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Understand Your Sexual Attraction Using Synastry Chart

Want to take your relationship from eye contact to hand-holding to setting up each other on an inextinguishable fire of desire? Or are you too hot to handle and want to drive them to bed, pin their hands down and have the most blaze-y affair of your life? Or maybe you are curious to see where you fall and what you and your partner want together? If you're wondering what your relationship will be like on the sex level, we have an answer for you.
We have jotted down some points that can help you figure out how you and your partner are sexually compatible with each other. The best part of this sexy checklist is that you don't have to go out and consult with some expert. You can simply sit in the comfort of your own bed, possibly cuddling your loved one, and understand how deep and dark is your desire for each other. All you will need is your synastry chart.

What is a Synastry Chart?

Synastry involves the comparison of two astrological charts to understand the areas of strength and weakness in a relationship. Synastry is a valuable resource for you if you want to examine your relationship with another person based on aspects between your and other person's birth charts. It is also known as relationship astrology.
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It's time to roll open your chart and discover your sensual connection's depth.

Check if your partner's Mars is falling in the fifth house of your relationship astrology chart

If yes, then you both have a deep emotional connection. And every moment you spend living and breathing, you can't help but crave each other. This happens because the fifth house of your birth chart indicates deep romance. It is ruled by the raging sign Leo. Leo's ruling planet is the blazing Sun. On the other hand, Mars is a planet of raw energy, passion, and control with hidden animal instincts. So, when their Mars falls in your fifth house, a subtle interaction happens between the Solar and Martian energies.

See if their Mars is in the Eighth house of your natal chart

If you see this kind of position in your synastry chart, then you and your partner are sexually made for each other- Just like Adam and Eve. In a birth chart, the Eighth House is the planet of sex. So when their Mars falls in your eighth house, the attraction between the two of you could be raw, earthy, maddening, and mysterious. Much like Adam and Eve. Here, the plus point is that this kind of connection not only drives you crazy but also transforms you.

Find out if your partner's 8th house planet or ruler of their 8th house forms an aspect with one or more of your planets

In this case, the sexual attraction between the two of you will be powerful. You both will ignite passion in each other and want to know everything about each other. You will be much like a reader with a list of questions and a book with all the answers. Only here, the answers are written on your bodies, and you read them with lips.

Now look for the conjunction of your partner's Mars to any angle in your natal chart

Don't get confused here, just like you understood conjunctions in your grammar class. It's not that difficult to figure out a conjunction once you know it
You see, a conjunction happens when two or more planets are thrown in the same line, and their energies blend thoroughly. Here, Mars could form any angle with the ascendant, descendant, 10th cusp, or 4th cusp. Whatever angles your person's Mars forms in your natal chart, both of you are up for the most intensified romance of your lifetime.
Conjunction in your synastry chart is powerful and has both disastrous and beneficial effects. Thus, this placement will kick off some sizzling chemistry and could also take dangerous turns in the process. Exciting much??? Do let us know if you find any such conjunction.

Look for Mars- Sun Conjunction, Square, and Opposition

If you find even one of these placements in your synastry chart, know that your bond with your partner is one of a kind. Here's how you can start looking for it in your synastry chart.

First, search for Mars- Sun conjunction

It happens when Mars and Sun conjunct in your synastry chart. If you have it, you and both will show equal interest and take the initiative in your relationship. Your chemistry will pulsate with dynamic energy, and there will be an equivalent expression of love on both sides. Both enjoy chase games, and your romance will be intense and challenging.

Second look for Mars-Sun Square/opposition

If you ever wanted you and your partner to get attracted and be obsessed with each other- congratulations! This is your sign.
This kind of placement in your synastry chart indicates excess energy and aggression. That means the romance between you is so steamy it could burn the whole world down!
But wait- It gets more interesting. When looked at from astrological contexts, squares and oppositions are challenging to get along with. Hence Mars and Sun square up; you'll want to tame each other. This may result in you guys stealing each other's thunder. If that is not intense, we will know what is!

Now, let's talk about the Mars-Sun trine

Trines are believed to be the flowing aspects of astrology. So when Mars and Sun trine up in synastry, your romance will have an element of empathy. This means this ensures a strong physical attraction and gives a place for understanding between the two of you. Hence, you can live happily ever after with each other.

