looks at the overall energy of the relationship and is based on karma and destiny.
But here, our core focus is on the synastry chart, which primarily deciphers the 'compatibility' between two people. Synastry charts can help you know the level of emotional connection you have with your partner. To come down to the perfect readings of synastry charts, we need an experienced astrologer, as natal charts are complex and hold a plethora of information.

What Are the Main Elements to Consider When Reading a Synastry Chart?

Synastry charts have many ingredients that we must check before we can come to any conclusions about the compatibility between you and your partner.
Let's check out these ingredients that are essential for pinning down the synastry chart.
1. The Sun sign and Ascendant
2. Planets/ Luminaries in Synastry
3. Planets Aspects in Synastry
4. Nodes of Synastry chart
5. Houses in Synastry
The above components are the four buttresses, or 'legs', of the relationship synastry chart. And now let's see how each of them works!

The Sun sign and the Ascendant

Sun signs indicate individuality! Sun is the centre of our existence and gives us life, heat, and energy. It's through the Sun that our inner light shines forth, and we can express ourselves fearlessly.
Sun signs encompass a wide aspect of your personality, including the way you look at the world, your inner tendencies, passions, and abilities to express yourself. Comparing sun signs is one of the most essential tools of synastry reading, as it gives you a chance to know how your partner (and you) behave on the most fundamental levels and what you are both essentially made of.
Ascendant is your rising sign or the first sign where the Sun rises in the morning. Ruling the first house in your natal chart, this sign is crucial as it dominates your inherent thought patterns. Rising signs are often ignored, but considering them is an essential component while reading the synastry chart.
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Planets/Luminaries in Synastry

1) Moon
2) Venus
3) Mars
Moon in Synastry
Moon is an important aspect of synastry reading. This planet relates to sensitivity, rules over emotions, and connects with intuition. Comparing the position of the Moon in your and your partner's natal charts reveals how deep your emotional connection can be and to what degree you both share a love for home.
Venus in Synastry
Venus denotes harmony and grace and is the promoter of pleasures. It is a planet that has a strong hold over love and dictates the manner in which we express our feelings. Venus helps us tune in to our finer feelings and brings our submerged emotions to the surface. In a synastry reading, comparing the positions of Venus will help you understand the romantic connection between you and your partner.
Mars in Synastry
Mars is a planet of passion and dominates our sexual drive. The Canadian poet Atticus once remarked, 'There were magnets in my bones for that iron in her blood'. It is thus apparent that sexual connection runs deeper and plays a crucial role in setting the chemistry in motion. The position of Mars in synastry will tell us how passionate your relationship will be.

Planetary Aspects in Synastry

Aspects are the different angles the planets create in your birth chart. Contacts between planets can be long or short, direct or indirect. According to their contacts, these planets emit vibrations that affect our relationships.
There are many aspects, like conjunct, opposition, square, trine, and sextile. Some aspects are smooth, while others are believed to be harder, like the square one. Depending on their position in synastry, these aspects will make your romance wild, passionate, intense, destined, and even crazy one too.
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Nodes of Synastry Chart

Astrologers refer to 'nodes' to unlock the mysteries of romantic relationships. North and South nodes are believed to be the head and tail of the dragon, respectively. These nodes represent the destiny of an individual. We have another blog that goes in-depth about karmic relationships and their representation in Synastry charts.
North Node
The North Node is the dragon's head, and it represents the qualities that we have yet to develop in this life. This node signifies our perceptions, growth, and the directions that we choose to sail in.
South Node
The South Node, or the tail of the dragon, represents your subconscious and the residues that you carry from your past incarnations. The south node speaks of the experiences of your past lives and the facets that you're already good at.
North Node and South Node of the Synastry Chart
The North and South Nodes give us an elementary sketch of what our destiny will unravel for us. But while comparing the charts for synastry purposes, an astrologer will also check for the Medium Coeli (MC) and Imum Coeli (IC).
MC and IC are two points on the angular axis and represent different aspects of your life. MC is the highest point in your natal chart and denotes your public image and professional success, while IC (the lowest point) represents your foundations and relationships. Thus, checking for these two nodes becomes one of the most compelling factors in deciphering romantic relationships. These nodes and the aspects (especially squares and oppositions) they make with other planets are other factors that define the basis of synastry readings.

Houses in Synastry

Your natal chart is split into twelve houses. Each of these houses and the planets they contain play an important role in a synastry reading. For instance, let's consider that your Sun is interacting with the 5th house in your partner's natal chart.
Now, Sun represents the core personality, and the 5th house is all about friendship, familiarity, and creativity. So your Sun will have a profound effect on these aspects of your partner's life, perhaps to the extent of permanently changing or enhancing them.
Of all houses, the 7th house plays an important role in synastry interpretations. The 7th house stands for partnerships, and many fulfilling synastries have a strong focus on the 5th and 7th houses. A Venus placed in the 7th house indicates a loving relationship, while a Venus in the 5th house indicates growth, succession, and familial happiness.
The interaction between planets and houses (between two charts) unravels the progress and challenges that you and your partner will be going through. Which planet is interacting with which house and what effects are being flung into action may be a bit complicated to understand. Butvan astrologer can unlock some serious secrets by deciphering these interactions through synastry reading.
A Synastry reading can give us an in-depth revelation of the workings of romantic relationships and how we can balance our karmas. Intimacy, bond building, enhancing the positive traits, and weeding out the negative traits can all be done if we can get to know the equation with our partner through synastry readings.

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