Let's find out about Venus-Mars Conjunction and square/opposition

Venus-Mars Conjunction- If you have any of these placements in your synastry chart, your bond with your partner is vigorous and robust. Hence, your romance will be filled with adventure and fueled with unparalleled energy. Therefore, both of you will quite literally be BOMB!!! With both of you, breathing will be exciting, and every moment gives you an adrenaline rush.
In a Venus-Mars conjunction- The love planet Venus radiates feminine energy and indicates charm, attraction, and lust. On the other hand, The war planet Mars throbs with masculine energy and indicates sexual desire and animal instincts. Venus and Mars are on opposite poles, and when they are conjunct in synastry, there are flares of fires. This means what they say is true. Opposites do attract.
And when Venus-Mars Square/Opposition happens, And when Venus-Mars Square/Opposition happens, you experience a full-blown love affair with your partner, and your sex life will be all stirring and steamy. But such placement also comes with its unique characteristics- Hence must both keep your personal expectations in check.
If you find your couple in Moon-Mars aspects in your synastry chart- then physical interest will be over the Moon, and Mars will lead the flight. However, emotionally this high ride will be a little bumpy.
This is because the Moon is the luminary that controls mood and emotions, while Mars indicates the male generative force. The Moon is sensitive and enjoys being in the veil, while Mars is the planet that loves taking the initiative.

Let's understand Venus- Uranus conjunction, square, and trine/sextile.

With Venus-Uranus in conjunction, everything in your love life gets intense- like the skin between the teeth is intense. But be careful because this intensity gets out of control at one point. Think about it- what happens to a grenade without a pin? It bursts and destroys everything, right? That's what happens in this kind of settlement in your synastry chart.
Sure your relationship is powerful. But it gets so power-packed that it shakes up everything and makes you lose your balance. One more thing- Such an attraction begins quickly… but burns out too soon and does not go too far. In fact, it starts fading even before you begin to get to know each other. Most often, such relationships don't develop any further than superficial magnetism and end up being a fling.
If you find Venus-Uranus square in your synastry chart, be ready for electrifying attraction. If we are honest, then each never in your body will buzz with the current of passion. Like thunder, the both of you will find each other out of the blue. But such impromptu romance will also make you feel stuck- after all, that's what happens when the current runs in your blood.
So, even though exciting, your romantic relationship with this partner will be erratic and unstable. But the plus point here is that you will get a lot of surprises every now and then.
In case there is a Venus- Uranus trine and sextile, you'll be drawn towards each other's qualities and love engaging in creative pursuits like making art together, singing together, and other things that excite you both. It might sound boring, but the experience is quite charming. It is one of the easy and effortless romantic relationships that feels like a healing retreat.
With the Mars-Pluto conjunction and square in your synastry chart, your intense emotions will drive you crazy. The good news is that your sexual drive will follow your feelings. But here's the catch- this romance will take its time to bud. This means you might feel nothing when you meet or even begin dating.
But hang in there and let the passion reveal itself in the essence of time. Because once the flower of desire starts flourishing between the two of you, it starts to intensify with each passing day, and there is no looking back!
Assuming you have Venus-Pluto conjunctions, squares, and oppositions in your synastry chart, the energy between the two will surpass the limits of obsession. In the Venus-Pluto aspect, The Pluto in both of you will be awestruck by Venus's beauty, while Venus will find Pluto mysterious and unavoidable.
Right from the start, you both will arouse deep feelings and intrigue each other. Venus-Pluto aspects make for scintillating chemistry, a raging love affair, painful confrontations, and a position where you both enjoy chasing each other.
Rejections and betrayal come in handy when Venus and Pluto aspect each other. But even if you both choose to part ways, the two of you will be thrown into a sexual enclosure again and again.
And with this, this spicy, juicy blog comes to an end. If you are in a relationship, match the above notes with your synastry charts. If you are single, then your dating phase will be more exciting with this synastry analysis. In either case, with the correct synastry study, you're up for the long-lasting fun of a lifetime until you decide to settle with THE ONE.

Conclusion #

The above aspects are a few placements that ignite the deep and unusual romance between two individuals. However, there are other placements as well where the sexual attractions are limited or might not get too overwhelming degrees. For instance- in the case of ascendant-ascendant conjunctions, sextiles, and trine, physical harmony may exist, but the sexual attraction is not strong.

Moreover, minor planets like asteroids also play a crucial role in flaring up sexual relations. Asteroid Eros is one of them. The asteroid is named after the Greek god of love, Eros, and is believed to reveal your sexual desires. It unleashes intense sexual feelings in people. Eros- Venus, Eros- Mars, Eros-Ascendant, and Eros-Psyche are crucial in sexual astrology.

If you are confused and want more clarity, feel free to contact our experts. They will guide you through and make everything crystal clear for you./n